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    How to Use Bulk Wall Sanitizer Dispenser in Home?


    Bulk Wall Sanitizer Dispenser
    Automatic dispenser for wall-mounted hand gel sanitizer

    Are you looking for a practical and quick way to get your hands sanitized? Discover our automatic Bulk wall sanitizer dispenser, a safe, functional and economical solution for hand sanitizing.

    What is a hand gel dispenser?

    A hand gel dispenser is a disinfectant gel dispenser, ideal for hand hygiene in the absence of soap and water. Moreover, this type of product is essential to eliminate viruses and bacteria for which the hands are the main vehicle.

    Hands are always in contact with objects of all kinds, which is why using a disinfectant dispenser is the necessary solution for their sanitation.

    Types of hand gel dispensers

    There are two types of Bulk wall sanitizer dispenser from which to extract the product for sanitation: manual or automatic.

    Manual gel dispenser: provides a mechanical action by the user to obtain the dose of product necessary to sanitize the hands.

    Automatic gel dispenser: does not require contact with the product, just place your hand in the space provided. As soon as it identifies by infrared rays, the dispenser activates the dispensing of the product.

    Description Automatic dispenser for wall-mounted hand gel sanitizer

    Automatic disinfectant dispenser for Bulk wall sanitizer dispenser is a silent and reactive dispenser that uses four C batteries, not included in the purchase. Moreover, its shell is made of impact-resistant and splash-proof ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) plastic.

    On the top it equips with an anti-theft lock that prevents others from spilling harmful liquids and endangering those who use it. In the lower part it has a drip tray that does not allow the disinfectant to drip onto the floor.

    Moreover, the tank capacity is very large, precisely 1200 ml, thus avoiding continuous supplies of disinfectant and is particularly suitable for places with many people where it expects to be widely used.

    Where to place the automatic dispenser?

    It is particularly recommended to place the automatic dispenser in public places, restaurants, pizzerias, pubs, shops, shopping centers, gyms, pharmacies, supermarkets and meeting places where everyone can use it for free.

    Features of Bulk wall sanitizer dispenser

    High capacity:

    1200ml bottle for bulk filling, lasting over 1000 sprays. This is time saving for charging and environmentally friendly with less plastic waste.

    Non-contact detection device:

    Fully non-contact design, automatically detect liquid and quickly disinfect without touching the machine, protecting your health in all directions. Moreover, non-contact sensor soap dispenser can prevent cross contamination.

    Non-contact operation:

    The automatic dispenser operates without contact, limiting the risk of cross contamination.

    Complete accessories:

    The item is sold with automatic dispenser, drop collector and the internal refillable bottle.

    Applicable places:

    Moreover, it is Suitable for daily and professional use in hotels, shopping malls and other places with many people.

    Bulk Wall Sanitizer Dispenser 2022

    When to use Bulk wall sanitizer dispenser?

    Washing your hands with soap and water is a safer and more effective way to remove bacteria. In the absence, it is necessary to resort to the sanitizer which is a valid alternative, limiting the proliferation of microbes.

    The gel dispenser: where and why to use it?

    The gel dispenser is a product dispenser whose use is necessary to sanitize hands outside the home. Moreover, it can operate manually or through the sensor and place in different places to allow anyone to use it.

    Discover the main types of dispensers with us, why it is very important to use them and where to place them.

    The difference between automatic and manual gel dispenser

    For hand hygiene, the use of a Bulk wall sanitizer dispenser is necessary for all those occasions outside the home. Especially in reference to the spread of Covid-19 for which specific hygiene and health rules must follow to limit its spread.

    Moreover, the automatic gel dispenser allows you to sanitize your hands without having to touch the dispenser, as the infrared sensor detects the presence of the hand.

    The manual gel dispenser, on the other hand, requires a manual action by the subject who intends to sanitize them.

    Both types are efficient in terms of performance but differ in some respects.

    The manual Bulk wall sanitizer dispenser does not require the use of batteries and does not require maintenance. You just need to refill the sanitizer inside.

    The automatic one, on the other hand, requires the change of batteries to work but, thanks to the sensor. Moreover, it does not require finger pressure unlike the manual gel dispenser which requires an action to have the product dispensed on the hands for use.

    How to use the automatic dispenser for wall-mounted hand gel sanitizer?

    The gel dispenser is very simple to use. Just place your hand under the automatic dispenser which will spray the disinfectant in moderate quantities, eliminating waste.

    Your hands do not touch the Bulk wall sanitizer dispenser, avoiding the problem of cross infection. It helps you to feel more comfortable when using it.

    Moreover, the hands must be rubbed well, from the back to the wrist, then on the palm, not forgetting the interdigital spaces and the nails. Sanitation is immediately effective within 30 seconds of applying the gel.

    Advantages of an automatic dispenser

    The automatic dispenser is one of the allies in the fight against the pandemic. It allows, with a simple step, to sanitize the hands in a few seconds, limiting the spread of the virus.

    The advantages of an automatic dispenser also include the reduction of the risk of cross-contamination. Since, to operate it, it is not necessary to touch different people. In addition, the dispenser dispenses an adequate quantity of sanitizer to sanitize the hands, avoiding waste.

    It is a practical, hygienic, safe, easy to use and fill solution.

    Why to choose Bulk wall sanitizer dispenser Shop?

    Moreover, we guarantee you products for the sanitation of public and private environments at the best price.

    We are always ready to assist you in buying best sanitizer dispenser. You can order us in bulk too to get best quotation.