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    How to use touchless hand sanitizer dispenser stand? Easy Guide


    In the context of the current Covid-19 epidemic, together with masks, gels, or alcohol, touchless hand sanitizer dispenser stand is gradually becoming an indispensable companion for many people.

    touchless hand sanitizer dispenser stand

    However, using it correctly to limit the risk of virus transmission from person to person or the environment is unknown to everyone.

    Washing hands with touchless hand sanitizer dispenser stand

    To use touchless hand sanitizer dispenser, stand effectively, you must pay attention to rub your hands with enough force to spread the solution evenly over your hands. This action must last from 20 to 30 seconds until hands are dry.

    If it is difficult to estimate, remember that a little more is better than not enough. Moreover, it is also important that you make sure that the alcohol solution or hand sanitizer meets the standards for anti-virus effectiveness and the alcohol content must be at least 60%.

    How to Sanitize your palms properly

    Just a drop in the palm of your hand is not enough to eliminate the risks. Hand washing with touchless hand sanitizer dispenser stand should not be done over the phone and should be done carefully by following these steps:

    1. Wet your palms under running water. Put soap in the palm of your hand and rub it in.
    2. Also, rub this palm on the back of the hand and between the other hand's fingers and vice versa
    3. Besides, rub your palms together, squeezing your fingers and between your fingers and nails
    4. Lastly, rub all, the outside of the fingers of one hand into the palm of the other.

    Hand hygiene with touchless hand sanitizer dispenser stand

    1. First, use one hand to rotate the thumb of the other hand and vice versa
    2. Second, pay attention to your nails because a lot of bacteria may be nesting there
    3. Besides, this is also the reason experts recommend trimming your nails regularly
    4. Furthermore, use only gel or touchless hand sanitizer dispenser stand
    5. Lastly, use only gel or hand sanitizer

    Why is gel not enough for hand hygiene?

    Remember that using a gel or alcohol-based hand sanitizer alone is not enough and should not be a complete replacement for washing hands with soap and water. Hygiene and epidemiologists recommend that these products should only be common when it is not convenient to wash hands

    Soap and clean water are not available all time. The reason is that touchless hand sanitizer dispenser stand’s gels or alcohols have antibacterial, antiviral, and fungicidal properties, unlike washing with soap and water, they do not clean hands.

    Use when hands are wet

    Gel or alcohol-based hand sanitizer works best when common on dry skin. True to its name, gel or alcohol-based hand sanitizer contains alcohol, so the effect will be less effective when common on wet hands. When hands are wet, these products can lead to an exothermic reaction and cause skin irritation.

    Storing too long after opening

    This may come as a surprise, but gels or hand sanitizers both have an expiration date and are clearly stated on the bottle label. Once opened, the touchless hand sanitizer dispenser stand is no longer sterile. It is easy to store for 1 to 3 months after first use and not above.

    Exposure to the sun after washing hands

    Dermatologists often warn, gel or alcohol-based hand sanitizer and sunshine can't be companions, especially when summer comes. Due to their high alcohol content, these products often dry out the skin and make the skin even more sensitive to the sun and even burns.

    In addition, products containing fragrances or essential oils can cause hyperpigmentation (the appearance of dark spots) after sun exposure. Therefore, it is best to wash your hands with soap and clean water when going to the beach.

    Bring your hands to your eyes or rub them after washing

    Touchless hand sanitizer dispenser stand is not good for the eyes. Once in contact with the eye, they can cause pain, redness, and even loss of vision. So be careful not to touch your eyes or rub your eyes after washing your hands with gel or alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

    Many European countries have recently warned of cases of eye damage in children cacommon by alcohol-based hand sanitizer. Many people are currently using hand sanitizer because of its convenience. Quick hand sanitizers should not be common often because they can't really replace soap and clean water.

    Composition of hand sanitizer

    touchless hand sanitizer dispenser stand 2021

    Quick hand sanitizer comes in spray or gel form, usually packaged in small bottles with a volume of about 30ml - 70ml, convenient to carry around. On the market today, touchless hand sanitizer dispenser stand for children and adults is also added with many scents like:

    1. First, apple
    2. Second, green tea
    3. Third, lavender
    4. Lastly, jasmine

    So, you can choose according to your preferences. When using, you just need to put enough to clean both hands and fingers, apply evenly within 30 seconds until completely dry, and do not need to rinse with water.

    When you can use a touchless hand sanitizer dispenser stand

    According to the instructions, hand sanitizer should be common in cases where dirty hands are not clearly visible such as:

    • Firstly, before and after eating
    • Secondly, when operating outdoors
    • Moreover, after holding the money
    • Also, after communication.
    • In addition, use touchless hand sanitizer dispenser stand when visit train or go to the hospital

    Experts' thoughts on touchless hand sanitizer dispenser stand

    As we can see, the convenience of medical hand sanitizer makes it easy to disinfect your hands while working outdoors. Experts note that users should not overuse quick hand sanitizers, use dry hand sanitizer as a daily habit even when at home.

    Instructions on how to properly wash your hands with soap

    Assorted hand sanitizer dries the baby and adults are important only common as a temporary alternative when no conditions using water and soap. Dry hand sanitizer has an extremely fast antiseptic effect thanks to alcohol, but it does not completely kill all bacteria.

    Hand sanitizer removes all the oils from your hands; overuse can lower the skin's defenses and contribute to antibiotic resistance. Touchless hand sanitizer dispenser stand is very effective. Baby hand sanitizer has many eye-catching scents and colors, easy to hold, and are very dangerous.