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    7 Ways to use Automatic Dispenser Hand Sanitizer


    Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser Touchless Sensor Wall Mount Sanitizer
    In addition to spraying paint, most automatic dispenser hand sanitizer is also suitable for spraying disinfectants.

    With the device you can apply a disinfectant to doorknobs, railings, tables and other surfaces. It may come into contact with the virus, without having to touch them yourself with a cleaning cloth, for example.

    How to kill virus with hand sanitizer?

    Studies show that SARS-CoV-2 viruses, which include today's Covid 19 virus, can survive on certain surfaces for longer periods of time. In addition to human-to-human transmission, surfaces can also pose a risk.

    This is where the automatic dispenser hand sanitizer comes in handy. In these times of social distancing, we notice that many people work as painters and do-it-yourselfers in their own home. Think about whether you want to put the paint sprayer aside after the work is done or use it for another purpose during these times.

    For example, would you like to disinfect an office room? Are you a caretaker or do you want to clean the banisters, the elevator or other objects in your own apartment building with a disinfectant?

    This is possible with hand sanitizer. You can see how this works here:

    In which areas can the spray disinfection be used?

    Here are some examples of possible areas of application for the paint sprayer.

    • Changing and sanitary areas
    • offices
    • Restaurants and food prep areas / kitchens
    • Classrooms or apprenticeships
    • Public transport
    • Places and spaces accessible to the public

    What we can disinfect with automatic dispenser hand sanitizer?

    Thanks to the technology of Wagner devices, extensive surface treatments with a liquid disinfectant are possible. Automatic dispenser hand sanitizer can significantly reduce the presence of bacteria, viruses and mold.

    How does the spraying of disinfectants work?

    • Make sure that all connections click into place.
    • Check the seals of the system with water before using the device with disinfectants. For example, you can also see whether there is still any color in the device.
    • Remove the water.
    • Fill the disinfectant into the container or place the suction system directly in the packaging.
    • For  HVLPdevices:
      • Maximum air flow with minimum product throughput

    Why use auto hand sanitizer dispenser?

    Sprays, gels and liquids for disinfection have been an integral part of our everyday lives at least since the beginning of the pandemic. When using and handling hand disinfectants. However, a certain degree of caution requires, as these agents can pose a considerable risk of fire and explosion if improperly handled.

    With all due caution, however, we should notice that the disinfecting effect far outweighs the risk of inflammation in the application.

    Avoid sources of ignition in automatic dispenser hand sanitizer

    All hand sanitizers have a low flash point. Depending on the alcohol or ethanol content, this is between 17 and 23 degrees Celsius. This means that even at room temperatures of around 23 degrees Celsius above the liquid surface, e.g. B.

    With a spilled paint disinfectant, always an inflammable vapor-air mixture occurs. If it comes into contact with an effective ignition source - such as a candle or the open flame of a lighter - this vapor-air mixture can be ignite. Particular care is important with automatic dispenser hand sanitizer.

    It generates a fine aerosol mist. Electrical devices, electrostatic charges or hot surfaces are also possible sources of ignition.

    Pay attention to the ambient temperature

    If the internal pressure increases in closed bottles, flacons, cans or other containers, e.g. B. At high ambient temperatures, the risk of ignition also increases. This risk is naturally lower in autumn temperatures than in summer. If the internal pressure in the container increases so much that the closure can no longer withstand the excess pressure, an explosive vapor-air mixture is created when it escapes.

    Be careful when filling and transferring

    The picture looks different with transfer processes or (re) filling of disinfectant dispensers. If you do not work carefully here, a noticeable explosive atmosphere may well occur locally. This must be eliminated through thorough ventilation.

     The use of automatic dispenser hand sanitizer is also necessary in the following situations: 

    • When you are out of the house;
    • Upon returning home from the street;
    • During  cooking and after taking them;
    • Before leaving the bathroom, both at home and in public places;
    • Before and after caring for a patient with signs of viral diseases;
    • After communicating with animals, even pets;
    • After using computers, cash, phones, etc.

    Practical tips for safe use:

    Anyone who then uses automatic dispenser hand sanitizer should make sure that they have evaporated thoroughly and that their hands are dry before touching anything. If you rub your hands with disinfectant, you should definitely stay away from sources of ignition and never use this short period of time to smoke.

    Certain goods are currently in great demand - this also includes disinfectants. The demand has increased eight times the usual level in the last few weeks. In the case of disinfectants, however, it is a question of products for whose distribution, in addition to special labeling regulations, special pricing must also be observed at the moment.

    Hand washing and disinfecting!

    Wherever people meet and work together, there are always hotspots in everyday work, where germs, mold, bacteria and viruses like to collect: doorknobs, control panels of kitchen appliances, telephones or keyboards are popular places for viruses and the like. That is why regular and correct automatic dispenser hand sanitizer is essential an absolute must.

    How does automatic dispenser hand sanitizer work?

    First moisten your hands and then distribute the soap on the wrist, on the back of the hand, on and between all fingers and in the palm of the hand and work in well for 20 seconds before rinsing it off again. And important! Only ever use disposable (hand) towels to dry off.



    It is advisable to disinfect dry hands, especially after using the toilet, before and after appointments and meals after washing your hands thoroughly. The appropriate automatic dispenser hand sanitizer carefully applies between the fingers, in the palm, on the back of the hand and on the wrist for 30 seconds.

    In order to avoid skin irritation or dry skin, disinfecting should not be excessive and only suitable means we need to use. A nourishing hand cream in between can also do no harm.