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    How to disinfect your hands using stainless steel hand sanitizer dispenser?


    In principle, you have good protection just by washing your hands thoroughly. For this purpose stainless steel hand sanitizer dispenser is s good option. You should then wash with a hefty bar of soap and rub thoroughly for at least half a minute. Wash between fingers. If you wear rings, you should be extra careful around them. Ideally, you should take them off.
    stainless steel hand sanitizer dispenser

    When hands are necessary to sanitize with stainless steel hand sanitizer dispenser?

    You should sanitize your hands:

    • Before and after the meal
    • Similarly, before and after toilet visits
    • Before and after you leave home
    • When someone has visited your home try to sanitize by stainless steel hand sanitizer dispenser.
    • Here you can read a more detailed guide on washing your hands.
    • The same applies when using any drink. Wait until your hands have dried. Then take a hefty click, 2-3 milliliters, rub it in so that it covers the entire hands, nails and wrists.
    • Be careful between the fingers and at rings.
    • Remember not to dry your hands afterwards, let them air dry.

    Why alcohol based sanitizer is good option?

    Use alcohol-based and approved hand sanitizer. You should choose one with 70 percent alcohol, the one with 90 percent breaks down proteins too fast. In other words, a higher alcohol percentage does not equal a better effect.

    Wash the clothes when came back to home

    If you have been out among people, you sanitize hands with stainless steel hand sanitizer dispenser and change clothes when you get home. You wash the clothes you were wearing in the washing machine just as usual. If all shops and pharmacies have sold out, you can do your own hand disinfection. You can read more about this in our guide whom you will find here: Make your own hand alcohol.

    How we can keep our home free of viruses?

    Some viruses can also be spread indirectly, by someone touching a surface that you then touch. Keeping these surfaces clean reduces the risk. This also applies to bacteria and other microorganisms. Cleaning the home is something everyone should do regularly, both for their physical health and their mental well-being. For this hand sanitization is must with stainless steel hand sanitizer dispenser.


    In addition to this, you can also disinfect the home, but you should always clean first. Disinfecting surfaces is something that many companies do more regularly now that there are covid-19 outbreaks. Far from all professions are those where people can work from home. Then you must do your best to ensure that the environment in which people work does not contribute to the spread of infection.

    Is home disinfection is necessary on daily basis?

    As hand sanitization with stainless steel hand sanitizer dispenser in the same way home disinfection is must. Disinfecting the home is not something you need to do regularly.  You who have never disinfected the home can of course do it once, but otherwise it is not really necessary if you have not had a visit from someone who can carry the virus.

    The surfaces that are most important to disinfect are those that often come into contact with humans. Risk surfaces include all the surfaces that many people touch, such as handles, remote controls, countertops, chairs, railings, toilets, lamp buttons and the like.

    How to disinfect surfaces?

    Clean with regular detergent and a clean cloth

    • Apply disinfectant; the easiest is to use disinfectant wipes or spray.
    • Allow to air dry
    • Clean the phone but before sanitize hands with stainless steel hand sanitizer dispenser.
    • The telephone is a gathering place for microorganisms because we touch it a lot.
    • Be careful when disinfecting it as it is an electronics product.

    Why cleaning of computer is so necessary?

    The computer is, just like the telephone, an electronics product that we touch on a lot. You can use a slightly damp cloth to clean it. There are special cleaning wipes for electronic products that are good to use, but they are rarely disinfectant. Disinfectant wipes can be good to use, but be careful not to damage the electronics. The same applies to other electronics that you use while working.

    How to disinfect your hands with stainless steel hand sanitizer dispenser?
    stainless steel hand sanitizer dispenser 2021

    It can be done in two ways: either with water and an antiseptic soap, or with a hydro-alcoholic solution. Its purpose is to eliminate the transient flora present on the skin (and therefore to limit the risk of contamination) and to temporarily reduce the resident flora. Proceed in several steps if you prefer soap instead of stainless steel hand sanitizer dispenser.

    • Wet your hands and wrists.
    • Take a dose of antiseptic soap in the palm of your hand; if possible without touching the soap bottle.
    • Soap the skin of the hands and wrists for at least 60 seconds.
    • Rinse by running your hands under running water, starting with the fingers and ending with the wrists.
    • Take a hand towel and pat all the skin dry, starting with the fingers again and ending with the wrists.
    • Turn off the tap with the paper towel. Please do not touch it with your hands directly.
    • The same goes for the trash in which you throw your paper towels.
    • Prefer automatic or foot-operated trash cans, or touch it with the paper towel.
    • If you use stainless steel hand sanitizer dispenser for cleanliness of hands it’s a better option.

    Hygienic disinfection protocol by hydro alcoholic friction

    In this case, you will only need a hydro alcoholic product or PHA containing between 60 and 70% alcohol. These are in fact the recommendations of the ANSM. Take in the palm of your hand at least 3 ml of hydro alcoholic product. That's about a palm, or two squeezes of a pump bottle.


    Rub your hands and wrists for at least 30 seconds using Stainless steel hand sanitizer dispenser. This is the contact time necessary for the product to act. Remember to rub all skin surfaces, areas are often neglected. This is the case with the thumbs, the spaces between the fingers and the nails. Stop scrubbing only when the entire product has evaporated and your hands are dry. Do not rinse.