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    What is the advantage of using Table top hand sanitizer dispenser?


    How to refill a hand sanitizer dispenser?

    Table top hand sanitizer dispenser has decent refilling option. Some dispensers come with direct filling option. We can use a nozzle to refill a hand sanitizer dispenser. Usually, such cartridges are made of rigid plastic material.

    On the other hand, when the cartridges are made of soft plastic material, however, we prefer to speak of “pockets ".

    What is Solid Soap Dispenser?

    As strange as the title of this chapter may seem, solid soap dispensers do exist! These are particular dispensers consisting of a plastic support inside which the solid soap must place inside. This support has an attachment that allows it to be anchored to the wall; therefore, it is a wall-mounted soap dispenser.

    Table top hand sanitizer dispenser

    On the bottom of this type of dispenser like table top hand sanitizer dispenser there is a sort of grater which - by operating a manual lever - begins to move by scratching the surface of the solid soap with which it comes into contact, reducing it into fine flakes and thus allowing to take only the desired amount of product without wetting the soap every time.

    Use of table top hand sanitizer dispenser

    Hand hygiene is still as important as it is at home or in the workplace. Hand washing with soap and water is routine after going to the toilet, before eating, etc. But this act must be even more frequent during this period of the coronavirus pandemic. And although the solid soap and table top hand sanitizer dispenser is still relevant.

    Many people prefer buying wall dispenser. It is also a good option and we can use them in homes and office. Moreover, they are good to use in busy places.

    What is an automatic soap dispenser?

    As its name suggests, this hygiene product is common to automatically dispense soap. Unlike the manual foam or liquid soap dispenser, the automatic model allows you to have it without pressing a push button or pump. To do this, the automatic soap dispenser is equipped with:

    • A spout
    • An underlying tube or nozzle
    • A motion detector (infrared sensor)
    • And AAA batteries or a power outlet

    What are the advanced automatic soap dispensers?

    On the other hand, you can also find more advanced automatic soap dispensers or table top hand sanitizer dispenser. These are equipped with an LCD screen to know the battery charge and / or the level of liquid soap or foam remaining.

    Finally, an automatic soap dispenser often has a wall location, especially in a professional environment.

    Table top hand sanitizer dispenser: where to buy?

    Your company can buy its automatic liquid or foam soap dispensers from physical stores specializing in maintenance, cleaning and hygiene products. But several e-commerce sites also offer quality distributors of well-known brands.

    We offer a wide range of automatic soap dispensers for professionals. You can find various models of different brands.


    In addition, faced with COVID-19, this type of business is in great demand thanks to its multitude of hygiene products for businesses. As for us, this brand offers table top hand sanitizer dispenser at attractive prices. And its service is reliable and fast, to the delight of professionals.

    Why buy an automatic soap dispenser in a professional environment?

    Within a company, you need a larger quantity of hygiene and hand cleaning products. And this needed amount becomes even greater with the coronavirus pandemic. First, installing an automatic soap dispenser allows professionals to effectively fight the spread of COVID-19.

    Indeed, thanks to this equipment, employees no longer have to touch a pump or a push button in order to receive foam or liquid soap. And this lack of contact plays a key role in the fight against the spread of the virus.

    Which hygiene solution can be common in table top hand sanitizer dispenser?

    Then table top hand sanitizer dispenser can also contain the hydro alcoholic gel within your company. It is not limited to liquid or foam soap. So you are free to choose the hygienic solution that suits you the most. Then, this alternative is less expensive than using a bottle of gel per employee.

    Indeed, the automatic foam or liquid soap dispenser allows you to have a large quantity of hydro alcoholic gel.

    What is the benefit of using LCD screen?

    Using an automatic soap dispenser also allows you not to use a plastic bottle in the workplace to wash your hands with soap and water, or hydro alcoholic gel. Finally, the LCD screen of more advanced dispensers allows you to check the level of gel or liquid soap remaining in the reservoirs. You do not risk any shortage of stock within your company.
    Table top hand sanitizer dispenser 2021

    How to choose an automatic soap dispenser for a professional environment?

    To choose the right automatic liquid or table top hand sanitizer dispenser for your business, we recommend that you take the following criteria into account:

    • The type of dispenser fixing (built-in, wall-mounted, classic, etc.)
    • The reservoir volume of the liquid or foam soap dispenser
    • The ease of maintenance of the product
    • Its material (ABS plastic, stainless steel, glass, etc.
    • Moreover, its price
    • Its compatibility with a cartridge
    • And its power supply (electrical outlet, battery or AAA batteries)
    • A reliable way to avoid contamination

    What is the advantage of using automatic soap dispenser?

    The main advantage of an automatic table top hand sanitizer dispenser is that it eliminates physical contact. This is because the push button of a manual dispenser may contain germs and bacteria after its use. Conversely, the infrared technology of the automatic dispenser makes it possible to obtain soap simply by placing your hand under the sensor.


    Combined with a disposable towel dispenser, the risk of contamination reduces. In addition, a soap that has contamination is of no hygienic interest. A container that protects the soap from the air is much more effective in fighting infectious diseases.