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    7 Things you can disinfect with Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Bottles


    How to keep your home objects clean?

    Automatic soap sensor

    I separated each most common object in offices to give specific hand sanitizer dispenser bottles tips. If you have any suggestions or feel that something was missing, don't forget to leave your comment!


    • When to clean: 1 to 2x per week
    • Keep in hand: cloth, multipurpose cleaner / cleaning alcohol / water

    First of all, it is important to keep your table organized. Daily, before starting work, give a general overview of everything. Throw the trash in the trash, keep those contracts in the drawer, finally, and organize.

    How to clean table surface with hand sanitizer?

    Once everything is in order, first wipe the table surface with a dry cloth to remove excess dust. This helps to prevent you from ending up spreading the dirt with a damp cloth.

    Then, depending on the surface, moisten the other side of the cloth with a multipurpose hand sanitizer dispenser bottles, cleaning alcohol or water. The first option is ideal for defrosting, but it can damage your furniture depending on the material or if used in the wrong way. When in doubt, use alcohol for cleaning or water.

    Run the cloth over the entire surface and corners. Do this once or twice a week, depending on the level of accumulated dust or dirt.

    Pay special attention to the location of the mouse and keyboard, as there is certainly more dirt accumulated due to sweat.

    Mouse and keyboard cleaning with hand sanitizer

    • When to clean: 1 to 2x per week
    • Keep in hand: cloth, multipurpose cleaner / alcohol for cleaning

    It is important to keep the mouse and keyboard always clean, because that is where the highest concentration of bacteria is in your office. If the items are shared with other people, then even worse.

    To clean the mouse, just moisten a cloth with a multipurpose hand sanitizer dispenser bottles for cleaning and wipe it both over and under the peripheral.

    The process is the same for the keyboard, with an additional point: before wiping the cloth, turn the keyboard upside down and shake to remove excess dust (or food scraps, right ?!). If necessary, blow it as well.

    Monitor sanitization

    • When to clean: 1x per week
    • Keep in hand: cloth, water

    First of all, let's agree on one thing: never - never - put your finger on the monitor! If you need to point something, there is no need to touch your finger. This makes the screen greasy, leaving it more and more dirty and may even scratch it.


    To clean the monitor, first wipe the screen and the edges, corners and other points that accumulate dust with a light dry cloth.

    Then, moisten the clean part of the cloth a little (but very little) and wipe the monitor screen. Make sure the cloth is clean; otherwise you may end up scratching everything.


    After cleaning the screen, wipe the rest of the monitor with the cloth. And don't forget our arrangement!

    Phone / smartphone cleaning

    • When to clean: 1 to 2x per week
    • Keep in hand: cloth, multipurpose cleaner / alcohol for cleaning

    Another bacterial accumulator item. Especially if you take your smartphone to the bathroom.

    It is ideal that you use a cloth moistened with a hand sanitizer dispenser bottles, given that phones and smartphones tend to get greasy. Then, just moisten the cloth with the product and wipe the gadgets. There is no secret.

    Cables and wires sanitization

    • When to clean: 1x per month
    • Keep in hand: cloth, water

    Almost always forgotten at the time of cleaning, the office cables and wires are a nightmare when it comes to maintenance or moving something. When you see them, they are covered with dust. Then the sneezing starts, apart from the dirt on your hands.

    Then, at least once a month, wipe the cables and wires that are exposed to dust with a dry cloth.

    Usually the dry cloth is enough to keep the cables clean, but if there is dust accumulation, slightly moisten the clean part of the cloth and wipe again. Make sure everything is turned off to avoid shocks.

    Chair cleaning with hand sanitizer dispenser bottles

    • When to clean: 1 to 2x per month
    • Keep in hand: cloth, brush / vacuum cleaner, multipurpose cleaner / cleaning alcohol / baking soda

    Is there anything worse than sitting in a dirty chair? Okay, there are, but it doesn't matter now.

    First wipe with a dry cloth to remove excess dust. Then, moisten the other side of the cloth with a multipurpose cleaner or rubbing alcohol and wipe across the chair, paying special attention to the seat and arms.

    If your chair is made of fabric, wipe the damp cloth only on the non-woven parts, of course. On the fabric part, sprinkle baking soda and leave it on for at least overnight. Then, pass a brush or vacuum to remove the product.

    If you sweat a lot, you might want to clean the chair arms at least once a week with hand sanitizer dispenser bottles.

    Floor cleaning with hand sanitizer dispenser bottles

    • When to clean: 1 to 3x per week
    • Keep in hand: vacuum cleaner / broom and dustpan, floor cloth, floor cleaner

    Here I have different tips. I will speak first to which I follow.

    As I have a pet at home (there are some cleaning tips on the link), it is common to find some hairs scattered on the floor. To avoid accumulation, I have a robot vacuum cleaner. I recommend Roomba, from iRobot - he spends 3x a week in the entire apartment, in addition to the office. I have already used a national option, but I was not satisfied.

    After the robot has done the last cleaning of the week, I wipe the floor with a damp cloth two or three times (basically until the cloth comes out clean). I use a scented disinfectant.

    Another tip is to vacuum (or sweep) once a week and, immediately afterwards, wipe the cloth. Now, if your floor is made with fabric, the tip is to just vacuum and sprinkle baking soda in case of a bad smell, letting the product act overnight, and then vacuuming it again.

    Set up a cleaning schedule

    The first step is to structure a cleaning schedule, since, as there is no need to clean the same place several times, you must separate which environments will be visited daily and weekly. Some places and acts that can be included in the daily cleaning routine are:

    • clean the bathrooms;
    • kitchen;
    • entrance halls;
    • tables and devices for daily use;
    • take out the trash.Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser Touchless Sensor Wall Mount Sanitizer

    As for the locations related to the weekly routine, the following can be included:

    • runners;
    • stairs and elevators ;
    • garage or parking;
    • glass, doors and gates;
    • party or storage rooms.


    You must organize the hand sanitizer dispenser bottles according to the need of the establishment. After doing so, print copies and give them to contractors. This way, there will be no excessive cleaning in the ideal places for weekly visits or missing for daily.