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    More than 13 years OEM/ODM experience

    Fengjie, the innovative leader in hygiene and cleaning industry of China since2007. we have a one stop service from original design to prototype making, mold processing, injection molding, product assembly, testing, packaging and shipping.

    • Strong team, including design, manufacturing, processing, quality control, domestic and foreign sales and after-sales service center.
    • Provide one-stop service and many years of export experience.
    • Ex-factory price, high product quality, to provide you with competitive products.
    • Advanced equipment, fast delivery, reliable logistics, door-to-door service.
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    Fast production speed, large inventory, can be shipped in advance.

    High Quality

    High product quality is one of our core advantages. Quality goes before everything.

    Low Price

    Factory price, make your product competitive in the market.

    We provided OEM/ODM for below famous companies.

    sanitizer dispenser

    Germs are ubiquitous, and because of the current global situation, we must exercise caution. Hand sanitization cannot be overstated because bacteria can enter our hands and other items we contact on a daily basis, causing illness. One of the most important things you can take to avoid becoming ill or transmitting germs to people around you is to clean your hands with hand sanitizer on a frequent basis. It is critical to have clean hands, which is why these sanitizers must be placed in prominent locations. This article’s purpose is to describe how a hand sanitizer dispenser works.

    Let’s start with a definition of a hand sanitizer dispenser. A hand sanitizer dispenser is a device that allows you to control how much sanitizer gel you use right away. Hand sanitizers are necessary for cleansing our hands on a daily basis. Hand sanitizer dispensers can be hung on the wall or placed on a table so that people can quickly access it. Sanitizer dispensers are located in restrooms, corridors, gate entries, and reception areas, among other locations.


    There are several different types of hand sanitizer dispensers. Some are self-dispensing (Automatic), requiring you to place your palm beneath the sensor to activate the sanitizer. Because liquid soap and hand sanitizer have similar viscosities, hand sanitizer dispensers can also be used as liquid soap dispensers.

    Automatic soap dispensers are not only fashionable and stylish, but they are also extremely practical. When opposed to a traditional hand sanitizer or soap dispenser, the most major and critical advantage is that you can use them without touching them. As a result, there are less microorganisms and a cleaner surface for a longer period of time. They also deliver a consistent amount of soap each time, which is cool and convenient.

    Our dispensers have a clean, modern look to them. The container was clear, while the remainder of the body was finished in a variety of colours. The dispenser can be hung on the wall or kept on the counter. A hand can be detected by an infrared sensor from a distance of up to ten millimetres.

    How It works:

    The user’s hands are placed under the nozzle and before the sensor when we need sanitizer or to wash our hands. The sensor will also trigger a pump, which will dispense a predetermined amount of sanitizer (or soap) from the nozzle. Electronic faucets, electronic flush valves, and electronic soap dispensers all make use of modern sensors. 850 nm infrared light. An emitter and a collector are used by the sensor.

    The emitter emits infrared light pulses, while the collector “sits” inactive, waiting to sense the pulses. There is no reflection of light when no hands are in front of the gadget, hence no pulse is detected.

    When hands are in the line of the emitted light, a portion of the emitted infrared light is reflected back to the collector, which is subsequently stimulated by the light (in the case of a photodiode) and generates voltage to turn on the pump. If a photo transistor is used, the photo transistor will simply turn on the pump and distribute the sanitizer or liquid soap when it detects the infrared pulse.

    The infrared radiation released by one’s body heat is detected by infrared sensors. When hands are placed close to the sensor, the infrared energy fluctuates rapidly. The pump will activate and dispense the specified amount of soap as a result of this fluctuation.

    Advantages of Hand sanitizer dispenser:

    Non-contact: When multiple people use the dispenser, a variety of bacterial colonies will be left behind. These colonies will interbreed, resulting in a more resistant strain of bacteria that can re-contaminate different hands and be resistant to anti-bacterial soap. Interaction and/or complementation between the resistance genes results in a wider spectrum or higher levels of resistance in the colonies that are present. Bacterial transmission will be eradicated, as will other dispenses a set amount of sanitizer or soap per motion activation: Dispensers will only dispense a set amount of sanitizer or soap per motion activation. A fixed amount that will be administered can be set to a highly efficient level with minimal waste.

    Fengjie Bathroom industrial supplies can provide you with a hand sanitizer or soap dispenser, as well as its gel and the top sterilizing medical equipment.

    The company provides two types of sanitizer dispensers

    • Automatic Sanitizer dispenser
    • Manual Sanitizer dispenser

    Following are a bit specifications of two types of products

    Manual Sanitizer dispenser

    • Model Number: F-1407
    • Warranty: 1 year
    • After-sale Service: Online Technical Support
    • Place of Origin: Guangdong, China


    This type of manual soap dispenser can be seen in a variety of public places, including airports, hotels, hospitals, and bus stations. The most evident feature is that it is cost-effective and long-lasting.


    Brand Name Fengjie
    Product Name Toilet Seat Sanitizer Dispenser
    Material ABS
    Capacity 400ml
    Power None
    Installation Wall-mounted
    Liquid Foam, Gel, Alcohol Sanitizer
    Color White
    Net Weight 410G
    Feature Manual


    • Suitable for 3 different liquid: foam, soap, sanitizer (3 different pumps for options and choose 1 for free).
    • Refillable bottle (400ml).
    • Lockable with window design.
    • Dose is adjustable.
    • Vertical slider can protect nozzle.

    Automatic Sanitizer dispenser


    This type of automatic sanitizer dispenser can be found in a variety of public places, including restaurants, shopping malls, plazas, and so on. Its most noticeable feature is that it is self-contained and convenient. Because users don’t have to touch the machine, liquid will flow out automatically when the infrared sensor is activated, and because of the automatic feature, it’s ideal for hand sanitizing.


    Brand Name Fengjie
    Product Name Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser
    Material ABS, Metal
    Net Weight 4.5KGs
    Color White, Black
    Capacity 1200ml
    Power Type C battery × 4/ Adaptor(6V 1A)
    Installation Floor Standing
    Liquid Foam, Gel, Alcohol Sanitizer
    Feature Automatic


    • Suitable for 3 different liquids: foam, soap, sanitizer(3 different pumps for options and choose 1 for free).
    • Refillable bottle (1200ml) or disposable bag(1000ml) (2 options and choose 1).
    • Lockable with window design.
    • Support DC(6V,1A) and battery (the standard packing does not include DC/battery).
    • Batteries (4pcs Type C, R14) can be used more than 30,000 times.
    • Light indicator for low power.
    • Light indicates if something is under the dispenser from the sensor and it will stop working to avoid leakage.