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    5 Best Refillable Hand Sanitizer Dispenser in 2022


    Why should we use hand sanitizer?

    Refillable Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

    Washing hands with water only works to clean the stains that you can see, but is not highly effective with viruses and bacteria on hands. Therefore, using refillable hand sanitizer dispenser is essential. Specifically, the use of hand sanitizers and soaps recommended by the Ministry of Health brings many benefits to users as follows:

    Using hand sanitizers and soaps will help clean good bacteria. This is because these products contain active ingredients with effective antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

    How to use refillable hand sanitizer dispenser?

    Helps reduce the risk of infection of all kinds of diseases, especially hand - foot - mouth diseases in young children, reduce the risk of diseases and reduce the possibility of gastrointestinal infections.

    Hand wash

    Antiseptic hand sanitizer products also have a mild fragrance, bringing a feeling of relaxation and relaxation after use.

    Criteria for choosing to buy safe hand sanitizer

    Currently on the market there are many lines of refillable hand sanitizer dispenser for users to choose from. However, how to choose the best product line to help ensure the best protection for your health?

    Based on product brand

    Branded product lines, with clear origin, will be more assured in terms of quality, giving you more peace of mind about the effectiveness and safety of that product your hand skin and health.

    Choose to buy antibacterial refillable hand sanitizer dispenser:

    You should give priority to choosing hand sanitizer products with 99% bactericidal ability to best protect your health.


    Choose products with benign ingredients so as not to harm the skin of your hands and your health.

    Review of 5 most popular quality hand sanitizer products

    It is not difficult for you to choose a line of refillable hand sanitizer dispenser for yourself. However, for the best effect, you should prioritize choosing 1 of the 5 products below. These are all lines of hand sanitizer recommended by the Ministry of Health today.

    Refillable Hand Sanitizer Dispenser 2021

    3.1 Electric Sensor Hand Sanitizer

    Electric Sensor is one of the lines of hand sanitizer recommended by the Ministry of Health today. This product will help your hands be cleaner, effectively kill harmful bacteria and viruses on the skin, helping to prevent the risk of current infectious diseases.

    This refillable hand sanitizer dispenser designs with many different capacities, from 100ml, 250ml to 500ml. Thanks to that, you can choose for yourself the right product model to use at home, to bring when traveling, and to help your hands always has god protection, especially after contacting surfaces public side.

    This is a line of dry hand sanitizer so you do not need to rinse with water. The product is best to kill up to 99.9% of bacteria on the skin.

    OEM refillable hand sanitizer dispenser

    The OEM hand washing machine is an appropriate choice for factories, restaurants, cafeterias, schools, offices,... with many preeminent features and affordable prices. The machine uses infrared sensor technology to detect objects to disinfect, extremely fast sensing within 0.25s- 0.5s. Limit contact; do not need to touch your hands like normal hand sanitizers.

    Refillable hand sanitizer dispenser

    This line of hand sanitizers has a mechanism to operate on electricity or batteries. There are 2 options for customers to use 4 A batteries, or plug directly into the 220V power source.

    Depending on where you want to place the machine, choose the appropriate way to use it. For battery use, each battery change will achieve about 9000-9500 inductions

    Wholesale OEM refillable hand sanitizer dispenser

    The sensor refillable hand sanitizer dispenser can adjust the liquid dosage to meet different needs (0.8ml or 1.6ml). We can use it as a gel solution or with a common soap solution. In particular, there is a tray to catch residual liquid to help keep the floor clean. You can optionally choose accessories such as floor stands, table stands or trays to cater for a variety of situations and needs.

    5/ Alcohol sprayer - spray hand sanitizer

    Automatic induction alcohol sprayer is a product of our company, which is a brand of high-end sanitary ware products. It is a specialized touch-sensitive hand sanitizer sprayer for public areas such as hospitals, offices, banks, restaurants, etc.

    The product comes with touch technology without touching the machine to prevent cross-contamination.

    Table Mounted refillable hand sanitizer dispenser

    The container of the induction alcohol sprayer has a large capacity of up to 1100ml that can hold a large amount of alcohol to meet many users. The refillable hand sanitizer dispenser is easy to use by batteries, so it is quite convenient, you can place it anywhere depending on your needs.


    When the machine is hot, it can automatically cut off the power to keep it safe. The product comes with ABS plastic material, which is hard, anti-aging when exposed to high temperatures and chemicals, so it is very durable. The product is stain resistant and very easy to clean.

    6/ Wholesale refillable hand sanitizer dispenser

    The hand sanitizer combination thermometer will be the perfect 2-in-1 choice at a time when the epidemic is complicated like today. This machine series integrates both hand washing and body temperature measurement, so it is quite convenient.

    The machine integrates temperature measurement and palm sanitizer, LCD digital display with backlight and shows the temperature quite clearly. In addition, when the temperature is abnormal, the device will display a red backlight and alarm immediately.

    The innovative high-tech infrared sensor can safely and quickly measure within 500 milliseconds. Converting the temperature unit F or C makes it convenient to measure for each different object.


    Refillable hand sanitizer dispenser capacity tank provides long service life and minimizes maintenance. You can install it on the wall, let it stand on the floor or use a tripod depending on your needs. Similarly, it is suitable for use with various liquids and hand sanitizers. Lock design, equipped with a key so it is very safe.

    Hence, you can try modern state of the art sanitizers for your company in bulk from us. You can get it at best price.