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    The Use and Importance of Automatic Soap Dispenser

    The New Normal: Automatic soap Dispenser

    Over time, technology has changed quite a lot and the results are in the forms of different daily-use accessories that we are utilizing. A new invention, the automatic soap dispenser, has become extremely common. With the invention of this great accessory, people, restaurants, hotels, and several other public places no longer use soaps. On the contrary, they now prefer this sophisticated piece of soap dispensing technology.

    Basically, an automatic soap dispenser is an instrument that uses motion sensors to detect the movements and release a specific amount of soap solution. The soap solution is just like a normal hand sanitizer containing a soap mixture.

    You will find an automatic soap dispenser mostly in restrooms in hotels and offices to facilitate the people. Moreover, the use of automatic soap dispensers has greatly increased and has been in great demand these days in the market. The increasing demand has made many companies manufacture their soap dispenser products.

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    The major companies that supply automatic soap dispensers, Sanitizer-Dispensers, now rely on state-of-the-art technology. The major companies that are manufacturing the latest soap dispensers include Shenzhen Lean Kiosk Systems, Nanchang Ever Bright Industrial Trade in china, Gizmo Sanitizer, Associated Bag, Liberty Industries in America. The soap dispensers being used are working on different criteria. Let’s take a look at this astonishing piece of technology and how it works.

    Automatic Soap Foam Spray Alcohol Sanitizer Dispenser

    Mechanism of an Automatic Soap Dispenser

    A soap dispenser despite looking at a simple machine uses a complex mechanism of a sensor and a soap solution box to work. The automatic soap dispenser being used these days is working with the help of different sensors.

    Each of these sensors is one of a kind. Thus, it has become part of this accessory because of its versatility and functionalities. The soap dispenser transmits signals of sorts that fall upon the palm and relative parts. Their reflection allows the device to understand the subtle change, thus the soap solution comes out.

    There are different kinds of automatic soap dispensers that people are using. Mostly the famous automatic faucet soap dispensers are used in public places. Each one varies from each other depending upon the type of sensors that they use.

    Types of Sensors

    The basic sensors that are part of an automatic soap dispenser include:

    • Radar Based Sensors
    • Photo Sensors
    • Passive Infrared Sensors

    Each of these sensors has its working mechanism. Let’s take a look at each one of them.

    1.      Radar Based Sensors

    The famous radar-based sensor is one of the best sensors that are available in the market. If you have bought yourself an automatic soap dispenser with a radar-based sensor, then you have a great thing at your hand right now. The radar-based sensor works on the principle of reflection of radio waves when they are transmitted.

    When a normal ray is transmitted and returns to the sensor without any interference the sensor plays no role. On the other hand, when your palm is placed under the sensor the rays are transmitted irregularly which creates a sort of interference with the sensor.

    The interference created affects the sensor and the sensor opens the slot to the soapbox and dispenses a measured amount of soap from the nozzle. Interesting right?

    You would be surprised to know that the latest radar-based sensors use electricity based circuits and infrared light. The surprising fact is that this light has a wavelength of 850 nm. The most astonishing fact is that the radar-based automatic soap dispenser is that it works on the phenomena of emitter and collector. Know about it? If not let me explain.

    In simplest terms, the emitter emits infrared rays and the collector collects them on their return. Whenever there is interference in the signals from the wave they calculate it and the device dishes the soap out. The sensor uses a small photodiode. Whenever there is a change in the wave structure the transistor works and turns on the switch to the soap solution.

    2.      Photo Sensors

    For a photosensor, there are only two parts. A light source and a light sensor. The light source is mostly a laser beam of focused light and a certain wavelength to detect even the smallest of distortions in the pattern. The light sensor is a sensitive device that can detect even the slightest changes. The sensor is present at the pump opening which transmits the soap solution.

    Whenever there is a slight change in the frequency and wavelength of the light, the sensor detects it and transmits the signal to the pump hand. The pump hand creates a sort of vacuum and applies pressure on the soap solution and because of that, the soap solution pops out.

    3.      Passive Infrared Sensors

    An infrared sensor is a device that measures the IR radiations that a human body reflects. It then performs a certain task on these IR traditions.. After all, this is one of the latest sensors that are available so you can expect the best results from it. A passive infrared sensor can only detect movements but cannot tell what object is moving. So this is one of the best things that can be used in an automatic soap dispenser.

    Infrared sensors are the state-of-the-art sensors industries are using in the manufacturing process of automatic soap dispensers. As the name shows it uses infrared rays for the body. In simple words, it uses the heat signatures of a human body and transmits the data to open up the valve for transferring the sanitizer.

    An infrared sensor works on the basic principle of measuring heat and temperature. The sensor measures the body heat and compares it with the average heat range that is stored inside it. When there is a huge difference in the heat contents the pump opens up to dispense the soap solution.


    As far as the uses are concerned the automatic soap dispensers are one of the best utility that is available to the normal hands. The automatic soaps dispensers are quite useful and there is no doubt that they can be used for multiple purposes.

    Furthermore, they come with so many advantages that make it efficient too. Let’s take a look at some important advantages of a soap dispenser.

    Sterile and Hygiene approach

    Thanks to an automatic soap dispenser, people feel safe while washing their hands in public places. What more is that these compact devices offer ease of use while reducing germ contamination to a great extent.

    In the use of soaps, many people use it and different kinds of bacteria might start making colonies there which can be very dangerous in some cases while an automatic soap dispenser.

    Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser Touchless Sensor Wall Mount Sanitizer

    Minimal use of soap

    Soap bars result in a lot of soap wastage. Therefore, it has an effect on the economic condition of a restaurant or any other place. On the other hand, when you are using a soap dispenser, the machine releases only a specific amount of soap solution at one time. Thus, there is almost no wastage of soap.

    The invention of automatic soap dispensers has no doubt played a huge role in the development of society. Different ethical and moral values have been created and it would not be wrong to say that an automatic soap dispenser is the new normal.

    To learn and purchase one of the finest soap dispensers, reach out to us today.

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