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    How to choose a good soap dispenser


    Face the brand that defend bath so much on market and soap liquid implement, often let a person make difficult when choosing and buying.Some people pay attention to the price, some pay attention to the appearance of the lack of neglect of its main function.The final product was less than satisfactory.Here are a few selection suggestions, I hope to help you.

    Hospital No Touch Automatic Hand Sanitizer Gel Dispenser

    Buy soap liquid device is not to buy a vase, beautiful appearance is a point, but some products flashy.The interior is complex and difficult to operate.It is suggested that the best time to buy the internal structure can be opened to understand after the choice.

    Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser

    What kind of soap dispenser is good?Safety is the first, both strong and easy to operate, now most of the ABS material.On the market, most of the belt lock type is easy to open and not easy to disperse.Once it's open, we're going to focus on the internal structure of the dispenser.In general, we open the soap dispenser to add liquid operation.However, the filling port of different soap dispensers is in different positions, and some will be set on the top of the machine. Because the liquid can only be filled from top to bottom. it can not be removed, the liquid is easy to leak to the bottom of the machine, and the probability of failure is greater.Some of them are hidden inside the machine and you need to remove them to add the liquid, but the complexity of the structure is also a problem.The disassembly and assembly process of 1406 soap dispenser of Fengjie is very simple and convenient. All parts can be disassembled and assembled. When adding liquid, only the inner tank is removed and then the liquid is added.

    Wall Mounted Hand Liquid Foam Smart Sensor Automatic Foam Spray Dispenser

    Except for rehydration and the service life of the machine, most soap dispensers on the market use No. 5 battery life is not long, and do not support DC. Fengjie 1406 uses No. 2 battery and supports DC. It can stand by for a long time and can be used for 30,000 times, which is far higher than other similar products.

    Do not know if you have a trouble in the process of using, the general soap liquid has foam alcohol and gel. If the soap dispenser needs to be replaced, it also needs to be replaced, which greatly increases the cost. There is a soap dispenser that can solve this problem -- Fengjie 1406, Fengjie  1406 soap dispenser can replace the pump head, three different liquids for three pump heads. When the liquid needs to be replaced, as long as the pump head is removed and replaced with the corresponding pump head, convenient, fast and low cost. In fact, not only Fengjie 1406, Feng Jie's all soap dispensers have this advantage.

    If you need to buy soap dispenser can pay attention to feng jie bathroom, we will give you the best advice and price, enchanted to contact us.