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    Which is the best hand sanitizer dispenser for desk?


    Hospital school toilet wall mount alcohol spray gel dispenser hand sanitizer sensor touchless automatic liquid soap dispenser
    COVID 19 brought a lot of troubles. But there is also a positive point in this problem. We began to monitor hand hygiene more closely. Moreover, we treat them more often. Therefore, we started using hand sanitizer dispenser for desk.

    This is important ─ this is how we protect not only ourselves, but also those around us from infection, especially if you are a catering worker. Hand disinfection in enterprises is not just a personal initiative, but also a subject of careful control by supervisory authorities.

    Today it has significantly toughened and non-compliance with the requirements threatens with serious fines. In the article, we will analyze the rules of personal hygiene for hands at enterprises. And what products must for this.

    What WHO recommends for hand sanitizer dispenser?

    Correct hand handling during the coronavirus pandemic is receiving the utmost attention. And the World Health Organization is tightening its recommendations and constantly reminding us of the need to adhere to them. Here's how to properly handle hand sanitizer dispenser for desk.

    • wet our hands with water.
    • We use soap (1-2 ml is enough liquid).
    • We rub the soap on the inside and outside of the brushes, carefully process the skin between the fingers
    • rub the tips of our fingers, rubbing them on the other palm.
    • We wash off the composition.
    • We wipe our hands dry, preferably with a disposable towel and close the tap with it.

    If there is no soap and water, then the enterprises perform hand antiseptic treatment. Also, special hand sanitizer dispenser for desk is good to use if frequent hand cleaning is important.

    For example, in the food industry, in public catering, that is, where hands need washing more than 10 times a day. Otherwise, from the constant use of soap and water, the skin of the hands cracks, flakes, deteriorates.

    When you need to treat your hands with hand sanitizer?

    Hands are easy to treat for prevention, which is especially important when spreading covid. But there are clear criteria when this comes to an end. For example, the following requirements set for employees in the catering sector, stores selling groceries, including convenience foods and prepared food. Hands need processing:


    • Before starting work
    • After using the toilet
    • On contact with external containers, raw meat, eggs.
    • After contact with all kinds of waste, cleaning accessories, chemicals.

    Hand treatment with hand sanitizer dispenser for desk

    Due to the spread of COVID, the rules have become stricter. And now hands also need to cleanliness after contact with mobile phones, doorknobs, handshakes. And in general, if you feel that your hands are not clean enough, treat them with hand sanitizer dispenser for desk.

    According to the WHO recommendation, disinfectants with an alcohol content of 60-70% will effectively cope with covid-19.

    What antiseptics to use?

    We figure out which antiseptics are best to use in enterprises. Moreover, we will consider not only the composition ─ gel, spray, lotion ─ but also the specifics of containers for its use. By design, the most common:

    Pressure dispensers - pressing is done with a hand (this is a somewhat outdated type of device).

    Elbow dispensers - in them, the pressure carries out by the elbow, the hand does not come into contact with the lever, which makes it safer to use.

    Non-contact dispensers ─ such equipment comes with sensors that react to nearby hands by the flow of liquid from the container.

    Non-contact hand sanitizer dispenser for desk

    Now about what is poured inside. It can be liquid soap, gels, and sprays. To destroy the coronavirus, it is important that antiseptics with an ethyl alcohol content of 60% or more, preferably more, are good to use. The content of ethyl alcohol in this percentage can be in antiseptics of any form: gels, sprays, lotions. Moreover, the use of hand sanitizer dispenser for desk is also best. 

    Liquid soap is quite suitable for normal hand treatment, it includes emollients that do not dry the skin, and after using it, no irritation will appear on the hands.

    Where to buy hand sanitizer dispenser for desk?

    We offer hand sanitizer dispenser for desk. We work by bank transfer, after the transfer of funds, we will send the goods to any region without delay, and you can also use the self-pickup service.

    Wall Mounted Hand Sanitizer Gel Alcohol Foam Soap Liquid dispenser automatic machine

    Water and soap will help remove germs and bacteria from your hands. But a modern person does not always have the opportunity to use these simple but effective hygiene products. Then an antiseptic comes to the rescue.

    Moreover, it effectively performs antibacterial functions and easy to use anywhere. We pour into a convenient, often very compact container, such a disinfectant easy to use literally on the go. They treat their hands after visiting public places, on the street, before eating in a cafe, in any other places.

    What is an antiseptic and why we need it?

    Antiseptics are produced in the form of gels, lotions, and sprays, special antibacterial soaps are popular, and there are other forms of release for sale.

    Some hand sanitizer dispenser for desk contains an alcohol solution. Its share is from 60 to 80%, and auxiliary components that increase the comfort in using the products: soften the skin, make it smoother, and reduce stickiness. Water-based formulations are also come without the use of alcohol.

    In hypoallergenic antiseptics, the proportion of alcohol slightly reduces and the volume of saline solutions is increased, but in order for their use to be as effective as possible, it is not advisable to reduce the percentage of alcohol to values ​​less than 60%.

    The popularity of sanitizers is due to:

    Convenient use: they are available in convenient bottles that fit in a pocket or a handbag, and if you buy an antiseptic in bulk, then the popular volumes are 5l and 10l.

     Excellent antibacterial properties: they kill most bacteria, microbes and, which is especially important today, viruses.

     Economical: disinfectants are inexpensive.

    Smell good: Most sanitizers smell good, lingering aromas of flowers and fruits.

    Types of antiseptics

    Let's figure out how to choose an antiseptic. They come in several varieties; first of all, they distinguish between alcohol and non-alcohol solutions.


    In the production of the first, alcohol comes in the composition in an amount of 60 to 80%. The hand sanitizer dispenser for desk effectively kills gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, viruses, fungus, microbes. The negative aspects of alcohol antiseptics include severe over drying of the skin.

    To avoid this, the antiseptic contains additional components designed to soften the skin and make it smooth.