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    Should you buy Fengjie 1408 hand sanitizer dispenser? Perfect Guide


    1408 Manual Sanitizer DispenserHand hygiene is very important both at home and at work and in public places. In the first case, disinfectant soap is most often found, and in the second and third, antiseptic agents in dispensers. You need to know what points you need to consider when buying Fengjie1408 hand sanitizer dispenser in order not to make a mistake with the choice.

    What kind of dispensers are there? What antimicrobial agents are recommended for use? You will find about this and other things below in the article.

    Fengjie 1408 hand sanitizer dispenser in a Nutshell

    The high capacity 1,200 ml Fengjie 1408 dispenser is ideal for busy areas. Large front and top viewing windows and transparent refills allow you to easily see when you need to change the refill. It quickly becomes a locking dispenser, simply removing the key from inside the dispenser.

    What features purell hand sanitizer dispenser offers?

    • Made in white ABS with antibacterial treatment, high quality and resistance
    • Include key for closing and screws for fixing to the wall
    • Moreover, For liquid soap and 1.2L capacity tank
    • Dose with anti-corrosion and anti-drip valve
    • Similarly, Wide window for viewing the content still available.

    Dispenser types:

    Mechanical is an inexpensive and unpretentious option. The dispenser dispenses an antiseptic liquid when a button or lever is pressed. This is best suited for small enclosed spaces (it can be installed in an office or even at home).

    The touchscreen is an automatic soap dispenser considered the most hygienic, but also not the cheapest option. It is suitable for rooms with a high turnover of people. You don't need to contact him directly, because thanks to the built-in sensor, he will do everything for you. It will not get dirty and break.

    Moreover, the contactless Fengjie 1408 hand sanitizer dispenser is in great demand in kitchens and will make working with food and surfaces safe and, one might even say, sterile.

    • Elbow devices also do not need to be in contact with the fingers. Unlike the non-contact antiseptic dispenser, the button is pressed by elbow pressure.

    What antiseptic to use?

    When choosing a soap dispenser, it is important to understand what kind of disinfectant you plan to use.

    Be careful, as there are dispensers that support only one type of "filling" best.

    Antimicrobial liquid soap works best for simple mechanical dispensers. It will come out in a fine spray and provide basic hand hygiene in all conditions.

    Is it good to use liquid soap?

    Foam soap is a great option for both mechanical dispensers and elbow dispensers. It is easy to use and can help with a moderate number of people (eg toilets, offices, homes).

    The touch dispenser is the best antiseptic solution. It can be either water-based or alcohol-based. The first is more gentle and cares for the skin, while the second has a strong disinfecting effect.

    What about hand sanitizer dispenser mounts?

    The dispensing mechanism can be attached separately, and not only come with the base. This option is even better, since the Fengjie 1408 hand sanitizer dispenser in this case is easier to keep clean and in the event of a malfunction, you do not have to change the entire mechanism, but only part of it.

    During the purchase, inspect the mount: does it inspire confidence, does it sway after a couple of clicks, and is it generally convenient for you to use such a mechanism.

    Considering all of these factors, choosing a dispenser is not difficult. The main thing is to think about the requirements for the device: from practicality to present ability.

    How to maintain Fengjie 1408 hand sanitizer dispenser?

    Maintaining perfect cleanliness in crowded places is a rather complicated and time-consuming process, but it is almost impossible to ignore it. The cleaning trolley is the most important assistant of the working personnel for cleaning large spaces.

    The final positive result depends on the correct choice of this attribute of the cleaning process. In this regard, you need to pay attention to several nuances when making a purchase.

    What characteristics should you look at first?

    When choosing purell es8 hand sanitizer dispenser for cleaning the premises, first of all, you need to decide on the purpose of this device. The most important characteristics to rely on when selecting a harvest trolley are:

    • harvesting trolley complete set,
    • functionality,
    • qualitative indicators,
    • design,
    • price policy,

     Manual Sanitizer DispenserEvery cafe owner does not want to lose his reputation and visitors due to the pandemic. Therefore, most of these establishments refuse to introduce protective measures so as not to reduce the interest and the number of guests. How to protect your cafe without losses?

    Measures to help protect against coronavirus

    Experts areactively studying this issue and has developed several recommendations on how to protect a cafe or restaurant from the spread of Covid-19:

    • equip the premises with bactericidal lamps;
    • use antiseptic agents;
    • provide employees with masks for 1 to 3 hours;
    • carry out a complete disinfection of surfaces twice a day;
    • decontaminate the cash register and door handles every hour;
    • disinfect the dishes for 1.5 hours at temperatures above 65 ° C.

    The work of catering establishments in quarantine conditions

    Many establishments have suspended their activities due to quarantine. The exceptions are those that offer takeaway meals. In order to confirm the quality of the offered products, the owners must comply with the following requirements:


    Security for the client - loyalty to the master. Take care of the client's health and your reputation - handle the working tool on time and carefully.

    Complete purell es8 hand sanitizer dispenser cleaning cycle:

    • Disinfection - treatment with a disinfectant after work.
    • Deep cleaning - removal of all visible dirt.
    • Sterilization - disinfection of equipment.
    • Disinfection of work surfaces, hands and premises.

    This process takes about 2 hours.

    But today there are tools that allow you to combine disinfection and cleaning.

    How to prepare an antiseptic for purell es8 hand sanitizer dispenser?

    Combine the ingredients thoroughly in a prepared cup or bowl. You should have a smooth liquid. Pour it into purell es8 hand sanitizer dispenser spray bottle. It is advisable to insist the solution for three days in order to surely rid it of the spores of microorganisms that may be in alcohol or a reusable bottle.

    You can add 2-3 drops of any essential oil or lemon juice to the mixture, if desired. This won't ruin the sanitizer, but it will smell nicer. However, be careful: WHO reminds that fragrances can cause an allergic reaction in some people.


    If it is impossible to purchase an antibacterial disinfectant, you can make it yourself at home. The main thing is to know the ingredients and their proportions. Consider the popular recipes for making hand sanitizers with your own hands.