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    How to clean smartphone with hand sanitizer dispenser and refills?


    Tips for cleaning your notebook to protect yourself from coronavirus

    hand sanitizer dispenser and refills

    The coronavirus pandemic worldwide is causing us to have to rethink our hygiene habits. Washing your hands with hand sanitizer dispenser and refills and water several times a day is one of the ways to minimize the spread of the virus and reduce the chances of contamination.

    Why to bring hand sanitizer dispenser and refills?

    Soap and water and alcohol gel are recommended for hand cleaning, but you should not apply these products to your electronics. For this reason, many people have doubts about the most suitable materials and the correct procedures for cleaning electronics. Here are some tips for you to reinforce the hygiene care of your products.

    1. Turn off the electronics before cleaning

    First of all, it is necessary to remember that it is essential to turn off the hand sanitizer dispenser and refills before doing any kind of cleaning on them. In the case of smartphones, the recommendation is that you also remove the case so you can do a more thorough cleaning. For notebooks and PCs, disconnect cables and accessories.

    2. Use 70% isopropyl alcohol

    At electronics stores you can easily find 70% isopropyl alcohol. It is indicated as the ideal product for cleaning  smartphones  and computers. However, under no circumstances should you immerse the product in this substance. The ideal is to moisten an appropriate cloth and carefully wipe all the equipment.

    1. Use soft cloths

    You should not use any type of fabric to clean your smartphone. Opt for soft, lint-free cloths. The recommendation is not to use towels, abrasive tissues, paper towels or similar items to prevent them from scratching the devices. Microfiber cloths, similar to those used to clean camera lenses or glasses, are ideal.

    4. Clean the phone case very well with hand sanitizer dispenser and refills

    Although many people worry about cleaning the screen of the smartphone, it is not the biggest problem, but the case of the device. The recommendation is to take hand sanitizer dispenser and refills clean it separately. Plastic or silicone models can be washed with soap and water. However, let the product dry well before putting it back in the cell phone.


    5. Do not spray the device with liquids

    Even if your smartphone has some kind of protection that makes it waterproof or water resistant, never spray other types of liquid directly on it. Even alcohol can damage some more sensitive components, such as the USB port, headphone connectors and speakers.

    6. How many times a day should I clean the appliance?

    Under normal conditions, cleaning your smartphone with hand sanitizer dispenser and refills once a day would be sufficient. However, we live in a moment in which it is important to redouble care. Therefore, it costs nothing to do this cleaning procedure at least twice a day, especially if you leave the house and touch other surfaces, such as handrails or bus supports.

    Tips to sanitize your cell phone and prevent the spread of coronavirus

    Studies show that smartphones accumulate fungi, bacteria and viruses. And concern about how to clean cell phones has grown with the coronavirus pandemic.

    The best way to prevent the new coronavirus is to use soap and water, or to clean your hands with alcohol. Despite this, it is not recommended to pass these products directly on cell phones, as they are electronic objects.

    Some hand sanitizer dispenser and refills precautions

    The problem is that the devices' touch screens are not simply glass: they have some protective technologies, such as an oleo phobic film. It allows the device to be kept free of the oil that our hands normally generate.


    This also includes tablets and computers with touch screens. Hand sanitizer dispenser and refills goes through chemical processes to guarantee resistance and functioning of the touchscreen.

    Because of this, the use of some chemicals, such as chlorine, bleach or high-concentration liquid alcohol, can damage the smartphone screen. There are specific tissues, which can be used to clean cell phones, but they do not have characteristics capable of destroying viruses and other microorganisms.

    Recently, Apple and Samsung released new recommendations on what to use and what not to use when cleaning smartphones. See the recommendations of the companies.

    What NOT to do?

    Do not place or spray the device with liquids: even alcohol, which evaporates quickly, can damage sensitive parts of the device, such as power, headphone or speakers.

    Do not clean the device while it is connected to power:  this is another recommendation from Apple. Hand sanitizer dispenser and refills moisture and electricity do not mix and it is good to avoid risks.

    Special: Tips on how to sanitize electronic devices

    In times of pandemic of the new coronavirus, have you ever stopped to know if you are doing the correct cleaning of the electronic devices in your home? In addition to precautions with prevention and hygiene, cleaning performed with the proper techniques avoids any damage to the devices.

    With that in mind, we have prepared some tips to make your day-to-day easier. Check out!

    1. Mobile phones and tablets

    To sanitize telephone sets and tablets, water, soap and common alcohol are not indicated. You need to clean your phone with isopropyl alcohol, found in electronics stores.

    During the hygiene process, films and covers that contain the device must be removed, which must be turned off. You can use a clean cloth moistened with the product to clean the outside of the equipment. It is not necessary to open.


    To clean and disinfect a mouse, you will need a toothpick, a piece of paper towel, 70% isopropyl alcohol and flexible rods. It is important to remember that the procedure must be performed with the peripherals turned off, so, disconnect the mouse from your PC and remove the batteries, if necessary.

    For those who are cleaning the notebook's touchpad, it is recommended that it is turned off and the load is unplugged.

    Remote controls

    In normal situations, a washcloth moistened with water and mild soap is enough to keep the remote control clean. Of course, remembering that, like other electronic devices, the controls are formed by various circuits and parts.

    Therefore, this cloth should only be slightly moistened with hand sanitizer dispenser and refills, and not soaked, as excess water can "get" in the control and cause damage to its operation.

    Advantages of a clean workplace with hand sanitizer dispenser and refills?

    The benefits of a clean and organized environment involve safety, good coexistence and quality of life at work. Thus, establishing maintenance standards assists in all of these factors.

    But, first, will we better understand the gains of a company that values ​​the conservation of collective space? Check out!

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    1. Well-being and comfort

    Arriving to work and finding the place all messed up is discouraging. In fact, having to turn over piles of paper to find a document or open countless folders until you find the one you need, takes time that could be much better spent.

    Anyway, starting the day this way is not cool. In addition, when comparing the arrival in an organized environment, it is known that the feeling is different. Comfort is greater and the hours are better used, also impacting the team's productivity. You can do this all with hand sanitizer dispenser and refills.

    1. Good impression

    Your customers can show up at your company looking for a service or to attend a meeting. What if, at that moment, they find an environment that is all dirty and messy?