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    4 Easy Steps to Use Liquid Hand Sanitizer Dispenser


    Dry hand skin: cautions when using sanitizer dispenser gel

    Liquid Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

    Use of sanitizer dispenser gels and liquid hand sanitizer dispenser are two of the most effective ways to reduce infections and eliminate viruses and bacteria. On the other hand, the impacts that the climate has on the health of the skin are also known.

    Why do you need Liquid hand sanitizer dispenser?

    The hands represent a vehicle for the transmission of infections from one subject to another.
    On human skin there are:
    • resident microorganisms: they constitute the normal skin flora of the individual and only rarely cause infections. They are not removed by simple hand washing;
    • transient microorganisms: they can cause infections and are acquired through direct contact with secretions or contaminated organic material. They survive less than 24 hours on the skin and can be easily removed by washing or scrubbing.

    The typical fluctuations of the Mediterranean weather – with drier summers and colder or rainy winters. All these factors together quickly make the skin on your hands dry, irritated, and rough. How, then, should we prevent and act to find a balance point for the skin of your hands?

    The problems with liquid hand sanitizer dispenser

    The sanitizer dispenser gel-based alcohol has become a simple and practical alternative to sanitize hands whenever they are not dirty or do not have access to soap and water. Now, it is possible to transport liquid hand sanitizer dispenser in small bottles to use them anywhere, anytime.

    The problem is that the recurrent use of sanitizer dispensers can remove the natural lipids that moisturize and protect the dermis. Thus, they tend to leave the skin on the hands dry and cause peeling, cracking, brittle nails, and bleeding.

    Complications of liquid hand sanitizer dispenser

    These complications are aggravated when we talk about age groups with naturally more sensitive or thin skin, as is the case of children and the elderly. Equally affected are skin prone to eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, or any other skin disease. Application of a sanitizer dispenser daily is recommended.

    Skin care on hands with dispenser

    There are treatments that help to overcome the problem of dry skin on hands and keep them healthier. It is done with liquid hand sanitizer dispenser. Stay with some advice:

    Pay attention to the composition of the sanitizer dispenser gel. The first step is to avoid using only ethyl alcohol, due to the high level of dehydration it causes in the hands. Ideally, look for or make a gel that, in addition to the recommended percentage of alcohol – above 60% of alcohol content – also has Aloe Vera in its composition.

    Avoid using abrasive skin care products

    This care is particularly important when we talk about nail care – which can also weaken with the use of alcohol hand sanitizer. We should opt, for example, for nail polish removers with or without acetone , which are smoother and more effective , preferably with the addition of moisturizing oils .

    Regularly use a moisturizing hand care cream

    Using moisturizing cream is an unavoidable step in hand care, which allows you to counteract the dry sensation of sanitizer dispenser alcohol. We must not, forget that each type of skin requires specific care. When skin on our hands is dry or damaged, use moisturizer with liquid hand sanitizer dispenser

    Dry Hand Care and liquid hand sanitizer dispenser –


    There is also the care, often neglected in winter, to choose a moisturizer with a sun protection factor, which prevents premature aging and protects the dermis against direct or indirect sun exposure. May 5th was defined by the WHO (World Health Organization) as the world hand hygiene day .

    Each year, nearly hundreds of millions of patients with infections seek medical care worldwide. The concern of health professionals is the resistance of microorganisms to antimicrobials reducing or preventing the effectiveness of any treatment for the prevention and cure of infections.

    Covid 19 and liquid hand sanitizer dispenser

    In addition to this general panorama, we live during the Covid-19 pandemic, where the best way to prevent the spread of the virus is washing and sanitizing hands and wrists.  liquid hand sanitizer dispenser usage is the most appropriate

    It is in childhood that we learn from our parents and at school about the importance of washing our hands before meals and after using the bathroom. And this lesson we learned as children, in addition to fighting Covid-19, prevents the emergence of various infections. Like diarrhea, flu, stomach infections.

    All together for action on World Hand Hygiene Day.

    4 steps for liquid hand sanitizer dispenser

    Liquid Hand Sanitizer Dispenser 2021

    Here's a step-by-step guide to washing your hands properly.

    Tip: Sing the chorus of a song for about 20 seconds.

    Step 01

    Apply the liquid or bar soap of liquid hand sanitizer dispenser to your hand, enough so that the foam covers the entire surface of your hands.

    Step 02

    Take care in cleaning the space between your fingers. Also rub the back and wrist.

    Step 03

    You can rinse your hand with sanitizer gel

    Step 04

    You need to dry hands with a dry tissue or disposable paper

    Considerations for liquid hand sanitizer dispenser:

    To sanitize your hands, the ideal is water and soap, because water alone, in this case, is not enough to eliminate viruses and bacteria. The recommendation on liquid hand sanitizer dispenser is to always wash your hands. With the new Coronavirus pandemic, worrying about hygiene has become fundamental.

    It is very important that we teach our children to wash their hands. To sneeze properly and especially not to put your hands to your mouth, eyes and nose. Therefore, in recent days, there have been several tips to make children understand the importance of hygiene for health.

    How can I use liquid hand dispenser?

    It's quite simple. One of the ideas is to do an experiment. In it, we will explain to children the importance of using soap when washing hands. Come on! For this activity, you will need a white or light-bottomed dish, oregano, soap, and water.

    For this activity, it is important to use a plate that is white or light. So you can easily view the background. The dish used for liquid hand sanitizer dispenser will have the meaning of the world. It is important to start the activity by telling the children that the world is huge.