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    Is Fengjie hand sanitizer dispenser better than soap in Covid-19?


    Should I clean my home with disinfectants?

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    With the coronavirus, disinfectants came into our lives in large quantities. But in the household, disinfectant products are usually superfluous and in the worst case even harmful. Normal cleaning is enough at home! The environment will thank you! Only Fengjie hand sanitizer dispenser makes sense.

    Fengjie hand sanitizer dispenser in Brief

    More and more people are turning to disinfectants to protect themselves from certain germs such as currently Sars-CoV-2.

    However, most of the commercially available disinfectant cleaners available in drug stores do not kill coronaviruses. Because not all disinfectants help against viruses.

    Consumers should refrain from using disinfectants when cleaning their house, because they pollute the environment and can damage the human organism.

    How is hand sanitizer dispenser useful?

    Disinfectants are everywhere - in hand gel and " Fengjie hand sanitizer dispenser ", in detergent additives, in all-purpose cleaners, foot and shoe sprays ... Especially now in the Corona crisis, many people use disinfectants more often because they believe viruses and other germs are better this way than with normal detergents. Do the special products really make sense?

    Many top level organizations do not consider the use of disinfectants in private households to be necessary. Because: Disinfectants pollute the environment and pose health risks.

    Why you should not use disinfectants?

    Due to their fine droplet form, disinfectants from pressure spray cans can migrate into the respiratory tract of the chest and are even "lung-accessible" due to their small size. So they penetrate into the alveoli. The sensitive mucous membranes can react with a burning sensation in the throat, coughing fits and redness.

    The effects of disinfectants are short-lived. In a normal environment, the germs are back after a few minutes. It is therefore unnecessary to permanently disinfect objects and surfaces in the household. That is why you need a good quality Fengjie hand sanitizer dispenser.

    Is Fengjie hand sanitizer dispenser better than normal disinfectants?

    So Disinfectants destroy the delicate balance of certain strains of fungi and bacteria that belong to the natural environment of humans and the human organism.


    The Disinfectants enter sewage treatment plants via wastewater, where they destroy the interaction of a large number of bacterial strains, and even reduce or even destroy their cleaning effect.

    Disinfectants can cause bacteria to develop resistance to antibiotics. As a result, antibiotic agents are increasingly failing to work. Moreover, disinfectants contain substances that can cause allergies and eczema in humans.

    Fengjie hand sanitizer dispenser is better than soap

    Even regular hand washing with normal soap strains the protective layer of the skin. It then needs time to regenerate. The alcohols contained in the disinfectants put additional strain on the protective film. This makes the skin vulnerable to harmful bacteria.


    It has not been proven that the disinfectant additives in cleaning agents actually make a difference. Often the concentration of the substances and the mostly short exposure time are not sufficient to actually disinfect a room well.

    The use of conventional Fengjie hand sanitizer dispenser products does not necessarily make your home germ-free or coronavirus-free, but in our opinion it does not have to be. And the germs are usually there again after a short time.

    How can we kill viruses using sanitizer dispenser?

    As enveloped viruses whose genetic material is covered by a layer of fat (lipid layer), coronaviruses are sensitive to fat-dissolving substances in conventional soaps, detergents and dishwashing detergents. Soap is ideal when it comes to eliminating pathogens:

    They destroy viruses, bacteria and even some parasites. Experts assume that these substances also damage the surface of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, thereby inactivating the virus.

    Best way to disinfect hands

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    Anyone who cleans his home with the usual cleaning agents ensures that it is sufficiently clean - also protects the environment and helps to preserve important bacterial strains. These are our seven important tips:

    Disinfect your hands with Fengjie hand sanitizer dispenser regularly (if they are dirty, after using the toilet, before preparing food, after contact with doors or doorknobs in public buildings, and after contact with animals or sick people) - for about half a minute with mild soap flowing water. Most germs are transmitted with the hands.

    Do not use special cleaners

    Use simple cleaning products such as mild all-purpose cleaners, scouring milk or detergent. The surfactants in the agents eliminate 90 percent of the germs.

    After cooking, wash all work surfaces and tools well. Wooden boards should be rinsed with hot water, brushed off and allowed to dry well. Then wash your hands.

    Let towels, rags and brushes dry well after use and wash them regularly. You should dispose of kitchen sponges and sponge cloths at the latest when they smell unpleasant.

    • Clean your refrigerator regularly with vinegar cleaner and throw anything moldy in the trash immediately
    • Empty your trash cans often
    • Keep the bathroom, kitchen and toilet dry.

    Disinfectants only in exceptional cases

    Disinfectants should only be used in exceptional cases, if your doctor advises you to do so or if the health department requires you to do so. Using Fengjie hand sanitizer dispenser can be useful, for example, if a person in your household is sick and the chain of infection can be broken.

    A family member lives with you with a weakened immune system (e.g. due to an autoimmune disease, chemotherapy). Here are some things to keep in mind:

    What else do you have to consider with Fengjie hand sanitizer dispenser?

    It is important to note that not all surface disinfectants are suitable for all surfaces. You can attack them and in some cases destroy them. Be careful with all electronic devices, as well as with the surfaces of smartphones, tablets or laptops. The screens, especially touch screens, are sensitive and must treat with alcohol-free disinfectants.

    Room disinfection in your four walls. The current situation affects us all. The time is exhausting and it is difficult to assess what else to do and how exactly.


    Fengjie hand sanitizer dispenser disinfects your house or apartment and removes all bacteria and, above all, viruses. Of course, we very much hope that neither you nor your family or friends had to endure the coronavirus.