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    Where to install portable hand sanitizer dispenser in home?


    The epidemic that has hit the world, Covid-19 spreads very quickly. Sometimes you are sick but asymptomatic, sometimes you have mild symptoms, other times you come to seek medical care in hospital and unfortunately it can even lead to death. That is why we recommend installing portable hand sanitizer dispenser.

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    How to avoid common infection using portable hand sanitizer dispenser?

    To avoid being infected it is necessary to stay at home as much as possible. Moreover, when you are out instead it is advisable to wear protective masks and, fundamental, to always keep your hands clean, especially when you intend to touch objects, such as handles, money or public transport with sanitizing gels .

    Why to keep hands clean with sanitizer dispenser?

    Your hands are full of potential harmful microorganisms, millions of invisible bacteria and germs lurk in them that can safely move to other parts of the body (such as in the eyes, rubbing them) or pass to other people. This is why it is important to always keep your hands clean.

    When you're out and about with no soap and water available, this can be tricky. But there are portable hand sanitizer dispenser products that allow you to eliminate germs and bacteria quickly and without using soap and water.

    How to choose a portable hand sanitizer dispenser?

    Hand sanitizers are not all the same, but they all excellently perform the germicidal function. There are gels for children, for sensitive skin, with natural extracts, perfumed, small for bags, sprays and large bottles with dispensers.
    They are commercially available in three different forms: foam, gel and liquid spray.

    To choose the right portable hand sanitizer dispenser gel it is necessary to take into consideration several aspects. A gel with high alcohol content will guarantee a specific germicidal action, killing 99.9% of germs and harmful bacteria present on the hands. One with natural extracts such as aloe vera will keep the skin on your hands soft, not dry, and won't irritate the skin.

    Should you carry portable sanitizer?

    This type is convenient when you are away from home and you need to clean your hands well, for example after being on public transport or having touched door handles and stair handrails, intercoms or elevator buttons. To be effective against Coronavirus, a sanitizing product must contain at least 70% alcohol.

    Where to install portable hand sanitizer dispenser in home?

    The portable hand sanitizer dispenser is the most convenient when you have to keep children's hands clean or the places where they play (such as kindergartens, playrooms, rides or even at home.)

    Because it is particularly suitable for eliminating germs and bacteria from toys or objects that often babies put in their mouths. Precisely for this last aspect, in this type of detergent, there are no alcohol, dyes and perfumes.

    The sanitizing wipes are a practical and quick solution to remove dirt from surfaces and even clothes. They contain benzalkonium chloride which offers a disinfectant action. They come in handy pocket packs.

    Best sanitizing gels

    Below is a brief guide to the best hand sanitizing gels.

    Amuchina gel

    The most famous cleanser , acts as a germicide killing almost all (99%) of the harmful germs and fungi present. Moreover, it is convenient and practical to use outside the home thanks to the bottle with dispenser.

    Similarly, it is not necessary to rinse, but just apply a little on your hands and rub until completely dry. It will leave your hands soft and fragrant. Alternatively you can buy the amuchina gel spray .

    How sanitizing detergents are made?

    Basically all portable hand sanitizer dispenser for hands and surfaces differ from each other by the presence or not of alcohol, a difference that guarantees or not (in percentage) the effectiveness of the disinfectant.


    To ensure the germicidal action, the detergent must be antiseptic, so it must contain alcohol. In both cases, however, we find emollients to moisturize the skin.

    • Those with alcohol, must contain a percentage between 60 and 95% alcohol, but it is also necessary to contain essential oils or glycerin to protect the skin from the aggressiveness of alcohol.
    • Those without alcohol instead contain chemicals perform germicidal and antibacterial action. However, these substances can pose a problem for skin health.

    There are also products that do not contain alcohol or chemicals, but only natural ingredients that still have an antibacterial action.

    Why you need a reliable portable hand sanitizer dispenser?

    However, in order to carry out its disinfectant function and not attack the skin, a good portable hand sanitizer dispenser is very important. It is good to use these disinfectants sparingly, only when you really need to use them. If you have soap and water available, it is always good to prefer them to disinfectant products.

    To have a greater effectiveness, it would be advisable to first remove the dirt from the hands, perhaps with a wipe and then move on to sanitizing for at least thirty seconds, so as to have greater effectiveness.
    Hospital No Touch Automatic Hand Sanitizer Gel Dispenser

    Hand hygiene: yes or no?

    Is alcohol (ethanol or ethyl alcohol) a good active ingredient for a dedicated hand sanitizer? 

    YES: Alcohol is considered a good antimicrobial.

    NO: the alcohol contained in a hand sanitizer can create some problems:

    • Dries and driesthe skin;
    • Disinfectants with 60-95% alcohol are dangerous when usedin inappropriate ways ;
    • In corrective facilities it becomes problematic due to potential abuse;
    • At home childrencan accidentally consume them attracted by their colors, scents and tastes, leading to consequent hospitalization in the emergency room for poisoning ;
    • In numerous contexts due to the flammabilityof products.

    Are hand sanitizers a good substitute for hand washing? 

    NO: soap and water are still the preferred method for cleaning hands. Hand sanitizers have reduced effectiveness on dirty hands.

    Is 15 seconds enough to wash your hands?

    NO: it is recommended to wash your hands for at least 30 seconds.

    The hand washing is the most action important that you can take. Surface disinfection is useful but secondary to hand hygiene.

    Using portable hand sanitizer dispenser is the most effective action to reduce the amount of virus on your hands. The physical action of washing removes many of the microorganisms present.