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    Is antiseptic purell touch free hand sanitizer dispenser is good to use?


    Overview of Touch Free sanitizers

    purell touch free hand sanitizer dispenser

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    Hand antiseptics: purell touch free hand sanitizer dispenser

    Antiseptics are convenient to use in everyday life, they do not require rinsing and have high disinfecting properties. But which remedy is better to choose, what types of antiseptics are there?
    Hand sanitizers are becoming more and more popular. It is an effective way to maintain a high level of hygiene when water and soap are not available.

    Antiseptics are convenient to use in everyday life, they do not require rinsing and have high disinfecting properties. But which remedy is better to choose, what types of antiseptics are there?

    What is antiseptic purell touch free hand sanitizer dispenser?

    These are special disinfectants containing components that effectively fight the spread of pathogenic bacteria and viruses. Used to cleanse the skin of the hands.

    Purell touch free hand sanitizer dispenser have been developed taking into account the basic requirements for skin hygiene. The skin of the hands is very sensitive and is more susceptible to environmental aggressors than other parts of the body. It is necessary to take care of the skin constantly: moisturize, nourish and keep it clean to prevent the spread of pathogens.

    Every day, every person is confronted with a variety of bacteria and viruses - holding onto a rail on public transport, paying with money in a store, opening doors and pressing elevator buttons. To avoid contamination, you should wash your hands with soap and water and use antiseptics throughout the day.

    Pros of using skin antiseptics

    The main advantages include the following points:

    • convenience - the antiseptic is always at hand, easily fits into a handbag or clutch. Does not require rinsing with water;
    • reliability - effectively fights against pathogenic bacteria and viruses;
    • profitability - has a relatively low cost;
    • smell - some species have a pleasant aroma, contain a vitamin complex.

    The assortment of antiseptic liquid products is presented in a huge variety. When choosing a product, you should pay attention to the composition. Most sanitizers have almost the same composition, differing only in some additional chemical components.

    Composition of touch free hand sanitizers

    The basis of all types of purell touch free hand sanitizer dispenser is alcohol. Its content can vary from 60% to 80%, with the exception of special disinfectant gels for children and allergy sufferers. In them, the percentage of alcohol is much reduced, and the main share is occupied by saline solutions and various chemical hypoallergenic components.

    The modern hygiene products industry offers sanitizers for a variety of applications. The composition also changes depending on the purpose.

    The combination of alcohol and hand free sanitizers

    In medical institutions, antiseptics with an alcohol content of at least 70-95% are used to ensure the most complete protection of the skin from bacteria. For everyday use, 60% alcohol is enough, but not less.

    Some purell touch free hand sanitizer dispenser contains triclosan. Unlike alcohol antiseptics, triclosan tends to accumulate in the skin, which can lead to dermatitis. In addition to alcohol, the antiseptic includes: glycerin to moisturize the skin, vitamins of the A and E complex, various additives and fragrances, lactic acid.


    When choosing an antiseptic, pay attention to the composition on the label, in particular - the alcohol content should be from 60-80%, the presence of vitamins A and E is desirable. Also, the funds can consist of the following substances:

    • isopropyl myristate - to make the skin smooth;
    • glycerin - to soften the skin;
    • Quaternary salts - to eliminate the "sticky" effect after application.

    Types of hand antiseptics purell touch free hand sanitizer dispenser

    There are several types of hand antiseptics - gel, cream, spray, wet wipes. All types are in demand in the home, as well as in the medical and industrial environment.

    Gel products of sanitizers are represented by antibacterial and antiseptic varieties. The difference is that the antibacterial gel only deals with bacteria. The antiseptic gel also fights against viruses, because it is more effective.

    Antiseptic gel is the most popular type of sanitizer for everyday use. The bottle has a dispenser for squeezing out the product in portions.

    After applying the gel to the skin, carefully close the bottle to avoid accidental spills, keep the antiseptic out of the reach of children. Don't use it too often. This damages the skin by killing beneficial bacteria.

    Hand free sanitizer Sprays

    Antiseptic purell touch free hand sanitizer dispenser sprays contain a higher percentage of alcohol and have a more pronounced alcohol smell. The dispenser allows you to spray the disinfectant evenly and cover a large area. The advantages of disinfecting sprays are the absence of the "sticky" effect that can occur when using some gels.

    At a cost, sprays are more expensive than gels - from 150 rubles for 20 ml to 800 rubles for 220-250 ml. Antiseptic sprays are suitable for everyday use, for treating the skin during manicure and pedicure, for medical operations..


    In addition to antiseptic gels and sprays, the hygiene products market offers antibacterial hand creams.

    Their difference from other types of antiseptics is that the cream protects against bacteria, but not against viruses. It creates a "film" on the hands that protects against the negative effects of pathogenic bacteria. This cream protects, nourishes and maintains the moisture balance of the skin of the hands.

    Antibacterial creams are less effective in sanitizing than antiseptics. It is recommended to apply the cream after treating the hands with disinfecting gels or sprays to give the skin elasticity, to preserve the effect of “liquid gloves”.

    Touch fee hand sanitizer wipes

    Disinfecting wipes are impregnated with a special antibacterial composition. Moreover, they help clean the skin of the hands, as well as household items. For example, wipe down sports equipment, table in the dining room or office, steering wheel of a car.

    The antibacterial alcohol base of the antiseptic wipes helps maintain hand hygiene in all situations.
    purell touch free hand sanitizer dispenser 2021

    Which hand sanitizer to choose?

    Selecting the appropriate purell touch free hand sanitizer dispenser should be brute-force to identify the most effective. Carefully read the composition of the products before buying, if you have sensitive skin it is better to opt for alcohol-free products with the addition of Aloe Vera.

    High alcohol content can cause dry skin. If there is a choice between a gel and a spray, then you have to try it on your own experience. Some gels leave a sticky effect that is uncomfortable, which antibacterial wipes do not.