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    Importance of Hand Sanitizer Dispenser in Work Place


    Why Place a Hand Sanitizer Dispenser In The Workplace?

    A decade ago, people would have considered the hand sanitizer dispenser a luxury, but now it has become a vital part of our hygiene. Hands are the potential part of our body that can transmit germs and spread them whenever we touch anything.

    In workplaces such as restaurants, offices, hotels, etc, the staff uses a shared restroom, so the chances of spreading germs and containing them to spread further are relatively high.

    Since it is not possible to personalize washrooms for every employee, however, it is possible to place a hand sanitizer dispenser to ensure everyone’s safety.

    Workplaces are a potential abode to carry germs and viruses, so it is vital to place a hand sanitizer dispenser to prevent illness. The workplace should be packed with hygiene amenities to ensure the safety of staff.

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    Best Hand Sanitizer Dispenser for Work Place:

    The best hand sanitizer for the workplace is the one that requires the least human involvement and effort. So, it is advisable to look for a hand sanitizer dispenser with the following features:

    • The hand sanitizer dispenser for the workplace preferably should be Touch-free
    • It should be Easy-to-install and portable so that you can move it anywhere if you want to.
    • Another essential feature to look for while purchasing a hand sanitizer dispenser is that it should be easy-to-maintain
    • The refill process should be modest.
    • The additional featured like LED indicators would make it easy for the maintenance staff to refill on time.
    • A transparent Container will make the amount of sanitizer visible.
    • The dispenser should be versatile.

    Do market research before making the final purchase of the dispenser.

    Let’s have a look at the importance of hand sanitizer dispenser in the workplace:

    Importance of Hand Sanitizer Dispenser at the workplace:

    1.       Improved Hygiene:

    Health should be the top priority of everyone, and an organization or company can make their employees feel that they care for them by placing a hand sanitizer dispenser.

    The COVID has made everyone more concerned about their hygiene. No one wants to be a carrier of germs and take it back home, so the best available option is to provide a hand sanitizer dispenser in the workplace to decrease the chances of cross-contamination. This also helps in increasing productivity at the workplace

    2.       Encourage usability:

    Usually, people wash their hands before and after taking meals or after using the washroom. While working, we don’t have time to wash hands after touching surfaces and shaking hands with people.

    The reason would be a protocol to follow to wash hands: to go to the washroom, use soap, wash hands, dry them up with a tissue or use the dryer and then come back. If you dry hands with tissue, then looking for dustbin is an additional step.

    On the other hand, you only need to use a small amount of sanitizer and rub it on your hands. You now can carry on with your work without any fear.

    The hand sanitizer dispenser will encourage the employees to use it and keep their hands clean with comfort.

    Using the sanitizer daily will make a ritual of following SOPs in the workplace, leading to better performance and employee attendance.

    3.       Economical:

    Traditional soaps are wasted when you use them under running water for a long time and also softens and becomes eerie to handle. There is no way to handle the wastage of soap.

    Whereas we can control the amount of sanitizer dispensed, so it is long-lasting as compared to soaps. Unlike manual dispensers, automatic sanitizing dispensers need less maintenance as there is less chance of maltreating the dispenser.

    Compared to traditional soap, they are less messy and don’t have to worry about who used it prior.

    A hand sanitizer dispenser is a one-time investment and requires the least maintenance if brought from a well-known brand such as Fengjie


    Hand sanitizer is not a substitute for hand wash. In the absence of warm water and soap hand sanitizer dispenser can benefit you in the following ways:

    • The first benefit is that you don’t need a sink and ample seconds to wash your hands.
    • Alcohol-based sanitizers are a real germ killer. According to a report, alcohol-based sanitizer can kill 97% of bacteria.
    • Proper hand sanitization will keep you healthy and result in decreased absenteeism up to 40%.
    • Two minutes of full hand wash kills as much bacteria as the sanitizer can kill in 30 seconds.
    • They are portable and can be replaced anytime and anywhere.
    • Unlike traditional soaps, they are shareable without any second thoughts.
    • They are mild for sensitive skin as compared to soaps.

    Best Places to keep Hand Sanitizer Dispenser in the workplace:

    The best places to keep the hand sanitizer dispensers include:

    • Exits and Entrances
    • Cafeteria and Kitchens
    • Meeting Rooms
    • Employee Desks
    • High Traffic Points
    • Restrooms
    • Receptions
    • Elevators


    Things to Consider while purchasing Sanitizer Dispenser and Refills for office Use:

    To make hand sanitizing a good experience for your employees, you should consider the following important points before making any purchase:

    • It is advisable to choose an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser for the workplace.
    • Choose the dispenser with advanced and additional features (like transparent display, LED indicator, etc.)
    • The sanitizer should contain enough amount of alcohol to kill bacteria.
    • Usually, hands get dry after washing them with water and soap so the sanitizer should have emollients like glycerin or any other moisturizer to make the hand sanitizing experience pleasant.
    • Use a suitable quality liquid or foam soaps for hand sanitizing dispenser that has anti-bacterial properties.
    • Avoid using gel sanitizers as they are sometimes sticky and take time to absorb.

    Proper Placement

    The ideal height to place hand sanitizer dispense should not be less than 42 inches from the bottom and more than 48 inches above.

    Types of Hand Sanitizer Dispensers:

    The sanitizer dispenser can be wall-mounted or placed on counters. The dispenser stands are also available in the market.

    There are two types of Hand sanitizer Dispensers;

    • Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser:  When you put your hands under the nozzle, infra-red sensors detect infrared energy and dispense a designated amount of soap. This is perhaps the most effective way to ensure that you sanitize your hands without coming in touch with the dispenser.
    • Manual Hand Sanitizer Dispenser: On the other hand, you have the manual hand sanitizer. Even though you have to come in contact with the machine, yet it is safe. You have to press the pump to dispense the sanitizer from the dispenser.

    The automatic sanitizer dispensers are more efficient than manual dispensers. They can be mounted on the wall using sucking tapes or with screws. The selection of a sanitizer dispenser should depend on the ambiance and type of traffic using the dispenser.

    Best Online Place to Buy Sanitizer Dispenser:

    The best online place to buy hand sanitizer dispensers and refills is fengjie.

    hand sanitizer dispenser

    Wrap Up:

    There are no two opinions on the importance of placing hand sanitizer dispensers in the workplace. They should be placed in high traffic areas like restrooms, meeting rooms, cafeterias, elevators, entrances and exits, and near desks.

    The prevention of cross-contaminated diseases would be nothing better than washing or sanitizing hands after touching surfaces and after meeting people.

    You should choose the dispenser according to your needs and the type of traffic that will use the dispenser.

    Remember that a hand sanitizer dispenser cannot replace the effectiveness of handwashing with water. The dispensers should be encouraged where water and soap are not available.