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    Is hand sanitizer wall dispenser effective against covid-19?


    What is hand sanitizer wall dispenser?


    hand sanitizer wall dispenser

    During the Corona (Covid-19) season in Wuhan (China), hand sanitizer wall dispenser has become more important and scarcer than ever. However, there are currently many antibacterial hand sanitizer products on the market with different qualities, making it difficult to choose the best for you.

    Why learn about hand sanitizer wall dispenser solutions?

    Some products are manufactured to be substandard, unsafe, and have the poor bactericidal ability. It is a considerable risk that makes you susceptible to disease because you have too much faith in substandard products. On social networks, there many recipes for making homemade hand sanitizer.

    These do not meet medical standards. It is hazardous if you do it yourself; it costs money and makes your body susceptible to disease. This article will help you equip yourself with standard medical knowledge to distinguish and choose a suitable and safe hand sanitizer wall dispenser.

    What is a quick hand sanitizing solution?

    Some people call it hand sanitizer, where the gel is called hand sanitizer gel, and the spray bottle is sanitizer spray. Quick hand sanitizer solution is also common as antibacterial and antibacterial hand sanitizer/gel. People use it to kill bacteria and viruses that cause disease. Contain alcohol, disinfectants.

    The hands carry microorganisms responsible for hospital and food infections. This demonstrates the importance of the hands as a vehicle for bacterial transmission. And even apparently clean, if not washed with the necessary care are major factors of serious contamination. This can lead a person to contract serious infections or even die.

    Did you know that a good hand sanitizing must take more than 20 seconds? It is to eliminate microorganisms from the transient bacterial flora of the hands?

    Natural alcohol - what is food alcohol?

    Alcohol is the main ingredient in alcohol-based hand sanitizers. Alcohol is derived from petroleum and plants. Food alcohols are produced by natural fermentation of fruits, grains, and vegetables. Contrary to your concerns, it is now very difficult to find petroleum-based alcohol (petrolatum).

    That's because the cost of producing alcohol from plants is already much cheaper and more efficient than making it from petroleum. Alcohols in safe hand sanitizer wall dispenser come in many forms:

    1. First, ethanol
    2. Second, n-propanol
    3. Moreover, methanol
    4. Also, Isopropanol
    5. Lastly, a combination of several

    Ethanol has the best bactericidal effect, and the least effective is propanol. However, try to avoid methanol.

    How hand sanitizer wall dispenser kills bacteria?

    hand sanitizer wall dispenser 2021

    It kills bacteria by breaking it down into proteins, then erasing the bacterial nucleus. The bactericidal effect is quick and quite thorough, with nearly 99.99%. Alcohol is a well-known disinfectant and has been used since 1888.Disinfectant solutions are most effective if they contain between 60% and 95% alcohol.

    Also, if it is lower, the alcohol will not be enough to break down the protective protein film of the bacteria. If it is higher than 95%, it is likely that the protein film in hand sanitizer wall dispenser will coagulate too quickly, leading to a stronger shield, preventing alcohol from entering the bacterial nucleus.

    Should I choose Water or Dry Hand Gel?

    Depending on the needs and purposes of use, you should choose the right type of antibacterial alcohol product. To kill bacteria on your hands, it is best to use a gel form. The reason is that the gel will help disperse the alcohol on the hands better, make it easier to rub the hands, kill bacteria (interstitial)

    Common gelling ingredients are Polymer, Cross polymer, Xanthan Gum.
    Each type will give a different sticky, viscous or dry feeling. They are not as effective as gels because the alcohol evaporates and dries too quickly, not enough time to kill bacteria between the fingers.

    Recommendations for hand sanitizer wall dispenser

    It is recommended to use a mist spray for hand sanitizer wall dispenser when cleaning product surfaces and items. However, for cleaning and sterilizing product surfaces such as phones, tables, doorknobs, computer keyboards, spoons, chopsticks, etc. The best option is a mist spray.

    Moreover, this form when implemented will be very helpful for you to not to touch objects, avoiding cross-contamination. At the same time, alcohol also evaporates faster, avoiding damage to electronics.

    Impact of hand sanitizer wall dispenser on skin

    Because sanitizers contain a lot of alcohol, these products often cause dry, flaky skin. In rare cases, there may even be skin peeling, itching, and redness. Additionally, to reduce and avoid dry skin and dermatitis caused by continuous use of alcohol-based hand sanitizer, you should choose natural products.

    Are hand sanitizer wall dispensers clean?

    Dry hand sanitizer only works to kill viruses and bacterianot wash away dirt. It cannot destroy all types. There are still some viruses and bacteria that alcohol becomes ineffective, such as Protozoan oocysts, some non-enveloped viruses and bacterial spores.

    If you use wall dispensers in your home and offices, you can reduce infection threat to maximum level.

    What about hand sanitizer vs hand washing with soap?

    One good thing about dry hand sanitizers is that they cause less itchy skin Washing hands with soap and water is likely to wash away more viruses/bacteria. However, washing your hands too much will wash away the skin barrier continuously, causing dryness and skin damage. Potentially increasing infection

    Hand sanitizer wall dispenser recommendation by WHO

    WHO (World Health Organization) recommends that we should wash our hands with soap and water as the best self-protection? Furthermore, in case, where soap and water are not available, hand sanitizer wall dispenser is the next reliable line of defense. It is the highly recommended and most reliable option to go for.

    Hand hygiene has the following purposes:

    • Removal of dirt, sweat, oil, hair, desquamative cells and skin microbiota. This also includes interrupting the transmission of contact-borne infections;
      • Prevention and reduction of infections caused by cross-transmissions.

    According to experts, the hands of professionals who work in health services is easy to sanitize. They can use hand sanitizer wall dispenser.  The most recommended is to always sanitize your hands with an alcoholic preparation when even when they are not visibly dirty.