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    An Insight on how an Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser Work?

    How Does an Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser Work?

    Technology has catered the world and everything has become automatic. The advancement in technology has minimized human effort and involvement. The modern mechanism has also radicalized the traditional soaps into the automatic liquid soap dispenser. This upgraded technology has taken the hygiene game to next level.

    The benefits of using these automatic soap dispensers are limitless, thus it convinces the buyers to make the purchase. The pandemic has leveled up the hygiene game and handwashing SOP is followed religiously throughout the world. The healthcare specialists are emphasizing on minimal touch and frequent hand washes. This situation has increased the need of buying automatic soap dispensers. These automatic soap dispensers prevent cross-contamination between users resulting in minimal chances of carrying any virus or germs.

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    The automatic liquid soap dispensers are available in the market in different designs, materials, capacities, and styles. Thus, these dispensers are efficient and attractive. Aside from looking good, and giving a luxury look to your faucet, they fulfill all your hygienic needs.

    The buyers also choose the technology of automatic liquid soap dispenser according to their need and feasibility. It is significant to know the purpose of this modern mechanism before moving toward insight into how automatic liquid soap dispensers work.

    Public Place Use Big Capacity ABS Automatic Soap Foaming Dispenser

    The Purpose of modern mechanism installed in Automatic Liquid Soap Dispensers:

    The soap dispensers are placed to ensure the clean hand’s concept. The disinfecting fluids can make these dispensers even more effective. To select the product after researching the mechanism thoroughly will enable you to buy the most appropriate product.

    The soap dispensers are modernized to make them more effective.

    Following are the reasons behind the modern mechanism installed in the automatic soap dispensers.

    • The hygienic role of the dispenser can only be accomplished if the product is accompanied by a modern no-touch mechanism.
    • You can increase the efficiency of these automatic soap dispensers by filling them with anti-bacterial liquid soaps.
    • They are easy to use and only need a wipe-out.
    • The batteries of automatic liquid soap dispensers are long-lasting and rechargeable.
    • They are eco-friendly and budget-friendly.
    • They are best for a home with children. Along with fulfilling the hygienic aspect they also prevent the traditional soap mess and wastage of soap.

    Types of Automatic Soap Dispensers:

    Before getting into the mechanisms that work behind let us have a look at the 3 different types of automatic soap dispensers based on sensor types.

    • Radar-Based sensors
    • Photosensor
    • Passive Infrared sensors

    These soap dispensers can be either wall-mounted or counter mounted. Moreover, they can be simple glass soap dispensers, battery dispensers, or shower dispensers. Now let us get into an insight into how automatic liquid soap dispensers work.

    3 basic technologies make automatic liquid soap dispensers work. Let us have a look at the mechanics behind the scene and how different automatic liquid soap dispensers work.


    The implication of modern automatic accessorize has also increased dramatically. The automatic soap dispenser can be placed in public locations and hospital settings.

    The mechanism behind the best Automatic Soap Dispenser:

    It is not hard to find the best automatic liquid soap dispenser that will match your faucet. These products fit best in the kitchen and bathrooms.

    1.      Infrared sensors:

    These sensors detect the infrared energy emitting out of the human body and fluctuates quickly after receiving it.

    The infrared sensors trigger the soap dispensing by bursting ultrasound or microwave energy and then wait for it to return. The best distance between the sensor and your hands should be around 3.35 inches.

    The automatic liquid soap dispenser only works when you place your hands under the pump. It needs light reflection and pulse detection to work.

    Passive Infrared Sensors:

    There is also passive infrared technology that only works when it detects the energy coming out of the human body. It is composed of two parts (1.) a source of focused light (2.) a sensor. The sensor light sense the fluctuation activated resulting in the dispense of a designated amount of soap from the pump.

    2.      Photo Sensors:

    Photo Sensor is the most popular technology in the automatic liquid soap dispenser world. This mechanism engages the source of focused light and a light sensor. When you place the hands under the beam of light, the pump activates automatically. Moreover, there is no such difference between the infrared sensor and the photo sensors. In some cases, they both work together as a source of light.

    3.      Air-Induction Technology:

    Air-Induction technology generates a vacuum that pervades micro-bubbles into the soap through high intensity. In addition, it allows the user to control the exact air-soap ratio. It creates a balanced foam texture. The technology is used in pumping contrivance and is also powered by a source or through a handle. Moreover, some automatic liquid soap dispensers come with LCD displays that show the remaining soap volume, along with the current soap volume.

    These were the technologies that work behind automatic liquid soap dispensers. The buyer chooses the desired mechanism as per their feasibility and preferences. It is wise to do market research before finalizing the product and this article (interlink with the previous article) will help you in selecting the Automatic liquid soap dispenser.

    Advantages of having an automatic soap dispenser:


    The first and foremost benefit is that they are touch-free. So, the germs are everywhere and you can become the cause of spreading it even more if you have not washed your hands thoroughly and can also carry these germs if you have touched the pump that already contained germs.

    Using automatic soap dispensers can limit cross-contamination. You omit the bacterial transitions when you stop touching the pump.

    Preset Increments:

    The automatic soap dispensers limit the wastage of soap. It will only dispense a set amount of soap per motion activation.


    These soap dispensers are versatile and can be used as sanitizer dispensers also. Moreover, you can also use them for other liquids like detergents, antiseptics, and lotions.

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    Wrap up:

    Automatic soap dispensers are more effective as compare to manual soap dispensers. Also, they ensure enhanced hygiene and control wastage. They are also best for a home with kids and high traffic places. The advantages like being touchless, versatility, and preset increments make it a worth buying product.

    We hope now you know how the mechanism behind the automatic soap dispenser works. Doing a well-researched purchase will be effective and long-lasting. In addition, knowing about the technology that works behind these dispensers will also help you select the product according to your desire and feasibility.

    Now you have got the required information about the mechanism behind the automatic soap dispenser to make a cost-effective purchase.

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