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    5 Benefits of Standalone Hand Sanitizer Dispenser in 2021


    Alcohol-free sanitizer

    In some standalone hand sanitizer dispenser, instead of alcohol, we find other substances such as:

    • disinfectant additives
    • antibacterial chemicals that effectively kill bacteria.

    Among the ingredients we often find benzalkonium chloride (BAC) and triclosan. This kills bacteria immediately but, unlike alcohol, could have repercussions on health.

    alcohol dispenser with thermometer

    These chemicals, used in many alcohol-free disinfectants, can cause troubling side effects and therefore pose a potential health hazard. Types of ingredients -In the previous points we have already seen how varied the ingredients that make up disinfectants can be. It comes from the safest to the least safe ones.

    Which ingredients are used in standalone hand sanitizer dispenser?

    We find standalone hand sanitizer dispenser on the market those based on alcohol and those without alcohol. This, however, often contain chemical additives with disinfectant action such as:

    • Hydrochloride
    • glycerin and
    • many others.

    Other cleansers, on the other hand, are composed of totally natural ingredients such as aloe gel extracts and essential oils.

    Antibacterial properties -A good disinfectant must possess a high antibacterial action in addition to sanitizing. We remind you that the antibacterial power comes by substances such as alcohol. This must be present in concentrations higher than 60%.

    Are some cosmetics containing harmful elements?

    Even the fragrances that are used in many cosmetics even in standalone hand sanitizer dispenser contain harmful substances: these perfumes are in fact made with mixtures of which it is impossible to identify the individual components and are often carcinogens, allergens, respiratory tract irritants and neurotoxins that also represent a problem for the 'environment.


    Nowadays there is no rule that obliges manufacturers to list the substances present in perfumes so it is better not to buy sanitizers / disinfectants with particular fragrances. To be truly effective, a good product must have the wording “medical surgical device" and contain extracts of organic essential oils instead of synthetic fragrances.

    Is standalone hand sanitizer dispenser has some harmful effects?

    Trying to live in a totally aseptic, germ- free way could expose us to "superbugs", thus running into infections that are more difficult to treat. It is true that there are situations in which it is useful to use standalone hand sanitizer dispenser, but excessive use should be avoided every time a surface is touched.

    Use disinfectant sparingly and only when you really need it, such as when you visit someone in the hospital or are forced to shake hands with dozens of people at a party.

    Ø Ant-allergic –

    In addition to the irritation caused by the more aggressive agents, present in some disinfectants, you should pay attention to possible allergens. Many, without knowing it, may be allergic to certain essential oils (even though they are totally natural substances). For this reason, we always advise you to carry out allergy tests to avoid running into unpleasant situations and / or health risks.

    Ø Effectiveness

    The effectiveness of disinfectants lies entirely in the composition of the product and in the use you make of it. Using a disinfectant too often and when it is not a real need can lead, in the long term, to an increasing resistance to germs and bacteria. So try use standalone hand sanitizer dispenser carefully.

    Furthermore, as already mentioned, it is useful to always keep in mind that the greatest validity occurs with alcohol-based products. And you need to clean hands from dirt and hidden germs.

    Ø Ecological

    The market has been teeming with ecological disinfectants for a while. These are skin-friendly products based on natural extracts such as aloe. These ecological sanitizers are truly remarkable because they are able to reduce the environmental impact and are gentler on the skin.
    Standalone Hand Sanitizer Dispenser 2021

    Ø Price

    The price, of course, varies depending on the product and its composition. A cheaper product is generally not as effective as one at a higher price. Before buying a standalone hand sanitizer dispenser with a low price, you must be careful that there are no harmful substances inside such as synthetic fragrances and additives that are dangerous to health.

    Our advice is therefore to buy products that are effective in sanitizing, disinfecting and that are also safe for your health. You should do this without worrying excessively about the price.

    How to use the standalone hand sanitizer dispenser?

    How and how long you use hand sanitizer affects its effectiveness. As mentioned above, many disinfectants will not have a good effect on the germs that are deposited there.

    If instead applied on fairly clean hands, we let it act for about thirty seconds, taking care to let it dry, we will have the maximum antiseptic action.

    Why do organizations recommend using hand sanitizer dispenser?

    The standalone hand sanitizer dispenser can kill not only bacteria, but also some fungi and viruses. And it is more effective in preventing infections or bacterial diseases if we use it only when it is really needed.

    In this regard, important hygiene organizations recommend the use of hand sanitizer. This is important only if soap and water are not available. And we should use this when there is a higher than normal risk of exposure to germs.

    Does the disinfectant really work?

    We say yes but its effectiveness also depends on what you want to achieve and on its use itself. As already mentioned, we can use hand sanitizers anywhere. It is essential to wash your hands and where germs are more prone to lurk such as hospitals or nurseries.

    I would like to add something more about application of sanitizer dispenser. It is important to have touchless sanitizer dispenser. There are some reasons for this. We can say that if you reduce your contact, you are safe from virus attack. Similarly, you can use it easily.


    Numerous studies have shown that the presence and use of standalone hand sanitizer dispenser in schools. It would help children protect themselves from the spread of infections and viruses. And that it would therefore be useful to prevent children from getting sick and absent from school.