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    3 Best Standing Hand Sanitizer Dispenser in China


    Recently, the Covid epidemic has caused many changes in the socio-economic life of the country. Right now to protect yourself, in addition to wearing a mask, one of the methods to kill bacteria recommended is to wash your hands with specialized product lines, such as standing hand sanitizer dispenser.

    Standing Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

    What is the use of hand sanitizer?

    What are the best and recommended dry hand sanitizers or gels by the Ministry of Health today? Let's find out through the article below.


    What is hand sanitizer?

    What does hand sanitizer do?

    Should I use hand sanitizer?

    Best hand sanitizer

    What is standing hand sanitizer dispenser?

    Standing hand sanitizer dispenser is a product line. This comes in the form of a solution, spray or gel with the effect of cleaning hands when dirty, disinfecting to kill viruses and bacteria that cause disease without need to be rinsed with water.

    Hand sanitizer

    With this product line, you just need to take an appropriate amount of hand sanitizer. And then rub both palms together, apply between fingers for about 30 seconds and let the product dry naturally.

    What does hand sanitizer do?

    In today's dry hand sanitizer product lines, most of them contain chemical ingredients such as:

    • Ethanol
    • Deionized
    • Sodium Lactate and flavorings

    The main use of standing hand sanitizer dispenser is to kill microorganisms and bacteria. It acts by disrupting their protein coat, rendering them paralyzed and inactive.

    This is a question asked by many people today. This is because in addition to the effective bactericidal effect without rinsing with water, this product line can also cause side effects with your skin, such as dry hands, aging chemical. Even many improper use cases make bacteria multiply more and make the human immune system weakened.

    Which is the best standing hand sanitizer dispenser?

    Therefore, in the current unpredictable epidemic situation, the use of spray or gel hand sanitizer products is essential. However, in order to protect themselves effectively, each person needs to know how to use this product line properly to minimize the side effects caused by the product.

    The line of standing hand sanitizer dispenser is now very diverse and increasingly popular. It is due to its outstanding ability to kill bacteria and the convenience of not needing to be rinsed with water.

    However, to protect yourself in the best way, you should choose the lines of dry hand sanitizer recommended by the Ministry of Health, specifically as follows:

    1. Wholesale hand sanitizer

    OEM hand sanitizer is the current best-selling dry hand sanitizer. This product can prevent and kill up to 99% of bacteria, helping you to protect the health of yourself and your family in the best way.

    This hand sanitizer product line has many different product models such as:

    • orange-flavored hand sanitizer for children
    • apple-flavored hand sanitizer gel
    • natural flavor hand sanitizer
    • green tea hand sanitizer

    Each of these product lines has its own characteristics so that consumers can choose to suit their preferences and needs.

    Hand sanitizer

    OEM standing hand sanitizer dispenser helps you to clean your hands daily to prevent infectious diseases in the most effective way. With this product line, your hands will have the taste of green tea leaves, naturally fragrant, bringing comfort and relaxation to the user.

    The ingredients in this product line are vitamin E and natural essences rich in vitamin C.

    Touch less standing hand sanitizer dispenser

    Orange-scented hand sanitizer for children will help protect baby's hands to the maximum by killing harmful bacteria. This product brings freshness and comfort to baby's hands, does not make baby's hands dry when used repeatedly. The scent of orange is very cool, loved by many children.

    Green Cross apple-flavored dry hand sanitizer contains a unique formula with Triclosan extract and vitamin E, which effectively kills bacteria up to 99.9% but still ensures hands are moisturized and effectively anti-aging.

    How to use hand sanitizers?

    Standing Hand Sanitizer Dispenser 2021

    Fruit flavored standing hand sanitizer dispenser for babies contains a gentle formula that is not harmful to your baby's tender hands. This product can effectively kill bacteria and make your baby's hands softer, fresher and cleaner.

    Meanwhile, apple melon-flavored hand sanitizer has ingredients from apple melon with a fresh, extremely pleasant fragrance. This product does not contain harmful substances, so it can also be used by children.

    Natural fragrance hand sanitizer is suitable for travelers, helping to protect and sanitize your hands when in contact with public surfaces, helping to protect the health of users.

    Bath and Body Works Hand Sanitizer

    Bath and Body Works is also one of the hand sanitizers recommended by the Ministry of Health. This product contains honey extract, olive oil extract, coconut oil extract and palm oil extract. These ingredients have a very good bactericidal effect.

    Standing hand sanitizer dispenser can kill all types of bacteria on hands without having to rinse with water.

    Not only that, these natural essences can also moisturizes the skin, keeping your hands soft and smooth. Not only does this product not cause dry skin, but it can also cool and soothe irritation in the hands very effectively.

    Wall Mounted Sanitizer Dispenser

    Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer is free of parabens, mineral oils and other skin-irritating ingredients. Therefore, you can rest assured when using.

    Besides, this product has a quite compact and beautiful design, suitable for carrying around so that you can clean your hands anytime, anywhere, helping to protect you better.

    This standing hand sanitizer dispenser comes in a cool, very pleasant gel form. This gel is also very quick to dry, does not leave an unpleasant greasy feeling, but also brings a smooth and soft clean to the hands.

    1. Gel hand sanitizer

    Using Gel hand sanitizer will help clean the hands extremely effectively, the bacteria and dirt are removed, and the hands are always soft thanks to enough moisture. This product has a composition of 75.5% Ethanol for a very good bactericidal effect.

    Besides, this product line also contains emollients and moisturizers, making your hands softer and smoother. The product is fragrance-free, fragrance-free and colorless.


    Summary: Best Sanitizers from Sanitizer Dispenser

    This line of standing hand sanitizer dispenser has the ability to disinfect very quickly and effectively but does not hurt the skin of the hands. You can prevent and prevent diseases that are transmitted by the west, eliminating bacteria that are harmful to human health.

    Above are the dry hand sanitizers recommend by us to be used today to kill bacteria and protect your own health? Hopefully with the information shared above, you will find for yourself and your family the most suitable and best hand sanitizer for daily use.