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    7 Safety Rules to use Wall Mounted Sanitizer Dispenser in 2021



        Now, right now, what's the first thing that all of you start right now with COVID-19? Yeah, well, except for the door... It's a wall-mounted disinfectant dispenser!Every time we go into any place, because along with the choreographers of our current situation, we have to camouflage a drop of this fluid for us in the battle against the coronavirus.

    However, it is time to... The shoe store has a connector with a pet tube, it will automatically position the job, and then, when you decide to work, half the future may not die on your hand, so that you have to shake it, how nervous. (Does it discharge?)

    How many companies offer wall-mounted disinfectant dispensers?

    Meanwhile, the one at the nearby supermarket can turn on immediately, but wow, it provides tons of disinfectant! Puddles on the ground! It's very rubbish.

    There are no poor people in the bar. The need to run out of aperitifs and all these people's phones every night, to disinfect everything before closing and filling the wall-mounted disinfectant dispensers, is a kind of daily amnesia. So if you don't wash your hands in the morning... Well, the child might wish the dispenser was bigger.

    There's something like this at your sister's yoga center, a miracle...... Right! Everyone touches it, places it and moves it everywhere. Pre-release stress.

    Is not a serious problem that needs to be seriously addressed,

    And I don't just mean the problem at hand! It's sanitary!

    Thought they tricked many effects, those who thought it fell to the ground, because it also split into the puddle below: guaranteed "ice skating".

    Some stores put paper on the floor, so if you don't slip on the liquid, you will slip on what is to you a "roller skate".

    Elsewhere, under the dispenser is a dish with that nice mound of dirt high enough to wash the hands of friends on two soccer teams (I want to watch a game together!). .

    I don't want to point, on the contrary... Yes!

    The problem is not that the people who use the wall-mounted disinfectant dispensers do not see the facilities to buy them: the problem is the utensils.

    They don't get social studies, they are the basis of these health emergencies, but they are not their most important.

    Here are some excellent ones:

    Waste adds to the cost.

    Garbage of garbage, camouflage activity entrance is ugly.

    Father-shot can be generated, making the activity entrance a hazard to frequent users. I bought it in the market...

    1. Passion and water still work

    It's not that soap and water don't have the word "disinfectant," so they're not as effective as hand washing gels. On the contrary: When possible, thorough, thorough, and prolonged hand washing with soap and water is still the best way to remove bacteria and bacteria and reduce the risk of contracting coronavirus.

    2. Pay attention to the percentage of alcohol in the wall-mounted dispensers

    A wall-mounted disinfectant gel, to be truly regarded as such, must have an alcohol concentration between 60% and 95%. Only under these circumstances, and only when stated on the label, can hand gel remove bacteria, bacteria and viruses from the skin of the hands.

    In fact, alcohol vaporizes on contact with air, killing pathogens and removing them from the skin.

    3, the difference between disinfection gel and medical auxiliary supplies

    There are disinfectant gels, but these are surgical instruments. They are usually more than 85% alcohol and contain other disinfectants (fungicides and fungicides) that have preservative properties.

    They are more expensive, are mostly purchased in pharmacies and are usually reserved for medical purposes, but are not absolutely necessary. A good disinfecting gel with the right amount of alcohol is sufficient.

    4. What kind of wine?

    The standard term should be denatured ethanol, but sometimes the terms denatured alcohol, isopropanol, ethanol, 1-propanol, etc. If the percentage is higher than 65%, there is no change and validity can still be guaranteed.

    5. Do not use hand sanitizer with wet hands

    Wall-mounted disinfectant dispenser gel does not work on wet hands. So either wash your hands with soap and water, dry them, or use sanitizer with dry hands.


    Disinfecting gel can't even be used to clean dirty hands (even in this case, nothing is better than soap and water), and most importantly, it's less effective if your hands get wet after using it.

    Beware of "simple" makeup

    Products that contain less than 60 percent alcohol or other ingredients that are declared "sterilized," even if they are from natural sources, are not truly sterilized. These are cosmetic preparations. It cleans but does not disinfect the skin, that is, it does not kill and eliminate bacteria, bacteria and viruses, including coronavirus.

    7. Wall-mounted sanitizer dispensers are for hand use only

    Disinfecting gels are designed to clean hands. Therefore, it cannot be used on other parts of the body (face, private parts) or surfaces such as desks, computer keyboards and door handles.

    Raw material:

    100ml ethanol (medical alcohol 96%) or isopropyl alcohol (99%)

    5 ml hydrogen peroxide (3%)

    2-3 ml glycerin (98%)

    15 ml cold boiled water

    2-3 drops of essential oil or lemon juice


    In a prepared bowl, combine all ingredients except essential oils or lemon juice.

    Pour the uniform liquid into a spray bottle. Allow it to be injected for 2-3 days to remove microbial spores, which can be placed in a reusable bottle or alcohol.

    Still add 2-3 drops of lemon juice or any essential oil to enhance the aroma. If you're allergic, don't.

    The Wall Disinfectant Dispenser is a liquid cleaner that can be easily sprinkled on car Windows. It can also be used with moistened cotton pads. You will get a disinfectant to clean damaged doors, gadgets, keys, and other things. Wet wipes.

    It contains hydrogen peroxide. It does not infect the virus, but it does destroy contaminated genitalia.