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    About Dispensers for Liquid Soap: a Description of the Varieties, Tips for Choosing


    The soap dispenser is a modern analogue of the usual soap dishes, but it is more hygienic and easy to use. Initially, it could only be found in public places, but gradually devices began to be acquired for home use.

    The cost of these devices is influenced by the quality of materials, the shape of the structure, and the technology. Among the variety of models presented, you can easily choose a product for the interior of your bathroom.

    Types of dispensers

    You need to decide in advance how much space you are willing to allocate to the liquid soap dispenser and in what conditions it will be used. Depending on this, the device can be desktop, wall-mounted, touch-sensitive or mechanical.

    senitizer dispenser with thermometer

    Tabletop dispenser

    The desktop soap dispenser is the most common model for home use. It does not have replaceable cartridges and is filled with ordinary soap.

    The advantage of this device is that it is compact and does not take up much space. Can be carried from place to place and taken with you on a trip. The spout of the container rotates and locks in a certain position, due to which there is no danger of liquid spillage. The device is suitable for spacious rooms where there is enough free space for a convenient location of the tabletop dispenser.

    Wall-mounted dispenser

    A wall-mounted or elbow soap dispenser is installed in offices and factories, hospitals and public catering establishments. In order to get a soapy portion, just press a convenient button, which activates the mechanism and dispenses a standard dose of detergent.

    The main advantage of the device is that it does not require a lot of free space to operate. It is mounted very easily with reliable fasteners. The only drawback is that if you want to change the location, traces of the mountings will remain in the same place.

    A touchscreen or automatic foam soap dispenser is considered the most technologically advanced option. It implies non-contact use: just bring your hand closer to the sensor. The level of hygiene in this case is maximum due to the fact that direct contact with the object is not necessary.

    The devices operate either on batteries or mains. The first option has the advantage that the dispenser does not depend on the power source, and the second one does not need to constantly monitor the battery charge.

    Built-in dispenser

    If the bathroom is made in a minimalist style, then there should be no unnecessary elements. Even the most seemingly useful accessories will look bulky. The way out of this situation is to install built-in dispensers for liquid soap. Only a small spout will be visible for dispensing the required portion of detergent. Another advantage is that the structures are safely hidden from the prying eyes of small children.

    Wall Mounted Hand Sanitizer Gel Alcohol Foam Soap Liquid dispenser automatic machine

    Selection by type of dispensing mechanism

    The key element of any dispenser is the dispensing mechanism, which influences the shape of the soap dispensing. This could be:

    Jet - is the most popular option. Used for liquid soap and helium antiseptic. It is these models that are chosen for home use.

    Spray - when dispensing, liquid is sprayed. Most often used for disinfectants, for example, in medical institutions or food service establishments. In this case, the structure is installed as an additional device to the main dispenser.

    Foam - is the least common option. When dispensed, liquid soap turns into a thick foam.

    Depending on the type of mechanism chosen, the volume of one portion of the liquid will differ. There are no universal indicators, since this parameter is either set specifically by each manufacturer, or individually by the user.

    It is better to give preference to models with a removable pump - it can be easily washed or replaced. To choose the right dispensing mechanism, decide which type of liquid you will use: soap or antiseptic.

    Disposable cartridges or bulk containers: what to choose

    The soap dispenser can be bulk or cartridge. The first category has its advantages:

    • A higher level of hygiene, since the cartridges simply cannot be reused.
    • It is convenient to replace these mechanisms.

    However, it is often necessary to buy elements from a specific manufacturer, due to which it is impossible to choose the most economical option. Bulk containers are cheaper but offer lower levels of hygiene. Before buying a dispenser, you need to decide in advance which option is comfortable for you.

    How to install the liquid soap dispenser

    If you prefer a desktop device, you don't even need tools to install it: you just need to place the device in the planned place. You will have to tinker a little with the wall structure:

    Choose a mounting location that is neither too high nor too low. Consider the height of all family members: both the child and the adult should be comfortable using the dispenser.

    Mark the desired location with a marker and drill a hole.
    Fix the device to the wall using self-tapping screws or other fasteners provided by the manufacturer.
    Such installation work can be done independently or you can seek help from specialists. Some wall-mounted devices are fixed with suction cups or adhesive tape, but this method is not very reliable.

    For the installation of built-in models, the help of professionals is often required. The only problem is cutting the required hole to install the dispenser.