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    The Top 10 floor stand hand sanitizer dispenser   


    The Floor Stand Hand Sanitizer Dispenser  

    Due to the current prevailing pandemic, we can see an immediate and effective use of floor stand hand sanitizer dispenser. The floor stand hand sanitizer dispenser is becoming a part of our basic necessities as well as a daily use product.  It is imperative how many communities and institutes are implementing the systematic placement of floor stand hand sanitizer dispenser in their surroundings.

    floor stand hand sanitizer dispenser

    Moreover, installing a floor stand hand sanitizer dispenser in one’s vicinity is becoming a global trend. This is due to the impending doom of COVID-19. This is a very important reason to install one of these standing sanitizer dispensers yet they are very easy to use. They add style and chicness to the interiors as well as exteriors. Hence, when investing in floor stand hand sanitizers, it is important to look for the best ones available in the market.

    The Top 10 Floor Stand Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

    There are many brands and companies that are manufacturing standing hand sanitizer dispensers. A few of them are listed below for guiding the buyer when making an investment. It is very important to establish a better understanding of the features and qualities you want your sanitizer dispenser to possess.

    Most of the products are from Sanitizer-Dispenser because they are a renowned brand. They are famous for their quality products and services too.

    Stand Electric Foam Touchless Automatic Soap Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

    The brand Fengjie manufactures these standing Automatic Sanitizer Dispensers. It uses ABS and metal in its construction and weighs around 4.3 kilograms. They are available in white color that has a storage capacity of 1000 ml. Their power source is a Type C battery × 4/ Adaptor (6V 1A) for standing upright on the floor. Different users can use it for the different physical states of the Sanitizer whether it is foam, gel, or, alcohol. The automatic option allows the user to have a touch-free experience.

    Commercial Electric with Standing Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stand with Sensor

    This is another product from the brand Fengjie and as the name suggests, it is a highly effective choice for commercial use. This is also an automatic sanitizer dispenser that comes with a stand.  This weighs around 4.3 kg due to its metal parts. It also runs on a battery and can house 1000 ml sanitizing liquid. Moreover, it has a lockable design with a light that indicates when the power is low.

    Liquid Soap Dispenser Sensor Touchless Free Standing Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

    It is a widely appropriate choice for commercial usage with a weight of 4.4kg. It comes with an inbuilt infrared sensor for dispensing needs. They commercialize by providing refillable and disposable bottle fittings. Additionally, it also features anti-leakage properties.

     Mobile Stand Hand Sanitizer Dispenser 1200ml Automatic Touchless Floor Standing

    It is a large-capacity hand sanitizer stand with durable plastic material. Plus, it is compatible with different types of pumps and nozzles making it more user-friendly. It is chemically resistant and cost-saving due to its refillable design.

    Free-standing hand sanitizer dispenser B-2000

    They have free-standing adjustable heights and are customizable for facilitating commercial use. Its body has a stainless steel structure. Its floor plate has four rubber pads which help it with anti-slip qualities. Their compatible design facilitates adjustability with different bottle designs.

    Free-standing hand sanitizer dispenser HGPT0040

    This standing hand sanitizer dispenser has a steel structure. It is easily movable with a sturdy build. The base is very accommodating when balancing the overall weight of the dispenser. It is a perfect portable disinfection station because it automatically controls the amount of sanitizer dispensed at a certain time. This is also a commercial sanitizer dispenser.

    Hand sanitizer dispenser stand HGPT0020B

    This is a sturdy hand dispenser made out of steel covered in black epoxy. The base area is square which provides a solid standing dispenser. It is ideally suited for areas at risk of high contamination. Moreover, it has a visual user guide printed on the stand which helps the user a lot. The installation itself is quite easy for providing a hygienic alternate to soap and water.

    Hand sanitizer dispenser stand ELITE

    This is an elite sanitizer dispenser stand that operates electronically. It is absolutely touch-free which is why it reduces the chances of cross-contamination of germs and bacteria. In addition to this, it is the most compatible choice in high-traffic areas like offices and schools. It facilitates the user by electronically dispensing through infrared sensors.

    Hand sanitizer dispenser stand HGPT0020B

    This model features a sturdy hand sanitizing floor stand which is movable.  It comprises a steel structure covered in epoxy supported by a heavy square base. This is also another star in the list of commercial floor-standing hand sanitizers.  It is suitable for locations where there is a high risk of contamination due to heavy crowds.  Moreover, it has a hassle-free installation that requires zero to minimum experience.

    Hand sanitizer dispenser stand BERING

    This is a new design that is much more practical and an instinctive solution for many indoor sanitizer dispensing areas.  The design has a compartment that can be opened.  The compartment stores disposable gloves, masks, and even wet wipes whereas the other compartment conceals the sanitizer itself. Hence, it is an all-in-one solution for all the hygienic needs of a person by adding practicality with the chicness of the design.


    It is very important to understand the requirement for a proper hand sanitizer dispenser in our localities.  This has become a need of our current times.  Therefore, it is vital to make use of the available sanitizer dispensing stands in the market and choose the one that is most compatible with your surroundings. They are durable and quite practical when following the SOP to the dot. You can easily opt amongst the aforementioned brands and their products because they are curated with keeping sanitization in mind. Hence, you can stop searching for that perfect sanitizer dispenser and settle with any of the above-mentioned choices.

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