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    A Guide to Choosing a Commercial Automatic Plastic Soap Dispenser

    Automatic Plastic Soap Dispenser

    A Bathroom is a place that you want to leave with the assurance that you are clean, and a well-equipped restroom gives a sense of pleasure and comfort. We can achieve both factors by installing an attractive and efficient automatic plastic soap dispenser in the kitchen, bathroom, or restroom.

    A soap dispenser has become a necessity in today’s world, and we can easily spot them in restaurants, offices, offices, hospitals, and public toilets so it is the best time to invest in automatic soap dispensers.

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    There are numerous choices available in the market but it is not a difficult job to select a commercial automatic plastic soap dispenser if you consider the features, purpose, and factors carefully.

    Consider the following steps while choosing a dispenser,

    • If your bathroom is heavy use, will the sticky pads securing the soap dispenser on the mirror or wall are strong enough?
    • Either stainless steel or plastic will be more efficient for your interior design?

    Public Place Use Big Capacity ABS Automatic Soap Foaming Dispenser

    How many people will use the hand soap dispenser?

    While choosing a commercial automatic soap dispenser think about the foot traffic that will come in the commercial setup. It will help you determine the type of soap dispenser to choose from and also the frequency of cleaning visits and maintenance requirements.

    Manual, Elbow Operated or Automatic Plastic Soap Dispenser

    Soap dispensers come in multiple designs. Manual soap dispensers are the one that needs a touch to dispense soap. Automatic soap dispensers on the other hand do not need any manual effort. Sometimes the handwashing process is not thorough so it is wise to select an automatic soap dispenser.

    Automatic soap dispensers ensure enhanced hygiene.

    Types of Automatic Plastic Soap Dispenser

    There are two types of automatic soap dispensers available in the market.

    • Wall mount soap dispenser
    • Counter mount soap dispenser

    Wall Mounted Soap Dispensers:

    These soap dispensers are best for high traffic restrooms. They can be filled with liquid, foam, and bulk of both. Wall-mounted soaps are motion detected with perfect control portions.

    Counter Mounted Soaps:

    Counter mounted soaps are usually used for kitchens but can be used for restroom countertops also. It is also motion operated and battery operated with some high-end options.

    Here are some tips to consider while purchasing an automatic soap dispenser.

    High-Quality material for Automatic Plastic Soap Dispenser

    Whenever we search and plan to buy a product the first thing we want to make sure is good quality and nothing is different in the case of the plastic automatic soap dispenser. It should not get corroded easily. Select the brand that has high-quality BPA-free and solid plastic. Also, check if the product has any foul odor or spillage. Choose a sturdy liquid soap dispenser and be at ease forever.


    It is wise to select a portable dispenser as it helps when you plan to move or renovate an existing place. The portability factor is important especially when you want an automatic soap dispenser for commercial use.


    You cannot ignore the cost factor anyway. Make your purchase considering the factors like holding capacity, maintenance issues, quality of component parts, and design. Determine if the product is worth the cost.


    Another important step while choosing a commercial automatic plastic soap dispenser is, to think about how many people will the dispenser serve? Get a dispenser that requires the least refill in a day. The dispensers come in various capacities, and it is wise to select a dispenser with sufficient capacity to make it cost-effective.

    Know Your Soap:

    All the soap dispenser cannot handle all soaps. Some work with expensive special brand soaps, some work with foam soaps, and some even work with sanitizers and shampoos. While buying the automatic soap dispenser just consider the kind of soap you will be using. We recommend you to use thin liquid soap.


    The automatic soap dispensers come in various designs, and you should select the design according to the traffic that would be using the dispenser. Choose the product that is easy to install and refill. It is also important to choose the option between adhesive tape and screws.

    Battery life:

    Inquire about the battery time of the brand you are choosing for commercial use. Preferably, it should have an adjustable volume that can adjust the amount of soap used to be dispensed per hand wash.


    Choose the dispenser according to the interior of your bathroom. If the interior has less space, choose the design that is appropriate accordingly.

    Transparent container:

    Plastic soap containers are available in the market in various designs. For commercial use, it is wise to choose a transparent container. The refill would be timely, and visitors will not face any inconvenience.

    Low-battery Indicator:

    There are plastic soap dispensers available in the market that have a low battery indicator. It is wise to select such designs to avoid any visitor disappointment moment.

    Water Proof:

    The battery compartment should be waterproof to avoid any sort of inconvenience and damage.

    Quick-to-respond sensor:

    Choose the dispenser that has an efficient sensor and responds quickly to avoid multiple pumps. The sensor should also have a good sensor range.


    Select the product that is durable and needs less maintenance. It should have a robust build quality and constant mechanism to cope up with constant use.

    Hands-free operation:

    It is best to go for a hand-free option. The minimal human effort will increase the life of the product and fewer chances of error. A touch-less automatic dispenser means lesser risks of cross-contamination.

    Anti-spill mat:

    If you are thinking to place the plastic automatic soap dispenser on the surface, choose the design with an anti-spill mat to avoid a mess.


    If you have selected a dispenser that works on electricity, inquire about the power it uses to operate. Also, it is best to opt for one that has built-in protection against voltage fluctuations.

    Easy maintenance:

    While choosing the automatic plastic soap dispenser, opt for the one that is easy to maintain. It should not require too much cleaning. The wipeout should be enough for commercial dispensers. Before buying, do inquire about the maintenance needed.

    An automatic soap dispenser is a long-term purchase so it is essential to take care of these things before buying the product to make an informed choice.

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    Automatic Plastic Soap Dispenser: Wrap up

    We hope that you are now aware enough and ready to get your desired automatic soap dispenser. So far we have cited the following factors to consider before making a purchase. Let’s do a recap of these factors:

    • High-quality material
    • Capacity
    • Cost
    • Portability
    • Design
    • Transparent container
    • Low battery indicator
    • Waterproof
    • Quick-to-respond sensor
    • Hands-free operation
    • Battery life
    • Space saver
    • Protection
    • Durability
    • Anti-spill mat
    • Easy maintenance

    If you will follow this guideline you will likely get the best available option that will fit your ambiance. For More Information, Visit our Website. 

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