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    Countertop Auto Foam Dispenser Vs Wall-Mounted Dispenser


    Auto Foam Dispenser: Wall-Mounted Vs Countertop

    We all love an auto foam dispenser for many reasons. Their versatility and sleek design are what attract the customer the most. But not only that it has a lot of benefits to it as well regarding hygiene and being economical. It truly has changed the game for sanitary issues.

    The automatic foam dispenser comes in two variations. You can choose whichever one suits you the best. You can either put it up on your countertop or you can mount it on your walls. Depending on what your requirements are, you can set them accordingly. Here, we will discuss both of the variations and point out all the benefits for each.

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    Countertop Auto foam dispenser

    These types of designs require planning before the washrooms are built, these need to be taken into consideration during the designing stage. However, sometimes when the design is already made and they don't take such small things into account, the designers tend to choose to put up wall-mounted dispensers.

    Large Volume Black Color Infrared Sensor Automatic Spray Liquid Foam Soap Dispenser

    Regardless, we have noticed a few advantages which come along with countertop foam dispensers which we think are worth noticing and better than the wall-mounted automatic foam dispensers. These are some of the reasons why you should be considering this type of design during the thought process of how you want your bathrooms to look like.

    1. Intricate design:

    Usually, the typical design for the countertop soap dispensers has a long tube which makes it very easy for the person using it to identify where the soap will come out of. This helps in making sure that the product inside the bottle does not go to waste. This design is very cost-effective as it removes the need to be worried about wasting the product.

    1. Easy maintenance:

    Ever seen those trays on which the sap dispensers are placed onto? Even though the countertop auto soap dispensers have a very modern design to them, there can still be a possibility that some of the soap dribbles down on the countertop, either by mistake or through rough use. But here is the very simple way of solving this problem, a good thing about countertop foam dispensers is where its placed. The sink bowl will probably be very near to the spillage hence making it very easy for the person to quickly clean it up. This won't take more than a few seconds and will get the job done right there and then.

    1. Less wastage of product:

    The way you place the automatic foam dispenser matters a lot regarding the amount of soap that can go waste. Place the foam dispensers should in such a way that rough use of the bottle becomes close to impossible which will lead to people using it with care.  And also set in a way that makes it easier for the person to not miss the spout of the dispenser. Hence decreasing the amount of soap that could go waste. This would then remove the need to constantly refill it.

    Wall-mounted automatic dispensers:

    That we have dove in deep into all the advantages of countertop dispensers, we will now focus on all of the benefits of wall-mounted auto foam dispensers:

    1. Easy to refill:

    One of the biggest hassles which come with foam dispensers is constantly having to refill them. It is a task that many overlook. However, it has become easier to refill the container of the automatic foam dispenser, especially the ones which can be mounted.

    These types of designs give you the benefit of being able to store the extra amount of consumables which diminishes the task of having to constantly refill the container, how this works is that it has multiple hidden tubes that hold enough product for an extra 30 to 35 pumps.

    1. Easy to dispose of:

    Countertop bottles tend to pile up once they finish, adding another task to maintain them. This is a very big concern for housekeeping in hotels. Usually, when the bottles have gone empty, the customer will not dispose of them off properly which leaves a mess behind. The mess has to be cleaned up by housekeeping to keep the sinks looking neat and tidy.

    However, if hotels switch to wall-mounted automatic foam dispensers, it will completely eradicate the need of having to properly dispose of the stock of empty bottles that had been made.

    1. Economically helpful:

    We acknowledge the fact that the disposal of bottles in itself is a task which no one is up for. However, that is not the only reason why it is bad. These plastic bottles are very harmful to the environment once you properly dispose them off. With the wall-mounted automatic foam dispensers, you don't have to worry about handling empty bottles and the right way to dispose of them. Another fact to prove how these bottles are harmful is that the US government took an action and threw away a million bottles. What this did was that it improved the quality control and helped in decreasing the amount of wastage that was being done.

    1. Adds a sleek look to the bathroom's design:

    This new design of foam dispensers adds to the aesthetic and ambiance of the bathrooms. It's sleek gives it a very modern feel to it. You will notice that in high-end restaurants and hotel rooms, they use wall-mounted foam dispensers.

    Now, that we have seen the advantages of both types of automatic foam dispensers, it will be much easier for you to decide between which style will look the best in your washrooms. However, these don't limit to only bathroom purposes. You can attach them in your kitchen area near the sink or even in your washing areas. It is a very versatile product that can come in handy at any given time.

    Hence, planning whether you want a countertop automatic foam dispenser or a wall-mounted one should be highly taken into account while designing.

    Automatic Soap Dispenser

    Take Away on Auto Foam Dispenser

    Both the dispenser offer different benefits. Therefore, choosing between them solely depends upon your personal requirement. We offer both counter-top as well as wall-mounted dispensers. To learn more about our products, please visit our website today.

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