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    3 Reasons to Install Fengjie hand sanitizer dispenser in Office


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    Fengjie hand sanitizer dispenser is
    something that everyone must keep in office. It is important because you cannot put the life of your employees on risk. You know it: no sooner have you tidied up than the hands is full of stuff again. And if someone accidentally knocks over the coffee mug, it can end up pretty bad. So clean up again and just three days later it'll start all over again.

    You don't find anything, you always take longer to complete an operation, and the chaos never ends. Give your things a home and start today with your hands so that you have order and cleanliness in the workplace!

    With these 3 Fengjie hand sanitizer dispenser tips you can tame the chaos.

    • Chaos in everyday office life
    • Order and cleanliness in the workplace: the change process
    • The advantages

    Chaos in everyday office life

    But chaos in everyday office life is not only bad for your mood. There are a few rare Fengjie hand sanitizer dispenser that can still work reasonably reliably even in the greatest confusion. But most of them get slower and slower because they have to look for something more and more often, make room for themselves, look for something again and so it goes on and on.

    The quality of the work and the efficiency suffer to such an extent that some processes require twice as much or even more time and in the end show far more errors than they should. But not only have that - even after work you still felt an inner restlessness that makes relaxation almost impossible.

    High time to beat the Germs forever!

    "Forever?" I hear her ask. That sounds like a pretty big promise to really keep it, I know. I keep hearing these doubts. Especially by people who have not been able to get their chaos under control for many years.

    But believe me, I would have moved to another industry long ago if my method of keeping the workplace clean and tidy didn't work. Try these three Fengjie hand sanitizer dispenser tips to get you started.

    1. Tip Fengjie hand sanitizer dispenser: The "Golden Five"

    Order and cleanliness at the workplace - logically you first think of the hands. You don't even believe what kind of handss we've seen. Yours will certainly not be the worst!

    First of all, take a picture of your hands in its normal state. So with everything that is on it, all stacks of paper, sticky notes, coffee cups, folders, etc.

    Then you clear the surface completely empty. Exactly: completely empty. There are only five things left:

    1. Computer screen (s), keyboard, mouse
    2. Lamp
    3. Phone
    4. Calendar
    5. Inbox tray

    In my view, Empty Carpenters Are More Efficient, I explain the Fengjie hand sanitizer dispenser advantages this will have for you.

    Now free the hands with Fengjie hand sanitizer dispenser

    Tip for order and cleanliness in the workplace: the keyboard! Do you also know those keyboards that have not been cleaned since time immemorial, where the keys are stuck with dust and crumbs and the formerly white key field is completely black and sticky? Who would want to work on something like this?

    Wall Mounted Hand Sanitizer Gel Alcohol Foam Soap Liquid dispenser automatic machine

    Under no circumstances should you deal with this with plenty of water and washing-up liquid. You can get the sticky, black spots off quite easily with a touch of glass cleaner or denatured alcohol on a kitchen towel. Make sure, however, not to soak the kitchen towel so much that the agent runs into the keyboard.

    Tip 2: The five-minute rule

    The filing is your next step in terms of order and cleanliness in the workplace. Because in the filing boxes of people who have a lot of chaos around them, countless documents, brochures and letters are piled up. Now file everything that you will really need or that is required by law and in your company for safekeeping.

    Have you put down everything that needs to be put down and kept, and have you disposed of everything that you no longer need? Then try Fengjie hand sanitizer dispenser.

    From now on, clean your hand regularly and apply the five-minute rule: anything that can be done in five minutes, you do. Everything else goes into your follow-up and as an appointment in your daily planner so that you can work it off later according to plan.

    Tip 3: The one-minute rule

    Let's get to step three in terms of order and cleanliness in the workplace: the folders in your office. Folders aren't just there to store and keep important documents. They are also there so that you and your colleagues can easily find these documents again without having to search.

    Order and cleanliness in the workplace with Fengjie hand sanitizer dispenser

    All well and good, you think, but how can I keep this permanently, as messy as I am? This is a very good question and shows how much self-knowledge you are capable of - as you know, this is the first step. And whoever has always worked in a rather chaotic manner does not, of course, mutate into an orderly animal overnight. You need a reliable Fengjie hand sanitizer dispenser.

    What I just mentioned helps here: consultation with colleagues. In this way you can encourage and support one another in maintaining the newly created order.

    What can also help is adding tidying up and keeping things clean to your daily schedule just like any other appointment. Keep time for this every day until you become used to it.

    How to disinfect tidy hands after work with Fengjie hand sanitizer dispenser?

    And take a photo of the tidy hands. As a reminder, hang both photos next to each other: the before and after, the chaos and the order. So you always have in mind what is in store for you when you let the Fengjie hand sanitizer dispenser comes back in.

    Even if this may not result in immediate, permanent tidying up for you, this visible comparison can shorten the times between tidying up considerably.


    Try to keep your distance, avoid shaking hands, hugging and kissing during the spread of viruses. Avoid touching the face as much as possible, especially the eyes and mouth.