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    What is the function of wall mount hand sanitizer dispenser?


    wall mount hand sanitizer dispenser
    Clean hands are an extremely necessary job to protect the virus from entering during a time of serious epidemic developments like today. However, washing hands with traditional soap bars sometimes makes you feel uncomfortable and unhygienic. Therefore, our following article will share with you the best wall mount hand sanitizer dispenser on the market today.

    Benefits of an inductive hand sanitizer dispenser compared to a regular hand sanitizer dispenser

    The smart hand sanitizer dispenser will detect the user's hand through an infrared sensor. Then the hand sanitizer dispenser will automatically spray out an amount of disinfectant solution that can be adjusted to the right amount, saving solution.

    Users only need a few seconds to clean their hands without touching or holding any objects, so it is very safe. As for the traditional disinfectant solution containers left in public places, it is very likely to cause cross-contamination.

    Benefits of hand sanitizer dispensers

    These hand washing machine product lines are quite durable, so they will help the community to protect the environment. You are not releasing plastic waste into the environment from traditional hand sanitizer bottles.

    Dry hand sanitizer is the product of dry hand sanitizer or hand sanitizer. Products are divided into two main types: spray hand sanitizer and gel hand sanitizer. When using dry hand sanitizer, you just need to put the solution on your hands, apply it evenly within 30 seconds.

    The antibacterial effect of dry hand sanitizer

    Antibacterial hand sanitizer products often have a mild fragrance but are able to effectively kill bacteria. Hand sanitizer is often used to wash hands before and after eating, after users are active outdoors, or use computers, phones and hold money, etc.

    In addition, hand sanitizer is a very popular product at the time of epidemic outbreaks, supporting disease prevention because of its high antiseptic ability.

    Wall mount hand sanitizer dispenser not only makes it easier for people to ensure personal hygiene, but is also very luxurious and modern.

    In addition, the touch-sensitive hand sanitizer dispenser also saves costs and manpower for washing hands, measuring temperature, and limiting the risk of disease cross-infection.

    OEM hand sanitizer dispenser

    OEM sanitizer dispenser is a product trusted by many customers in the market. It comes of high-quality transparent ABS material. This is durable, beautiful, and creates sophistication for the space.

    You just need to put your hand in the bottle. The soap dispenser will automatically pump out a sufficient amount of hand sanitizer for one use. Helps save costs and limit unnecessary waste.

    The Soap Magic hand soap dispenser uses a fairly common AAA battery, so it's very convenient to change the battery. In addition, when the hand sanitizer in the bottle has not been exhausted, the machine will stop working to protect the device.

    Wholesale touch soap dispenser

    The Wholesale wall mount hand sanitizer dispenser makes it easy to get the right amount of hand soap. It comes with a sensor on the body to prevent you from touching the device to avoid cross-contamination.

    The Wholesale sanitizer dispenser has an electronic display that shows the filling level, soap consumption and battery status. And the top cover can cover the electronic screen quite hygienically.

    wall mount hand sanitizer dispenser 2021

    Wholesale automatic soap dispenser works with touch sensor mechanism. Just put your hand underneath and the Wholesale soap dispenser will spray the right amount of hand sanitizer. Help save costs and resources during the pandemic

    Wholesale touch-sensitive hand sanitizer dispenser has a very modern and luxurious design, you can put it in the toilet, in front of the store, at school,... depending on your needs.

    OEM smart hand sanitizer dispenser

    OEM is a brand that specializes in providing hand washing machines that are quite famous in the market with diverse and beautiful quality and designs. Wall mount hand sanitizer dispenser comes of shiny stainless steel plastic material, very easy to clean and quite safe for health.

    The induction mode automatically sprays soap out quickly in just 0.2 seconds, so it's quite convenient. You do not need to touch the bottle with your hands to avoid bacteria or stains on the bottle. Suitable for use in kitchens, bathrooms, restaurants, cafes,...

    The funnel-shaped soap dispenser hole makes it easy to pour soap into the bottle without spilling. In addition, the convenient rechargeable battery with the common micro USB port and with each charge you can use up to 2 months.

    Smart touch soap dispenser

    Factory Hand Sanitizer smart touch soap dispenser is a pretty famous line today. The design of the Factory Hand Sanitizer hand sanitizer is very modern, with a slim design suitable for places with larger spaces, such as airports, hospitals, offices, factories,...

    With a digital display, the temperature measurement is accurate and fast. The sterilization container has a capacity of up to 1200ml for longer use time. You can stand it, hang it on the wall, or use the mounting hole in the base to suit where you want to wash your hands.

    Wall mount hand sanitizer dispenser is a product line that integrates an extremely modern and smart infrared electronic thermometer. Now people do not need to stand to use ordinary temperature meters and disinfectant sprays, helping investors to reduce manpower, costs, time as well as ensure absolute safety against the Covid-19 epidemic. .

    Factory Hand Sanitizer automatic hand soap dispenser

    Factory Hand Sanitizer soap dispenser is a line of automatic antibacterial spray products that combine body temperature measurement without an operator.

    This line of machines helps limit the spread during the Covid-19 epidemic season, while saving manpower, time and costs. The measured parameters will display on the large LCD screen, making it easy for the tester to monitor the results.

    Suitable for many places such as schools, houses, hospitals, hotels, offices, factories, factories, supermarkets, buildings, ...

    Touch washer Factory Hand Sanitizer

    The machine includes 2 disinfecting spray modes:

    • misting
    • dripping

    People who want to wash their hands just need to put their hands in. The machine will automatically spray out a suitable amount of hand sanitizer that was previously set. Limit cross-infection compared to traditional machines that have to touch to press buttons.

    Factory Hand Sanitizer

    The Factory Hand wall mount hand sanitizer dispenser has a luxurious, compact and durable design thanks to ABS plastic material. The machine uses 5V power or 18650 batteries. You can put the product on the table, wall or use the stand to move to each suitable location.