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    Purell hand sanitizer wall dispenser: Best Tool to Kill Home Bacteria



    In this period of global pandemic, daily hygiene reinvents itself: sanitizing hands with purell hand sanitizer wall dispenser, emptying the bottle of hydro alcoholic gel, wearing a mask and smiling with your eyes, sneezing in the elbow are now passages we know by heart. But how to get rid of these microbes: bacteria and viruses in the home. Here is a 4 ways to follow to eliminate microbes every day.

    Purell hand sanitizer wall dispenser

    · TIDY UP

    First of all tidy up every corner of the house especially at the entrance, from where microbes enter, but also in the most humid rooms, kitchen and bathroom, where heat and humidity favor their proliferation; finally, the bedrooms, where our objects coexist and contaminate.

    Avoid placing your bag anywhere and above all do not put it on the ground; it is a habit to lose when you are outside, in restaurants, in public transport or in public toilets. Use purell hand sanitizer wall dispenser where ever it is possible.


    For a clean environment, let's move on to the most obvious step: cleaning! It takes time, method and above all regularity to make them. A cloth soaked in soapy water is what you need to effectively clean surfaces and objects. Always follow the manufacturer's maintenance recommendations. Remember to change often the sponge or cloth in which many unwanted microbes reside.

    For bulky fabrics such as blankets, rugs and curtains, use a powerful vacuum cleaner, dust the fibers deeply or contact a cleaning company to do it more thoroughly. Machines wash your towels every week and, if possible, also wash your fabric bags regularly.


    It is not certain that, after cleaning the objects, the microbes have been completely eliminated. It is therefore necessary to disinfect with purell hand sanitizer wall dispenser. To do this, wash your hands carefully and consider it a frequent step. For leather bags, use disinfectant wipes. For all other items and fabrics, use the disinfectant steam from a steam purifier such as IGGI or a portable steam boiler such as LIFT.

    Also, it may seem unusual, but so does its washing machine it must be clean. Doing so is very simple: an empty 90 ° wash once a month is sufficient.


    We think about it when we have a cold, less so while we are cleaning, but even in this case protecting ourselves from germs is very important. . Wash your hands often with soap and water for 20 seconds, wear reusable or disposable gloves during the daily cleaning and disinfection process.


    Few daily hygiene measures allow her to keep microbes away in an easy way. Choose natural and environmentally friendly methods, purell hand sanitizer dispenser eliminates microbes and viruses in a single gesture. But above all, be constant: managing risk on a regular basis is much easier than fighting it once it installs.

    How to create a disinfectant to be put in the washing machine together with the laundry to sanitize it properly?


    We need to:

    • sodium bicarbonate or baking soda
    • white or apple vinegar
    • essential oils
    • lemon juice

    Baking soda

    It can be common just like a sanitizing powder: just introduce a couple of spoons directly into the detergent basket or drawer. It's also perfect for hand washing - just dissolve it in water before soaking your clothes. It has a double function: in addition to being an effective natural sanitizer, sodium bicarbonate is also perfect against stains.

    Essential oils

    Essential oils in particular officinal lavender, green tea, citrus and thyme oils, thanks to their antibacterial effect, are as excellent sanitizers. To thoroughly disinfect with purell hand sanitizer wall dispenser, just add a few drops of essential oil to our usual detergent.

    Lemon Juice

    Vinegar and lemon are also natural sanitizers perfect for laundry. The vinegar should come in the tray in place of the fabric softener. If we don't like particularly aggressive smells, we can opt for apple cider vinegar which has a less aggressive smell. Just like fabric softener, apple cider vinegar will be able to perfume our laundry.

    How we can make a mixture for better results?

    All the above ingredients can be common as a mixture to create a real sanitizing powder for purell hand sanitizer wall dispenser to be stored and common. We keep the baking soda as a base and add essential oils and vinegar. We pour the liquid component a little at a time, to avoid the formation of lumps. If possible, we pass everything in the blender to mix it better.

    Purell hand sanitizer wall dispenser 2021


    To avoid the accumulation of germs and bacteria in the home, there are a number of healthy procedures to adopt:

    • Ensure good air exchange: every morning it is good to open the windows and let in new air.
    • Empty the baskets into which common paper tissues put away.
    • Disinfect the handles of the house, in particular of the kitchen and bathroom.
    • To kill the most dangerous bacteria it is best to use common 5% sodium hypochlorite based cleaners.

    When there is a sick person in the house, more attention must be paid to sanitize using purell hand sanitizer wall dispenser.

    • The toothbrush should be kept for a good period of time under running hot water.
    • You must be careful not to store brush next to others and after the flu it is better to throw it.
    • The work surfaces and kitchen appliances must be clean every day as well as taps.
    • Clean the handles of the refrigerator, the oven, the wall units, dishwashers and garbage cans.
    • The use of the dishwasher is highly important as it guarantees an excellent disinfectant.
    • The hygiene of the bed linen should be particularly take care of.
    • The sheets should be clean every week because they deposit by the mouth, make-up and dead skin cells.
    • Remote controls, light switches, door handles, furniture and drawers are the great "virus magnets" So disinfect them.
    • If the sofa is removable, it is advisable to periodically wash all the fabrics.