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    Best Place to install Alcohol Sanitizer Dispenser


    Alcohol Sanitizer Dispenser
    There are many alcohol sanitizer dispensers on the market to choose from. The important thing is that they are all alcohol-based (with a concentration from 65% to 90%), with the ability to eliminate almost all the pathogens present on the hands.

    One of the best-known brands in the sector is sanitizer dispenser. It has always produced sanitizing gels in various formats. However, if you are looking for an alternative, you can always consult other brands that have the aforementioned characteristics.

    Who should have the gel stand?

    Having a dispenser stand for sanitizing gel is not a choice, but rather a legal obligation. All work spaces, as well as factories, offices, and all public places and commercial activities of all kinds must necessarily equip with alcohol sanitizer dispenser.

    Not only that: all work spaces, shops and larger public places will have to equip themselves with several stations with sanitizing gel, not just one.

    Fortunately, this is good for companies that need to sanitize their environments. The costs also include the floor lamps and the sanitizing gel.

    Where to place the gel stand?

    The position of the sanitizing gel stand must be strategic. That is, it must place in a place that allows everyone to sanitize their hands before entering the environment.

    For this reason, the alcohol sanitizer dispenser must necessarily place at the entrance to the room. In the case of shops and clubs, this is the actual entrance to the commercial space.

    In the case of offices, on the other hand, at the entrance to each office.

    As we have already mentioned, often a single floor lamp is not enough. If the size of the space is very large, you need to insert more floor lamps or gel dispensers. They usually place in very critical areas, such as at the entrance or exit of the bathrooms.

    Alcohol sanitizer dispenser models for your own business

    On the market you can find many types of floor lamps, and it is up to your needs to choose the best one.

    Sanitizer Dispenser provides a dispenser stand for disinfectant gel made of high quality PVC and polypropylene. This comes with space to insert a leaflet with instructions for use. It equip with a wide base that makes it stable, and a height of 85 cm to be usable by everyone. The shelf with the space for the bottle can adapt to different types of sanitizing gel.

    Manual dispenser

    The manual alcohol sanitizer dispenser can use by pressing the bottle head by hand. It is one of the simplest solutions. You just need to buy a bottle of gel and put it on the stand. The downside to this solution is the fact that people can repeatedly touch the bottle with dirty hands.

    Automatic dispenser

    The automatic dispenser equips with a cell that detects the presence of a hand and dispenses a small amount of sanitizing gel. It is a very hygienic solution, as it is not necessary to touch any part of the dispenser. Similarly, it is usually a little more expensive.

    Foot dispenser

    The foot alcohol sanitizer dispenser delivers the sanitizing gel via a pedal to press with the foot, on the base of the stand. It is practical and hygienic. Moreover, it is important that it is of quality to avoid damage from frequent use on the pedal.

    Alcohol Sanitizer Dispenser 2022

    Hand Sanitizing Gel Dispenser

    The COVID-19 emergency has brought to light even more the enormous importance of hygiene in our lives. Hence, it leads to the spread of a new accessory: the hand sanitizing gel dispenser. A very important role for the transmission of viruses and bacteria comes from our hands. Without even realizing it, we touch many potentially contaminated objects.

    The good rule has therefore spread, also dictated by the law, to disinfect our hands every time we enter a public or private place. The alcohol sanitizer dispenser has taken on a key role in our life.

    Who should buy a hand sanitizer gel dispenser?

    In fact, all of them. In fact, there are different types of these accessories:

    • free-standing or column gel dispenser
    • wall or wall gel dispenser
    • pedal gel dispenser and elbow gel dispenser.

    It is very important to highlight the fact that the best are the contactless gel dispensers. Therefore the automatic dispensers which usually have infrared technology.

    Free-standing or column gel dispenser

    Among the various types of hand sanitizing gel dispensers there is one that is particularly practical for commercial activities or offices: the column gel dispenser. It is an alcohol sanitizer dispenser with a free-standing stand that allows you to place it in front of the entrance to a shop, or inside a studio.

    The convenience of this type of dispenser is that it does not need tables or other supports or make holes in the wall, unlike the wall model. The best column dispenser is the automatic infrared one, but there are also pedal or elbow models. Manual ones are however not recommended for practical and hygienic reasons.

    Many commercial activities in this first phase of emergency have had to adapt with support stands for bottles with button but the best solution is an alcohol sanitizer dispenser as it all incorporate in a single piece that moves comfortably and has much more capacity to a simple bottle with dispenser.

    In fact, our column sanitizing gel dispensers usually have a container up to 1200ml and you can buy 5L cans that allow you to save money as well as plastic.

    Wall or wall gel dispenser

    A valid alternative to the gel dispenser with stand is the wall-mounted one, also called the wall -mounted gel dispenser. It is a dispenser designed for fixing by means of stops that fix the rear part to the wall and then allow easy hooking of the part useful for dosing the liquid.

    Wall dispensers: manual and automatic

    Wall mounted alcohol sanitizer dispenser especially recommend for small places where you don't want to waste space for the floor lamp. In particular, they are an excellent solution in hotel facilities, especially in bedrooms, or in the bathrooms of offices and commercial activities (studios, catering businesses, wellness centers).

    Wall dispensers, such as those with a stand, can be both manual and automatic. Obviously, the purchase of automatic gel dispensers recommends for hygienic and practical reasons. Our wall alcohol sanitizer dispenser has the same capacity as those with upright (1200ml) and equip with infrared technology that doses the right amount of sanitizing gel as the hand passes.