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    11 Tips to use Wall Sanitizer Dispenser to Defeat Viruses


    Wall Sanitizer Dispenser
    Proper hand sanitizing with wall sanitizer dispenser will minimize the amount of virus on your hands and reduces the risk of pathogens entering the body if you touch your face. We will show you how to wash your hands properly to reduce the risk of infection.

    • Proper hand washing
    • Instructions for washing hands in 11 steps
    • How often should you wash your hands?
    • How to properly disinfect your hands
    • Dry hands due to frequent washing - how to help

    Our hands are constantly in contact with pathogens. Washing your hands correctly is the easiest way to avoid infection, and not only during the coronavirus epidemic. Washing and disinfecting your hands with wall sanitizer dispenser can also protect against colds and flu. We give step-by-step instructions on how to wash your hands according to all the rules.

    Instructions for sanitizing hands with wall sanitizer dispenser in 11 steps

    To remove dirt and pathogens from your hands, follow these guidelines for hand washing.

    • Lather your hands
    • Rub the lather thoroughly so that it covers your hands on all sides. This stage takes 40-60 seconds. It will take about the same amount of time to sing the chorus of the song "Happy Birthday to You" twice
    • Rub the back of your left hand with the palm of your right hand, and then rub between your fingers.
    • fold your hands into the lock and move them so that you rub your fingers
    • Rub the fingers of your right and left hands with the backs towards each other
    • Rub your thumbs, alternately taking each in a fist of the other hand
    • Similarly, rub your fingertips against the other palm in a rotating motion.
    • Rinse off the soap thoroughly with running water
    • Dry your hands thoroughly with a paper towel
    • turn off the tap with a paper towel
    • your hands are now really clean!

    How often should you sanitize your hands with sanitizer dispenser?

    The frequency of daily wall sanitizer dispenser depends on how often you potentially come into contact with pathogens. In general, hands should always be washed in the following situations (before or after):

    • after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing into your palm;
    • before and after contact with a sick person;
    • after touching objects or surfaces in crowded places (bus handrails, supermarket trolleys);
    • after using the toilet;
    • Moreover,after you have accompanied another person to the toilet (children, persons with physical disabilities, etc.);
    • before contact with food;
    • after contact with waste / debris;
    • After petting or touching pet food.


    Important: until you have the opportunity to wash your hands, try not to touch your face so that pathogenic microorganisms do not get from your hands to the mucous membranes of the nose, mouth and eyes.

    How to properly disinfect your hands with wall sanitizer dispenser?

    Hand disinfection with wall sanitizer dispenser follows the same step-by-step procedure as for hand washing. In addition, the following points must be observed for hygienic hand disinfection.

    Choosing a hand sanitizer:

    Ensure that the hand sanitizer you use is antibacterial and anti-viral, so it is antiviral.


    Disinfectants should be applied to dry skin and not washed off.

    Observe the application time

    A general rule of thumb for hand sanitizing is that it takes at least 30 seconds for the product to work. Observe the manufacturer's instructions on the packaging - exposure times may vary.


    Since proper hand washing can significantly reduce microbial contamination in a small social circle, disinfectant should be stored for special situations, for example, for contact with people who are sick (not only those infected with COVID-19, but also those with influenza or gastrointestinal diseases). path) or when there is no way to wash your hands.

    When to wash your hands after using sanitizer dispenser?

    Washing your hands during the day is important in itself after wall sanitizer dispenser. Moreover, it is most important during viral outbreaks. You should always wash your hands in the following situations:

    Coronavirus: what you should do during home quarantine. WHO recommendations and advice

    • upon returning home from a public walk;
    • before leaving the bathroom, both at home and in public places;
    • After shaking hands during flu season and virus outbreaks;
    • during cooking and after taking them;
    • before and after caring for a patient with signs of viral and bacterial infections;
    • after communicating with animals, even pets;
    • after using public computers, touching cash and coins, other people's phones, etc.
      Wall Sanitizer Dispenser 2021

    Hand sanitizers for coronavirus

    WHO recalls that alcohol-based disinfectants are the only currently known agents for the rapid and effective inactivation of a wide range of potentially harmful microorganisms on the hands.

    How and with what to disinfect your home during quarantine?

    Why use alcohol hand sanitizers? They have a broad spectrum of bactericidal activity with minimal risk of antimicrobial resistance. They can be used when we have limited access to hand washing, such as when traveling or working.

    Disinfectants known as biocides are available in various forms such as gels, lotions, foams, sprays, and wet wipes.

     How to use wall sanitizer dispenser correctly and which ones to choose? 


    When shopping for hand sanitizer, make sure the hand sanitizer contains 60 to 95% alcohol. Next, you need to carefully read the instructions on the back of the product and follow the correct hand treatment technique.

    Underestimate the recommendations regarding the use of wall sanitizer dispenser, as practice shows, most do not know how to use this agent and what it should be.

    So, having chosen the right disinfectant, the solution or gel must be applied to the palm of one hand (usually a few milliliters are enough). Next, you should carefully distribute the antiseptic, especially between the fingers and let the product dry for 20 seconds. It is very important not to remove the remnants of the antiseptic from your hands, but to let it absorb.

    Final Words

    Discard sweet greetings. WHO recommends that when the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus spreads, greetings such as shaking hands, hugging and kissing on the cheek stop?


    Don't touch your face. Avoid touching the face as much as possible, especially the eyes and mouth.