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    Net Voting: Most Popular Sanitary Ware Producer – Fengjie Bathroom

    Recently, an Internet community voting activity was initiated by Chinese netizen to pick out a most popular sanitary ware factory in Guangdong Province. Among 76 manufacturers, Fengjie Bathroom has gotten the 1st place with huge advantage.

    Till the time when this article was written, Fengjie Bathroom has been the only joiner who got over 2, 000 votes. The second manufacturer was far behind of Fengjie Bathroom with 1, 845 votes. Though this voting activity is unofficial, it can reflect the joiners’ reputation and popularity among common users in some way.

    As a factory with much experience in making sanitary products for wash room and public places, Fengjie has accumulated confidence from customers worldwide. Fengjie cherishes honor granted by users and clients.

    “Pursue the peak of quality, purify the life for you and us” , Innovative leader in China's sanitary ware industry ------ Fengjie Bathroom, is committed to building a first-class brand in the global sanitary ware industry.