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    Manual vs automatic hands free hand sanitizer dispenser


    What is Automatic Dispenser?

    liquid automatic dispenser automatic hand sanitizer dispenser free standing automatic liquid soap dispenser

    Automatic hands free hand sanitizer dispenser is a device designed to release products such as soap, alcohol gel and paper towels, without manual contact. Usually powered by battery or even electricity.

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, many things changed. Some barriers were broken, new working methods were created and new consumption and living habits were added and consolidated.

    Regarding cleanliness and hygiene, it was no different and we had a great evolution. After all, people are more attentive and concerned with reducing the risk of contamination both at home and at work.

    In this context, the automatic dispenser comes into play. Many people started looking for this product as a way to ensure greater efficiency in hand hygiene. But, is this the right way?

    Stay with us to understand!

    Automatic or hands free hand sanitizer dispenser

    The automatic hands free hand sanitizer dispenser consists of a device. It stores and releases, automatically and without the need for touch, a certain amount of products. Such as: paper towels, soaps and alcohol gel.

    Certainly the recommendations we have are to avoid contact with everything that may be infected. It can be taps, soap dishes, towel racks, dispensers, tables, counters, etc. For this reason, there has been an increase in the search for this equipment. Companies want to protect their customers and employees at the highest possible level.

    Hand hygiene - Who understands the theme?

    It is no longer a secret to anyone that hands are the main transmitting diseases. After all they are the vectors that carry, from one surface to another, viruses and bacteria.

    And using hand sanitizer requires the use of devices such as manual dispensers or automatic dispensers.

    In short, the segment that is most affected by poor hand hygiene is the hospital segment. After all, any carelessness can have drastic consequences. Therefore, we will rely on him to address this issue.

    Why we need hands free hand sanitizer dispenser?

    All the dangers and the importance of hand disinfection are known. There is a need to carry out hand hygiene campaigns within hospitals. This is to increase adherence to the rule of washing hands and using hands free hand sanitizer dispenser.

    This need may seem strange when reading, because we all think it is natural to use these products in the health segment, but the theme is not that simple.

    The reasons why professionals do not use alcohol gel the number of times they should use it are varied. However, we are going to focus here especially on the quality and quantity of soap, alcohol, paper towels and automatic dispensers for these supplies.

    Stay with us to understand better!

    Automatic Dispenser & Supplies - Quality

    Both nursing professionals, and clinical directors itself agree that the quality of alcohol gel and automatic or manual dispensers greatly influences its use in such environments.

    Likewise and in reverse, the low quality and low quantity of the materials discourage use. Thus, some factors that can discourage are:

    • Lack of dispenser with the product close to the professionals;
    • Clogging of the dispenser, which prevents the correct use of the product;
    • Hands are dry and / or injured due to the high level of use and low quality of the product used;
    • Product leaves residues in the hands, leaving them sticky;
    • Doubtful product quality;
    • Fear of placing your hand in places where other people have played before;
    • Hand dryers or other equipment that contribute to a greater proliferation of viruses and bacteria in the environment.

    Automatic Dispenser Ensures Health? The answer is: No Health Guarantee!

     About Electronic Soap hands free hand sanitizer dispenser

    In short, touching the soap hands free hand sanitizer dispenser to extract liquid soap or foam is the second part of the hand washing process. The first part is being to turn on the tap and wet your hands.


    So, whether the automatic dispenser is “touch free” or not, we still have to rub our hands and rinse them thoroughly to complete the wash. It certainly has greater weight than the “no touch”.

    In addition, having a soap that moisturizes your hands and cleans them deeply is more important to the process. Likewise, having a disposable soap refill system is also part of well-done hygiene. Hospitals always use these disposable systems!

    Is using towel rack a better option?

    On the other hand, turning on towel racks for drying hands is the final hygiene process and touching it doesn't really make sense. After all, did I just wash my hands and now I touch equipment that has already been touched by other people?

    It is true that there are on the market levers and buttons with silver nano particles that guarantee protection against bacteria. But in the towel racks we don't always see these pieces and it is difficult to guarantee that it is active.

    In addition to not touching the paper towel holder, the quality of the paper, if not of good origin, also compromises the final hygiene!

    Automatic towel hands free dispenser is not the only hygienic option!

    Undeniably, using a good quality paper towel that is firm enough not to force us to touch the towel rack is a perfect and economical way out!

    About Alcohol Soap Gel or simply Alcohol Gel 

    The website, Infection Control Today, presented a study that states that 30% of people use alcohol hands free hand sanitizer dispenser when it is available in automatic and electronic systems. However, the volume of people who have not used any of the systems is very large. And it has remained high, even with the electronic dispenser.

    Thus, using an automatic gel alcohol dispenser system is certainly very technological and attracts more fans in an easy way.

    However, it is important to note that hand disinfection will happen last, only when alcohol is already in the hands.

    There is certainly no point in having an automatic system or an alcohol totem and using low quality 70 alcohol for your hands.

    Manual or automatic hands free hand sanitizer dispenser!

    So think about it: a manual gel alcohol dispenser is simple to use and guarantees the same hand disinfection efficiency as automatic dispensers.

    So, how about considering saving on the electronic device and investing in the quality hands free hand sanitizer dispenser?

    Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser Touchless Sensor Wall Mount Sanitizer

    Hand hygiene - Myths and truths

    To get to this site and read this news, you probably used your hands. To turn on your computer or unlock your cell phone too. Have you ever thought how many times you use your hands throughout the day?

    Our hands perform numerous functions and are in frequent contact with contaminated objects. Therefore, whenever we put our hands over our mouth, nose or eyes without cleaning them, we are at risk of developing some disease.

    Antibacterial soap is more efficient than normal soap.

    MYTH - Soaps (solid or liquid) have the same effectiveness as anti-bacterial in hand hygiene. And it can be used for all everyday situations where hands may have been contaminated.

    I must remove jewelry and watch during hand hygiene.

    TRUTH - Under these objects, microorganisms often accumulate. Therefore, we must remove them before using hands free hand sanitizer dispenser.