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    7 Common Mistakes Using Auto Hand Sanitizer Dispenser


    Auto hand sanitizer dispenser has the advantage of being compact, easy to carry around, and the ability to quickly disinfect to help remove bacteria and viruses effectively. In such critical era, where there is a great need o sophisticated sanitizer dispenser.

    When we talk about hygiene, we cannot forget the role of healthy devices. Modern sanitizers have great potential to fight threatening germs and viruses. We can say this is a continuous war where you need auto dispensers for sanitizing hands. You can use them in homes and commercial places both.


    Auto Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

    7 mistakes when using auto hand sanitizer dispenser

    Auto hand sanitizer dispenser and medical masks are considered two essential items to protect us against the return of covid. However, improper use poses a greater risk of harm, first of all, reducing the ability to prevent disease, making it easier for bacteria and viruses to attack. Let's check them out.


    1-Washing hands with auto hand sanitizer dispenser

    Although auto hand sanitizer dispenser could kill bacteria and clean the skin of your hands very quickly, you still need at least 20 to 30 seconds of washing your hands to promote the full anti-bacterial effect. Protect the skin. By WHO, use an adequate amount for both your hands and wrists

    2-Use dispenser only in the palm

    This can be considered a very common mistake of ours. In between the fingers, fingers, and nails are also very favorable positions for the "shelter" of bacteria and viruses. So, you should carefully clean the skin even those sensitive areas, to protect the skin better.

    3-Use only gel or auto hand sanitizer dispenser

    Auto hand sanitizer dispenser is considered a temporary solution to help clean the skin at that time. However, to really prevent the spread, the most optimal way should still be combined with soap with high foaming and antiseptic ability to completely wash away the remaining bacteria and mold.

    4-Use when hands are still wet

    Gel or dry cleaner, due to its high alcohol content (can be up to 60% to ensure the best bactericidal ability), is suitable for use on dry skin. When the skin is still moist, it can easily cause irritation, burning the skin of the hands.

    5-Storing for too long after opening the lid

    Maybe for some reason, you forget the unfinished bottle of auto hand sanitizer dispenser sitting in a corner of the house. Instead of continuing to use it, you should invest in a new bottle after 3 months of use. Because dry hand sanitizer contains alcohol, so it is very volatile. When it evaporates, it will reduce its inherent antiseptic properties.

    6-Excessive exposure to sunlight

    Using hand sanitizer can make your skin more sensitive due to its high alcohol content to kill bacteria. When using hand sanitizer, you should limit your exposure to UVA and UVB rays to protect your skin most effectively.

    7-Use hand sanitizer for the entire face, especially the eye area

    This mistake of auto hand sanitizer dispenser may be rare, but it should still be on the "list" of things to avoid when accidentally made. These are two areas that are quite sensitive to alcohol when used on the skin, causing the skin to become red, itchy, and prone to acne, so you should avoid applying to these areas.

    What does auto hand sanitizer dispenser contain?

    Amount of alcohol is effective to disinfect, after applying or spraying on the hands, the alcohol component in the preparation has the effect of killing bacteria and viruses. Some preparations add essential oils or natural extracts with antibacterial and mild antiseptic effects.

    Alcohol, after being put into the hands to disinfect, will evaporate, and leave on the hands the moisturizing active ingredients or some other uses added by the manufacturer. There are guidelines for auto hand sanitizer dispenser of the (WHO) for making your own hand sanitizer at home.

    When to use auto hand sanitizer dispenser?

    1. First, after nasal spray and sneezing. Contact with sick people is at risk of getting sick.
    2. Second, when your hand touches external contact surfaces and holds money.
    3. Moreover, when you go to a public place
    4. Above all, before and after eating

    How to properly use sanitizer dispenser?

    1. Firstly, put a small amount of hand sanitizer in the palm of your hand
    2. Secondly, rub the gel evenly on the palm and back of the hand
    3. Next, rub the gel into the gaps between the fingers
    4. Also, rub each finger and interstitial thoroughly when using auto hand sanitizer dispenser
    5. Lastly, rub well for another 20 seconds to completely dry the alcohol.
      Auto Hand Sanitizer Dispenser 2021

    Notes for using auto hand sanitizer dispenser

    Therefore, some notes when using the product are:

    1. Store at room temperature, away from heat sources.
    2. And keep out of reach of children. Children under 6 years old when used under adult supervision.
    3. Don't store with food.
    4. Most importantly, avoid contact with eyes and mouth.

    Connivence of auto hand sanitizer dispenser

    Wash hands with water with soap or dry auto hand sanitizer dispenser, suitable for each person's lifestyle. For convenience, people often use auto hand sanitizer dispenser when in public places, when taking public transport in places where soap and water are not available or convenient.

    Hand sanitizer gel is a spray product, helping to remove stubborn bacteria, supporting the best health protection. No need to rinse with water when using. Just put it in your hand, apply it evenly within 30 seconds.

    Hand sanitizers effectiveness in insect bites

    In addition, some hand sanitizer gels can also be used to treat insect bites. When used, the bite will be disinfected, reduce redness, and reduce the feeling of itching and discomfort. However, you are also advised not to overuse this auto hand sanitizer dispenser. Combine other measures for optimal health protection.

     Ingredients of auto hand sanitizer dispenser

    Hand sanitizer gel usually has a volume of 30-70ml which is convenient to carry around. Dry hand sanitizer comes with many scents such as green tea, apple, lavender, jasmine ... so that consumers have more choices.