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    How to maintain hygiene with wall mount hand sanitizer dispenser?


    Different types of wall mount hand sanitizer dispenser

    There are two types of wall mount hand sanitizer dispenser. On the one hand in hygienic hand disinfection and on the other hand in surgical hand disinfection.
    With hygienic hand disinfection, the foreign germs, i.e., the transient skin flora, are eliminated

    wall mount hand sanitizer dispenser


    and the skin's own germs are only reduced.
    The aim of surgical hand disinfection is to be largely free of pathogens from the transient and, above all, from the resident skin flora. Surgical hand disinfection is required, for example, in the operating theater despite wearing gloves.

    Pathogenic organisms and hygiene of hands

    During the day we meet thousands of pathogenic organisms. Wall mount hand sanitizer dispenser keeps us protected. We have already dealt with some, but there are others that can be the ticket for even very serious diseases and infections.

    Especially before eating, handling food, or touching the mucous membranes. In general, it is good practice to wash your hands even when they are not visibly dirty. It is good before preparing food, but also after sneezing and coughing, after going to the bathroom.

    Hand washing in wall mount hand sanitizer dispenser

    After using public transport and touching money, after having touched animals. But also, before and after the treatment of a sick person. Or a more delicate subject, wall mount hand sanitizer dispenser in this case washing hands becomes a real gesture of respect and care towards others.

    Thus, protecting those with weakened immune defenses.
    As suggested by the Guidelines of the ' WHO, the ideal would be to wash your hands often, first removing rings and bracelets, wetting the hands and wrists under running water and soaping.

    Wall mount hand sanitizer dispenser procedure


    With liquid soap, the entire surface of the skin, rubbing vigorously and without neglecting the space between the fingers and under the nails.
    After about 40 seconds, of wall mount hand sanitizer dispenser you can proceed by rinsing thoroughly.


    Finally, to turn off the water tap you will have to use a towel, so as not to contaminate your hands again.
    However, there are cases in which you are not in the vicinity of the services. In these situations, he comes into play: the hydroalcoholic hand gel!

    Hand sanitizer gel, what is it for?

    The hand sanitizer gel is the perfect ally for when you are away from home and want to eliminate dirt and bacteria that could carry even serious infections, because it guarantees good hand hygiene on all occasions when it is not possible to wash them.

    A small amount of hand gel in wall hand sanitizer dispenser is enough, to be used categorically on dry skin, evenly distributed to obtain good protection against any pathogens. These gels are alcohol-based, a composition that allows them to act directly on microbes, killing a good part of them.

    Problems in wall mount hand sanitizer dispenser

    The problem with the products on the market, however, is that the concentration of alcohol in the various formulations is varied, which is why not all gels have the same effectiveness. Read the label and look for a formula with a concentration of alcohol between 60% and 95%,

    Against bacteria, fungi and viruses wall mount hand sanitizer dispenser is effective.
    But beware: a 95% alcohol concentration is not necessarily more effective than a lower concentration gel. For example, the WHO suggests gel mani with an alcoholic solution between 75% and 80%.

    Your safety is top priority

    You neither feel nor see them. But germs can lurk in many places.
    In everyday life we ​​spread germs every day and meet them - mostly through our hands. The spread of viruses and bacteria increases significantly, especially when temperatures drop, and the heating air is dry.

    Thorough hand hygiene is not only a necessary measure in the private sector to avoid the transmission of germs and pathogens. But also in clean rooms. Especially in the medical sector as well as the pharmaceutical and food technology industries wall hand sanitizer dispenser is significant.

    Wall hand sanitizer dispenser and hand’s significance
    Our hands are our most important tools. Incorrect hand hygiene or insufficiently used skin protection and skin care products can lead to occupational skin diseases. This should be prevented in all clean rooms and healthcare facilities.

    The transient skin flora

    A distinction is made between resident and transient skin flora. The resident skin flora, which is also referred to as standard flora, is the natural, always present colonization of germs, which does not have a pathogenic effect on healthy skin.

    This skin's own flora protects people from pathogens that cause illness. The germs that temporarily settle on the skin and normally do not occur there are referred to as transient skin flora. These are disease causing and can be cured by mount hand sanitizer dispenser.

    Wall mount hand sanitizer dispenser; Washing or disinfecting??

    The easiest way to remove adhering germs is to wash your hands with soap and water and then dry them thoroughly with a paper towel. The microorganisms are removed mechanically, but not or only partially killed. Disinfecting is the most effective way of reducing the transient skin flora.

    Correctly carried out disinfection results in the greatest possible reduction of this skin flora.
    This makes hygienic hand disinfection the most effective measure for breaking chains of infection and for the prophylaxis of nosocomial infections.

    Precautionary measures for wall mount hand sanitizer dispenser

    During activities with a risk of infection and before entering clean rooms, hands should be disinfected to prevent transmission. Correctly carried out wall mount hand sanitizer dispenser also reduces the spread of multi-resistant germs. In doing so, it is particularly important to adhere to the action time.
    wall mount hand sanitizer dispenser 2021

    Summary wall mount hand sanitizer dispenser

    Since the Coronavirus pandemic started here in whole world, a lot has been said about the care we should take, especially with regard to people in the risk group. With a few simple steps, you can protect yourself and those who live with you with these guidelines:

    1. Remove shoes when entering the house;
    2. Take off your clothes as soon as you get home;
    3. Do a thorough cleaning in the home;
    4. Wear gloves for cleaning;
    5. Clean purchases before storing;
    6. Wash your hands often;
    7. Do not share towels and wash bedding more often.