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    What benefit you get from freestanding hand sanitizer dispenser?


    How to choose a hand sanitizer dispenser?

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    Freestanding hand sanitizer dispenser is considered best in this pandemic period. Considering the high contagiousness of the Coronavirus that is transmitted from symptomatic sick people to healthy people, to limit the possibility of its spread, preventive measures have been arranged both for the entire population and for those who have a commercial activity.

    How to choose the right hand sanitizer dispenser?

    You can buy hand sanitizer dispensers online, whether you want to place it in your business or keep it at home. A first type is the hand sanitizer dispenser with stand, a stable and robust solution that allows you to make the gel accessible to your customers without the need for unstable shelves, tables or supports.


    Another element to take into consideration when choosing the freestanding hand sanitizer dispenser is the refill mode. There is the one with a tank and the one without a tank. The first involves topping up the dispenser with the desired quantity of product. The second, on the other hand, consists in refilling the dispenser with special gel cartridges.

    Where we can install freestanding hand sanitizer dispenser?

    However, this represents a very effective solution. It comes of aluminum or plastic and come with a photocell. It holds the presence of the hands dispenses the product necessary for disinfection so that there is no waste and that the product does not fall on the floor. We can install it on the wall or placed on a table, as needed.

    In addition to the gel dispensing mode with photocell, the wall dispensers are easy to operate by a lever (in plastic or metal) or by a pedal. In any case, maximum hygiene is perfect because contact with hands is avoided that’s why a freestanding hand sanitizer dispenser is the best choice.

    What benefit gives this freestanding hand sanitizer dispenser?

    It often comes of resistant materials (such as steel) that make it elegant. Both if you want to use it at home almost as if it were a piece of furniture. If you want to place it in the shop (because it will immediately appear very visible to the public).

    The advantage of having this type of dispenser is that, being made of resistant and long-lasting materials, it is easy to move.

    Is it beneficial to buy freestanding hand sanitizer dispenser online?

    On the online shops it is possible to find very convenient offers which, in addition to the freestanding hand sanitizer dispenser, also include gel refills. However, we must be careful because low prices are not always synonymous with quality but, behind these, there could be scams (for example non-quality or non-compliant products or unreliable sites that, once payment is received, do not send the product.


    Why we are the best option?

    We have dispensers available for both private and commercial use. In any case, hand sanitizer is a hand sanitizer gel based on hydrogen peroxide and does not contain alcohol. Our product differs from most of the disinfectant gels on the market, precisely. Because it does not contain any trace of alcohol which in the long run can be harmful to the health of our hands.

    Why washing hands is the most important?

    Except disinfecting on freestanding hand sanitizer dispenser the simplest and apparently banal act is actually very important because most of the pathogens are carried by our hands. Careful hand hygiene prevents up to 15-30% of viral and bacterial infections, which is why we think that, even if repeated many times over the last few weeks, it may be important to confirm and 'celebrate' it on the occasion of World Day.

    Method to wash hands freestanding hand sanitizer dispenser is not available

    First of all, use an adequate amount of soap on both palms of your hands and massage your hands for at least 20 seconds (even better if 40-60) also on the back and wrists, intertwining the fingers together and insisting under the nails, where germs nest more easily.

    Rinse and dry it is a fundamental phase because wet hands, offer favorable conditions for the transmission of microorganisms.

    Towels must be clean or disposable and it is important to pat the skin. You can do without rubbing it, so as not to cause cracking. Skin abrasions on the hands can in fact favor the entry of viruses and other microorganisms. For this reason, especially in winter, it is good to treat and protect them with specific moisturizers when freestanding hand sanitizer dispenser is not available.

    What can be common instead of soap?

    As an alternative to soap, when not available, antiseptic gel detergents (with the percentage of alcohol important by the Ministry of Health) are equally valid for hand hygiene and can be common at any time because they do not require water. Apply to dry hands, massaging the product for 30 seconds until it dries completely.


    Viruses and bacteria remain on the surfaces of objects such as toys, desks, phones, etc. for several hours. To disinfect surfaces such as tables, desks, door handles, windows, mobile phones, tablets both alcohol-based disinfectants and chlorine-based products. All these cautions are must but freestanding hand sanitizer dispenser has its own benefits.
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    When carrying out these activities, always remember to:

    • Clean with gloves
    • Avoid creating splashes and splashes when cleaning
    • Ventilate the rooms and environments both during and after the use of cleaning products
    • Make sure that all cleaning products are keep out of the reach of children, teenagers and pets.
    • Keep all products in a safe place.


    Our guides answer these questions and many others, revealing the secrets for a perfect home down to the smallest detail. The hygiene comes from the bedroom wardrobes to the kitchen shelves. It comes from the living room shelves to the bathroom fixtures. Many articles are there that will tell you about the use of dispensers sanitizers. But this one is unique..