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    How New Design Sanitizer Dispenser is Better Than the Conventional One?

    New Design Sanitizer Dispensers: The Right Choice To Maintain Hygiene

    The ‘No Touch’ stratagem has resulted in the popularity of the new design sanitizer dispenser. COVID-19 has introduced the world to social distancing and has emphasized the need for maintaining proper hygiene by sanitizing the hands at regular intervals.

    The conventional sanitizers require contact due to manual usage. The new design sanitizer dispenser attracts people more towards them as its design requires minimum contact. These devices are automatic and are provided with sensors thus ensuring no direct contact with the body of sanitizer.

    This article is going to feature the advantages of the new design sanitizer dispenser over other conventional sanitizers. The new design sanitizers being automatic are a better approach towards maintaining proper hand-hygiene. Requiring less contact, they are a step ahead of conventional sanitizer bottles and the ones that operate using the foot.

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    Sanitizer Or Hand Wash?

    Ensuring germ-free hands at all times is key to maintaining proper hygiene. After the coronavirus outbreak, hand hygiene has prevailed among every individual. The concept of hand-washing using soaps and hand washes has become a cliché. People can't rely simply on the washing of hands as they can simply not maintain clean hands all the time. Hand sanitizers are an easy-to-use and handy source of maintaining clean and disinfected hands all the while.

    alcohol dispenser with thermometer

    The Increased Demand And Popularity Of Sanitizers:

    The sanitizers have overtaken the world after the widespread of the coronavirus. As the world focuses on developing vaccines to fight the virus, experts have been emphasizing the need for using sanitizers since the pandemic prevailed. Hand sanitizers have become an essential commodity ever since the concept of social distancing originated.

    Sanitizers were not an essential part of our household before the spread of covid-19. Analysis in first-world countries like the United Kingdom shows that there is a rise of 255% in the use of sanitizer after the widespread of the corona. As the demand for sanitizers rose, there have been innovations in the design. From regular sanitizer bottles to the ones that operate using the foot, the concept of new design sanitizer dispensers came into the picture.

    The New Design Sanitizer Dispenser:

    The new design automatic sanitizer dispenser is a household and public health equipment. It is widely used in hospitals, airports, schools, grocery stores, and other public areas. Due to their flexible design, they require less space and can be mounted on a stand or a wall.

    The Supremacy Of New Design Sanitizer Dispenser Over The Conventional Ones:

    The new design sanitizer dispensers do not require direct contact with the hands as they are equipped with sensors. The sensors detect the hands placed beneath them and dispense sanitizer automatically through nozzles. This specialty of these new design sanitizer dispensers makes them the best substitute for the conventional ones. The prominent features of these sanitizers include:

    No Direct Contact

    This is the foremost advantage of the new design sanitizer dispensers. It makes them superior to the conventional sanitizer bottles and foot-operated dispensers as there is no manual operation. The installation of ultrasonic and infrared sensors makes the operation easier. Just place your hand under the nozzle and it will dispense the sanitizer.

    No Waste

    The latest technological design of these sanitizer dispensers ensures the dispensing of a particular amount of sanitizer liquid. The sensors installed dispense only the amount that it finds sufficient for both the hands. This innovation makes sure no sanitizer liquid goes wasted like in conventional sanitizers the manual squeezing can result in extra spillage.


    The new design sanitizer dispensers are long-lasting and sturdy. Since there is no direct contact involved in dispensing the liquid, there is a minimum possibility of wear and tear damage. They are mostly mounted on walls that assures no extra movement of their parts.  Moreover, they can't be theft.

    Innovative Design

    The innovative design of these sanitizer dispensers makes the use even easier. The on/off display assures that the dispenser is in working mode. It also displays the progress in dispensing. Moreover, the amount of remaining sanitizer liquid in the dispenser is also apparent due to the transparent design and innovation.

    Simple Installation And Economical Usage

    The easy installation of the new design sanitizer dispensers is add-on advantage. They can be mounted on any empty wall. One can simply install them anywhere, preferably on the entrance. This curbs the need for involvement of extra space while ensuring the promised hygiene.

    Moreover, the sensors installed, make sure the supply of only the required amount of sanitizer liquid that is dispensed every time. This not only enhances the economical features but also ensures no extra spillage and waste.

    Wide Usage

    The no-contact and no-touch design make it a must-have in a variety of places like hospitals, schools, railway stations, airports. These new design sanitizer dispensers can be installed anywhere in a crowded public place where chances of spread of viruses are inevitable. People coming from different places gathering at one point can easily ensure hygiene by dispensing the fixed amount of sanitizer. This provision of hygiene reduces the chance of the spread of diseases and viruses.

    Why Are They Better Than Conventional Ones?

    The aforementioned features sum up their competency over the conventional ones. Their gleaming and sleek design attracts public attention and stimulates their thoughts towards maintaining hygiene. They not only provide a smart and professional vibe to the environment where they are installed but also add a modern appeal towards hygiene awareness.

    Foot-Operated Or Wall Mounted?

    Foot-operated sanitizer machines are also a great deal in the efforts towards maintaining a germ-free world. They are mounted on a stand and work by pressing a button attached to the surface of the stand, thus providing a fixed amount of liquid. But the appealing design, portability, and stability of the new design wall mounted sanitizer dispensers make them superior to the foot-operated ones.

    The Cons And Yet The Superior:

    Every innovation and development is not full of pros. There are cons associated with every newly designed technology. As these sanitizers operate on batteries, it requires careful replacement of the batteries after regular intervals.

    This not only increases the cost factor but also results in a scurry replacement of batteries. But since our world is now fully dependent on the use of sanitizers, innovations have been associated with their development. Now most sanitizers operate on electricity that helps curb the hassle in replacement of batteries.

    The price factor might be a disadvantage but as the new design sanitizer dispensers provide a long-lasting service, one can compromise on the price. Moreover, the no-touch and no waste policy has made these sanitizer dispensers superior enough to consider them economical.

    The nozzle employed for dispensing gets clogged at times resulting in timely maintenance. The clogging will not only result in less flow rate but also in the spillage of sanitizer liquid, making the vicinity unappeasable. But in the newly designed sanitizer dispensers that work on electricity,  mist spray nozzles are present. These nozzles ensure a definite flow of sanitizing liquid, thus maintaining a clean and hygienic environment.

    Black Color Infrared Automatic Smart Sensor Hand Sanitizer Foaming Dispenser


    The study thus concludes that these new design sanitizer dispensers are the best type of sanitizers that can be employed anywhere. No involvement in direct contact is the most dominant quality. People coming from anywhere, gathering at a point can maintain hygiene just by dispensing a fixed amount of sanitizer liquid on their hands. Furthermore, the provision of a fixed amount of liquid is a great deal in dealing with extra spillage and waste.

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