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    A Comprehensive Introduction to Sanitizer Dispenser



    Sanitizer dispensers have gained massive popularity after the recent Corona Virus outbreak. Sanitizers have always been a part of our go-to commodities, but individuals did not use them frequently as they use it now. Guey-Chaun Shiau first introduced automatic sanitizer dispenser to the world in the 1990s, while several flu pandemics spread.

    In this article, we are going to discuss the purpose of hand sanitizer dispensers. This study emphasizes the introduction of sanitizer dispensers, their working, and advantages.

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    Role Of Sanitizers In Maintaining Hand-Hygiene:

    Hand-hygiene is a must to maintain at all times. One must try to keep aseptic and clean hands all the time to prevent the spread of contagious viruses. Holding clean and germ-free hands perpetually has become more accessible since the inception of hand sanitizers.

    Wall Mounted Hand Sanitizer Gel Alcohol Foam Soap Liquid dispenser automatic machine

    Washing the hands is not a permanent solution to keep the hands sterile all the time. Due to this prompt unavailability of water required to wash hands, sanitizers' formulation is bliss to humankind. One may get rid of germs instantly by using a few drops of sanitizing liquids anytime and anywhere, ensuring proper and constant hand-hygiene.

    Popularity In The Demand Of Sanitizers:

    The hand sanitizer dispenser has become a unique innovation in recent times. The sudden spread of COVID-19 in late January created a commotion all over the globe. People became conscious about hand hygiene more than they ever were, as the only solution to cope with the widespread Virus was to maintain a clean and germ-free hand at all times.

    Experts considered the washing and sanitizing of hands as the only way to curb the spread of the Virus. This recommendation created a sense of awareness among the masses, and thus the sanitizers became a must-have item ever since.

    Introduction To Sanitizer Dispensers:

    What Is A Hand Sanitizer Dispenser?

    A hand sanitizer dispenser is an automatic machine that provides a fixed amount of sanitizing liquid that it is sufficient for sanitizing both hands. These devices find their extensive usage in public places like hospitals, offices, schools, airports, and many more places where there is an accumulation of crowd.

    What Does A Sanitizer Dispenser Contain?

    The sanitizer dispensers use alcohol-based sanitizing liquid to fight the germs. Alcohol being volatile evaporates instantly after the application. So washing the hands after applying sanitizers is not necessary as in soaps and other disinfecting liquid soaps. Researchers have also proven that the concentration greater than 70% can do away with coronavirus on hands.

    How Does A  Sanitizer Dispenser Work?

    The sanitizer dispensers provide a fixed amount of sanitizing liquid once they detect the placement of hands beneath them. They don't require manual contact with any of device's part. So, what is the technology responsible for their working principle?

    The employment of ultrasonic and infrared sensors answers this question about their unique automatic working phenomena. Once they sense the movement of hands under them, a definite amount of sanitizing liquid starts flowing. Their unique technological design ensures only the amount sufficient to sanitize both hands—this prevents extra spillage and wastage of sanitizing liquid.

    The sanitizer dispenser displays the on/off user interface, which ensures continuous operation. The interface also provides a display that operates as the sanitizing liquid flows. This display of flowing sanitizer makes it an understandable device that every individual can use with ease.

    The smart and ultra-modern transparent appearance makes the remaining amount of sanitizing liquid in the dispenser apparent to users. Thus, as soon as the sanitizing liquid finishes, they can be filled instantly, ensuring that the sanitizing disinfectant never runs out. The dispensers, therefore, remain filled-up, providing an all-time provision of sanitizing liquid to the individuals.

    Parts Of A Sanitizer Dispenser

    The latest sanitizer dispensers have parts of the same type, but their assembly might differ. It comprises mostly of a rectangular shell. On one portion, there are ports, an on/off switch and a power line. Their advanced and neoteric display carries different light sensors that are usually red, yellow, and green. The red indicates power; the yellow indicates the stand-by operation while the green light indicates the working.

    The top of the sanitizer provides the passage to refill the dispenser. There is a fixing rail at the back that helps the dispenser mount to the wall. The most important part that provides the liquid sanitizer carries the sensor. The sensor detects the hand, and there is a nozzle responsible for the flow of sanitizing liquid.

    Automatic Soap Foam Spray Alcohol Sanitizer Dispenser

    Why Are The Sanitizer Dispensers Popular?

    Sanitizer is an essential commodity to keep hands germ-free and aseptic. The liquid in the dispenser fights the bacteria and other microbial pathogens on the hands. But to curb the Virus and to up-root it thoroughly, the no-touch and no-contact are mandatory. This minimum contact and maximum protection are possible only in the presence of automatic hand sanitizer dispensers.

    The sanitizer dispensers work automatically, curbing the need to get in direct contact with various parts. They have become a requisite after the widespread of COVID-19. Its use in public places like hospitals, schools, grocery stores, play areas, airports, and even homes has become extensive.

    The unique working principle has made these dispensers extremely popular. Individuals coming from different workplaces and environments can get their hands sanitized by not even getting in touch with the dispenser's body. This no-touch helps curb the Virus most reasonably.

    The viruses usually spread due to unnecessary contact with objects that are vulnerable to get attacked. The no-touch policy ensures safe and sound hygiene by providing the necessary amount of sanitizing liquid without any direct contact.

    Advantages Of Sanitizer Dispenser:

    Besides the no-touch and no-contact uniqueness, the sanitizer dispensers have other extensive advantages as well.

    Best Fit For Public Places

    The use of manual sanitizers or traditional sanitizer bottles in public increases the possibility of misapplication resulting in disinfectant liquid squandering. That's why the automatic sanitizer dispensers equipped with ultrasonic/infrared sensors are installed in public places. These dispensers ensure only a particular amount of sanitizer liquid, thus reducing the chances of extra spillage and wastage of sanitizer liquid. Moreover, no-contact and no-touch also prevent wear and tear damage.

    Easy And Economical Usage

    Since the sanitizer dispenser works without manual interference, it's easier to use. The simple installation of sanitizer dispensers is an add-on advantage. One can install them anywhere and on any space on the wall. This ease in installation curbs the need for extra space while ensuring the promised hygiene.

    Moreover, the sensors make sure the supply of only the required amount of sanitizer every time. This definite and fixed flow ensures no sanitizer liquid spill, thus preventing sanitizer liquid squandering and making it economically feasible.

    An Attraction To Hygiene Awareness

    The gleaming and ultra-modern design of the sanitizer dispenser attracts an individual's attention towards them. Its uniqueness stimulates the individual's thoughts towards maintaining hygiene. The dispenser attracts people and fascinates them to use it. People and fascinates them to use it.

    The sanitizer dispenser provides a stylish and professional vibe to the environment where they are installed. The fancy and stylish design gives attractiveness to the environment and adds a modern appeal towards hygiene awareness.

    Wall Mounted Hand Liquid Foam Smart Sensor Automatic Foam Spray Dispenser


    Whether mounted on a hand sanitizer stand or an empty wall, no-contact and no-touch hand sanitizer dispensers are user-oriented devices providing an easy way for the public to maintainhygiene control practices. They are mostly placed in offices, hospitals, schools, or areas of the multitude, to fascinate them to practice frequent hand-washing.

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