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    How to avoid germs with hand sanitizer wipes dispenser stand?


    hand sanitizer wipes dispenser stand
    Given everything we are experiencing these days, the great demand we have for hand sanitizer wipes dispenser stand.  The questions you ask us and the lies and hoaxes that we are reading, we have considered that it is best to create a blog post talking about this theme.

    The first thing we ask is that, please, let's not lose our calm and sanity in the face of all the information that is published on social networks, and the media. Do not believe everything you read out there!

    Social networks and WhatsApp groups have become a source of contagion of hoaxes and "remedies" that spread faster than the virus itself. Many of them have no validity and can even be bad for our health.

    Is it good to use hand sanitizer wipes dispenser stand?

    Next, we are going to talk hand sanitizer wipes dispenser stand. Without a doubt, it has become one of the products that leave our warehouse the most and we began to receive a lot of questions about it. Are they effective? What ingredients and percentage should they have? Do they harm the skin? Can children use them? ...

    So to make everything clear, here we clarify all those doubts in a clear, simple and concise way.


    They are gels with high alcohol content and are used as an antiseptic for healthy skin.


    The correct way is to apply it directly to the palms of the hands and rub them against the back from right to left and vice versa, the fingers and between them. Afterwards, let it dry in the air. And ready!

    Soap or hand sanitizer wipes?

    Hand sanitizer wipes dispenser stand products are NOT a substitute for hand washing with soap and water. We should consider it as a complement to hygiene or as an alternative when we are away from home or in a place where we cannot wash our hands properly and we have no other options.

    The simplest and most effective measure against infections and germs is to wash your hands. Below we explain why and what is the correct way to do it according to the WHO (World Health Organization).




    What is common hand sanitizer wipes dispenser stand ingredients?

    The main ingredient you should have is an ethyl alcohol, also known as ETHANOL, between 60-90%.

    Ethanol in cosmetics is on the list of ingredients (INCI) as ALCOHOL DENAT, ethanol to which an additive has been added to denature it and make it NOT suitable for oral consumption. But, despite having different names, they are the same.

    What alcohol does is destabilize the outer layers of germs, damaging and decomposing them.

    In addition, aloe vera juice, glycerin or some moisturizing substance are added so that they do not irritate and dry out the skin.

    Is there any legalization we require for hand sanitizer wipes dispenser stand?

    In hand sanitizer wipes dispenser stand, the legislation requires that the ingredients be put in cosmetic products, although they are not obliged to put their percentages. But, they are forced to order them from highest to lowest concentration. So those that come out first are the ones that are in the greatest amount and the last ones, those that are least.

    Therefore, to consider that a sanitizer is effective, we must note that the first ingredient is always alcohol, or similar. It can also be in second place, but in particular for the current case that we are trying to avoid, it is not recommended that it be in third place onwards because it would decrease its effectiveness.


    Homemade formulas, whatever the cosmetic, are always dangerous for the skin.  We do not know the necessary concentrations. Moreover, we have no guarantee that neither the ingredients nor the utensils are sterilized or not.

    For example, directly extracted aloe vera of the plant, without the hygienic conditions of a laboratory, is a nest of bacteria. With essential oils we must be very careful, since they are considered potentially allergens.

    Automatic soap sensor

    So making any gel for hand sanitizer wipes dispenser stand at home, in this case a disinfectant gel is dangerous. Moreover, it can be ineffective and can also cause skin allergy problems.

    Mixing and product manufacturing must be left to professionals.


    Do not do it! Pure alcohol or in a very high percentage should not be used as a hand antiseptic. It is aggressive to the skin and could cause conditions such as dermatitis. It should only be used to disinfect surfaces and objects.

    How to avoid germs with hand sanitizer wipes dispenser stand?

    It is an action so simple and at the same times the most effective. Washing your hands with hand sanitizer wipes dispenser stand is the simplest and most effective way to protect yourself from germs.

    And it is most infections because the soap breaks the capsule containing the virus, removing the lipid that covers it. But not only soap is enough, we must rinse afterwards with plenty of water and dry to avoid moisture on the skin.


    When to sanitize them?

    • during and after preparing food
    • Before eating
    • Before and after caring for someone at home who has vomiting or diarrhea
    • after treating a wound or being in contact with blood and fluids
    • After going to the bathroom
    • changing diapers or cleaning a child who has gone to the bathroom
    • blowing your nose, coughing or sneezing
    • After touching an animal, animal feed or animal droppings
    • After touching the garbage.

    What is the right way to use hand sanitizer wipes dispenser stand?

    1. Wet your hands with water.
    2. Apply soap and rub all over the hand (palm, back, between fingers, fingertips, between nails) for 20-50 seconds.
    3. Rinse thoroughly with water.
    4. Completely dry the skin, preferably with a towel or disposable paper.

    Nor can we turn this procedure into an obsession and wash our hands excessively because it can lead to other conditions such as dermatitis, since we are constantly eliminating the lipid layer that our skin has and that has a protective function. That is why, if you wash your hands a lot, we recommend buying hand sanitizer wipes dispenser stand.