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    4 Tips to use Hand Sanitizer Floor Stand Dispenser in 2021


    Hand sanitizer, does it help to prevent the spread of diseases?

    Hospital school toilet wall mount alcohol spray gel dispenser hand sanitizer sensor touchless automatic liquid soap dispenser

    Who has not heard the word Coronavirus sometime in recent days is that he has been isolated from today. This disease and the possibility of contagion are the most popular topic at all times in any place.
    The widespread alarm over the effects of Coronavirus has increased the population's concern for hygiene to such an extent that sales of hand sanitizers hand sanitizer floor stand dispenser and masks have skyrocketed.

    What is a hand sanitizer?

    A disinfectant gel is an antiseptic product that allows you to disinfect your hands, unlike traditional soap, without the need to use water.

    Its most common composition is made up of ethyl alcohol, isopropyl alcohol or propyl alcohol with a concentration of 60% to 95%. There are also alcohol-free disinfectant soaps, made up of benzalkonium chloride, triclosan, hydrogen peroxide, or chlorhexidine.

    In what way hand sanitizer floor stand dispenser is effective? 
    Experts say that hand sanitizer floor stand dispenser gels are effective. If they contain more than 60% alcohol and are very useful for those who work in public or sanitary spaces such as a hospital or a primary care center.

    The main advantage of disinfectant gel is that it is faster than traditional soap, since it eliminates microorganisms in a little more than 20 seconds, while a good hand wash has to last about 40 seconds to eliminate all microorganisms.
    However, health authorities recommend this type of product as a complement to hand hygiene with soap and water.

    How does a hand sanitizer floor stand dispenser gel work?

    Basically what they do is denature the proteins of the cell membranes of bacteria like those of viruses.
    The way to apply it correctly is to rub the palms of the hands with the disinfectant soap against the back from right to left and vice versa. We need to take it always into account the tips of the fingers and the gap between them.

    The recommended thing is one wash with soap and water for every four applications of hand sanitizers.
    Wash your hands regularly with soap and water and avoid touching your eyes, nose, or mouth with your hands if they are not clean.

    And above all stay calm and continue to have good daily hygiene.

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    Do you know how sanitizing gel and hand washing affect your skin?


    Do you know how sanitizing gel and hand washing affect your skin? Proper skin hygiene, especially hand cleaning, constitutes one of the basic pillars for the prevention and control of infections. As early as the 12th century, the first medical writings appear recommending hand washing after caring for sick people.

    Currently the World Health Organization (WHO) and the rest of the organizations involved in the control and prevention of diseases recommend hand hygiene as the first preventive measure to avoid the spread of the COVID-19 disease.

    You Need Extra care with Sanitizer Products

    Germs regularly coexist on the surface of our hands (which we call resident flora), with other microorganisms. They accidentally contaminate our skin (transient flora), more difficult to eliminate routinely and that require more intense hand washing than reduce cross infections.

    With the appearance of SARS-cov2, the need arises for more hand sanitizer floor stand dispenser. This and the application of hydroalcoholic solutions can increase the risk of suffering skin lesions, mainly of two types:

    Irritative dermatitis

    It presents dryness and inflammation, causing itching and pain (sometimes) due to the appearance of cracks or small wounds.

    Allergic contact dermatitis

    It is less frequent condition, the appearance of which may be caused by an allergy to any of the products used.


    How to carry out a correct hand sanitizing with hand sanitizer floor stand dispenser?

    As far as possible, the use of soap and water is preferable to hydroalcoholic gel. In addition, for a correct disinfection we must follow some guidelines:

    Water is not enough, we must use hand sanitizer floor stand dispenser. This has the following explanation: The cell membrane that forms the outer layer of many organisms, including viruses (also SARS-CoV2) is made up of a double layer of lipids.

    This makes them relatively impervious to water and to break that barrier it is necessary to use soap, since it dissolves the grease of the membrane and deactivates the germs.

    If a hydroalcoholic solution is used, it must contain at least 60% ethanol to guarantee the inactivation of germs.

    Wall Mounted Hand Sanitizer Gel Alcohol Foam Soap Liquid dispenser automatic machine

    Now more than ever it is important to protect the skin against possible pathologies

    Our skin has a multitude of functions. Similarly, it is the first protection of the organism, preventing the passage of germs to our interior. It acts as a barrier against trauma, radiation, toxins ... It maintains the balance of fluids, preventing losses of water from our interior and is responsible for regulating body temperature.

    To maintain its working we need a good hand sanitizer floor stand dispenser. It is to avoid gems. 

    It also contains sensory receptors for touch, pressure, pain, and temperature. Moreover, it works as an immunological defense, regulating the pH to prevent the growth of microorganisms at a superficial level and participates in the formation of vitamin D.

    We get Germs from Environment Most Often

    In addition, through our skin we interact with the environment, externalizing our emotions: we blush, we turn pale, we bristles hair ...

    Therefore, now more than ever it is important to take care of and protect the skin of our hands since the alteration of its balance and its functions can cause different problems and pathologies.

    Hand sanitizer floor stand dispenser Recommendations to maintain healthy hands

    Here are some recommendations to keep the skin in good condition:

    • During washing, hot water should be avoided, especially when your hands are cold, because it can cause more irritation to the skin. Ideally, use cold or warm water
    • Any soap can be used, preferably with a neutral pH. To eliminate germs it is not necessary that it be a bactericidal product
    • When drying, we should preferably do it with disposable paper and without rubbing excessively.
    • We must dry well, paying attention to the entire surface and especially to the interdigital areas. This way we achieve that there is less probability of spreading germs.

    Final Words

    It is the best practice to buy hand sanitizer floor stand dispenser. No one can ensure 24 hour protection other than stand dispenser sanitizer.