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    What is gel hand sanitizer dispenser? Step by Step Guide to Use Sanitizer Dispenser


    Undoubtedly, both the hand sanitizer and the cleaner are essential products for professional cleaning. But each one of them plays a different role during cleaning. And that's what we want to talk about in today's text. So, read on and understand the difference between these two items that help make your gel hand sanitizer dispenser.

    What is gel hand sanitizer dispenser?

    There is a type of personal hygiene product that is common very popularly in recent times, which is dry hand sanitizer. But what is hand sanitizer really? What effect does hand sanitizer have that many people want to own? Please find out with us right in the information below!

    Is it good to use hand sanitizer?

    To understand exactly what hand sanitizer does, you should first learn about the product definition. Accordingly, dry hand sanitizer is a product prepared in the form of a solution that can be a spray or a gel common to clean hands when dirty, disinfect without using water.

    How to use gel hand sanitizer dispenser is very simple, you just need to put an appropriate amount and apply evenly in the palm of your hand for about 30 seconds. Then you let it dry naturally without rinsing with water.

    gel hand sanitizer dispenser

    The valuation of cleanliness

    Undeniably, one of the main lessons learned during the quarantine period is about the importance of cleaning. After all, cleaning tasks have been increasingly valued. They are at the forefront of combating the coronavirus. In this way, a service that unfairly went unnoticed until recently came as something extremely important to everyone.

    Similarly, now with the gradual return of commerce and the relaxation of social isolation, establishments must adopt increasingly strict measures to preserve the health of their professionals and clients. In fact, care should be even better in places with greater concentration and flow of people. These are supermarkets, restaurants and airports provide gel hand sanitizer dispenser there.

    What will be the process of cleaning with gel hand sanitizer dispenser?

    Therefore, it is essential to bet on some solutions that can add value to the cleaning work.

    • First, it is important to have a professional cleaning team that has experience and knows how to elevate and prolong the effects of cleaning.
    • Well, experienced and trained employees know exactly how to make the place cleaner and safer.
    • In addition, they know the best practices, act quickly in meeting deadlines and know which products can be more efficient in each case.
    • Likewise, it is necessary to know how to choose the ideal gel hand sanitizer dispenser for each type of cleaning and use them properly.
    • Concentrated products offer better results, in addition to more yield and excellent cost-benefit for your company.
    • Finally, it is essential to follow the Ministry of Health's recommendations to keep the cleaning team and everyone passing through the area safer.
    • Therefore, leaving the environment always ventilated
    • Having alcohol gel spread throughout the company and keeping a distance are some actions that should not be ignored.


    What is the difference between hand sanitizer and cleanser?

    As mentioned above, the importance of professional cleaning with gel hand sanitizer dispenser has been increasingly recognized. As a result, products such as hand sanitizer and cleanser are in great demand.

    Ø Hand sanitizer

    However, while both are fundamental, they have their differences. Check out more details about each of them: According to experts, bactericides and disinfectants are different terms, but they can refer to the same product. That is, bactericides kill bacteria. Likewise, disinfectants perform this action, but also eliminate fungi and viruses. Therefore, a disinfectant is always bactericidal.

    Thus, the product is essential in areas with a higher risk of contamination, such as food companies, hospitals and bathrooms in different segments. But it is worth remembering that each and every environment with large circulation of people needs to be disinfected frequently. Therefore, when we talk about cleaning companies, it is necessary to use gel hand sanitizer dispenser.

    Ø Cleaners  

    Now that you know what a hand sanitizer is and how it works, we want to talk about cleansers. Therefore, this type of product does not have a disinfectant or bactericidal action, but removes dirt from surfaces without damaging them. Thus, they are ideal for cleaning oil and grease. Because its power comes from surfactants, which react with both water and fat.

    Essential hand sanitizer cleaning products

    Undoubtedly, both items are essential for the cleaning of different projects. But in addition to showing the differences and talking about each one of them, we want to present two solutions that exemplify the qualities of the items. Look:
    gel hand sanitizer dispenser 2021

    Neutral gel hand sanitizer dispenser

    First of all, Neutral Disinfectant Plus is a concentrated item full of advantages. The gel hand sanitizer dispenser, which is important for general use, cleaning and disinfection of different surfaces, has been widely commonby companies, hospitals and public agencies to support the control of Covid-19.

    And the reasons for the success of this item are due to the fact that it eliminates viruses and bacteria efficiently. In fact, it even eliminates the tuberculosis bacillus, if it is in contact for 10 minutes. In addition, it does not harden plastics or opacity metals and has a residual effect of up to 12 days on an inanimate surface. Likewise, since it has a quaternary of ammonium with iguanid.

    Universal Supreme gel hand sanitizer dispenser

    The Universal Supreme Cleaner indicates cleaning any type of washable surface. The solution works with excellent performance. In addition, the item is highly praised for offering quick results in the cleaning of floors, walls, utensils and painted, enameled or tiled surfaces. As it is a concentrated product, it yields much more than ready-to-use products like gel hand sanitizer dispenser.


    Therefore, for heavy tasks, it is important to dilute one part of the product to up to 20 parts of water. In cases of medium cleaning, the ideal is to use 1 part for up to 50 parts of water. Finally, the tip is to dilute a part of the product to up to 100 parts of water to perform light cleaning.