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    The Correct Way to Maximize Space using Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser


    Purell Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser; Places To Install The Dispenser

    Purell Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser has gained massive popularity after the widespread of the COVID-19. There was no adequate solution to fight the spread of the viruses except for maintaining social distancing and proper sanitization of hands. Conventional sanitizers work well to sustain hand-hygiene, but an automatic sanitizer dispenser is an ideal means to prevail hand-hygiene among the masses. The touchless sanitizer dispensers do not require any contact and work automatically due to the infrared and ultrasonic sensors.

    Hence there is no common contact point that means less spread of germs and bacteria—every public place including hospitals, schools, airports, restaurants, etc. employ sanitizer dispensers. We have become so dependent on these dispensers as nothing they are ideal for maintaining hand-hygiene. Their use will remain in practice, even when the pandemic ends.

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    This article discusses how you can maximize your space while installing the sanitizer dispenser and suggesting suitable dispensers.

    Automatic soap sensor

    Sanitizers; An Essential Commodity

    Who doesn't know how effective is sanitizer to maintain hand-hygiene. We all have been using sanitizers, but what suddenly made them so famous? The recent outbreak of the covid-19 suddenly changed the way we live. The virus's initial spread made us stay at home as there was no other solution to fight the virus except for maintaining social-distancing and following proper hand-hygiene customs.

    Experts emphasized to achieve adequate and effective hang-hygiene, one must wash hands after every hour. This practice is not possible to work everywhere, especially in public places. Sanitizers play their role to deal with this prompt unavailability of water. The sanitizer is a perfect source to maintain hand-hygiene anytime and anywhere and helps retain the natural moisture of the hand's skin.

    Purell Automatic Hand Sanitzier Dispenser

    The previous year has been a year about hygiene consciousness and social distancing. We all have become habitual of sanitizing our hands as it is the only way to curb the virus's spread. The purell automatic hand sanitizer dispenser has made it easy to maintain hand-hygiene practices.  These dispensers are great for use in homes and in public places their use is extensive. After the widespread of the covid-19, the public areas have started employing sanitizers. No one would see any hospital, school, workplace, or station without the purell automatic hand sanitizer dispenser.

    The purell automatic hand sanitizer dispenser is the best way to encourage individuals to maintain hand-hygiene. The sleek and stylish appearance of the hand sanitizer dispensers grabs the individual's attention toward using it. Moreover, their installation is easy, and one can mount them on a wall or a stand. Hence, the purell automatic hand sanitizer dispenser is a blessing in disguise to curb the spread of viruses and bacteria.

    Correct Locations To Install The Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser To Maximize Space

    The automatic hand sanitizer dispenser is one of the most effective means to encourage people to maintain hand-hygiene. These dispensers have a robust appearance that helps attract individuals toward using them. Moreover, they are straightforward to use as the operation is automatic. It employs the infrared and ultrasonic sensors that detect the hands once placed beneath the nozzle and draws a definite amount of sanitizing liquid. These dispensers do not require any additional places, and hence one can easily install them anywhere.

    Here are some suggestions that will help you decide where you should install your purell automatic hand sanitizer dispenser.


    Researches and surveys have confirmed that 67% of people wash their hands with water and do not use soap. Simultaneously, 82% of the people don't even consider washing hands according to another survey. In the hassle to keep going with the work, employees don't think washing hands necessary. Therefore, installing a sanitizer dispenser in the restroom is better to encourage everyone to sanitize their hands.

    Exits And Entrances

    The doorknobs at the entrance and exits contain colossal viruses and spread the germs and bacteria more readily. It is better to provide sanitizer dispensers at these spots and disinfect the doorknob, light switches, and other contact surfaces.

    Restaurants And Food Courts

    When it comes to food, people often forget sanitizing their hands. It is essential to place the sanitizer dispensers in restaurants and food courts to sanitize their hands and enjoy food simultaneously easily.

    Meeting Rooms

    In conference and meeting rooms, people exchange greetings and shake hands hence transfer germs. Therefore, it is crucial to place one at the table or mount it on the wall so that people can sanitize their hands with ease and convenience.

    Transaction Counters

    The money transferred during transaction contains several pathogens. The transaction counter caters to thousands of people every day coming from all over the city. They bring umpteen viruses with them that help among the masses readily. Installing a sanitizer dispenser near the counter can help prevent the spread of germs and viruses.

    Sanitizer Dispenser You Can Consider Buying

    Here are some suggestions that can help you select the right sanitizer dispenser for your home or workplace.

    Purell Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

    The purell automatic hand sanitizer dispenser has a smart appearance and a side window to check the refill level. The good thing about this sanitizer dispenser is it has an intelligent key-lock system that makes it impossible for people to use it unnecessarily.

    Moreover, this sanitizer dispenser has a high capacity that makes it exceptionally perfect for use in public places. However, the dispenser does not come with additional batteries, so you will have to pay an extra amount to buy the batteries when making a purchase.

    Purell Touch-Free Metallic Dispenser

    This dispenser has an advanced standby system, making it consumes less battery as it sleeps when not in operation. There is an led light system which tells about the battery status. The refill is easy, and the capacity is ample. But the metallic body makes it not a suitable sanitizer dispenser for public places as it cannot withstand extreme weather conditions.

    Temperature Measurement And Disinfecting Soap Gel Liquid Dispenser

    This sanitizer dispenser is ideal for public areas, including hospitals, airports, bus stations, hotels, etc. The dispenser is touchless; therefore, there is no single point hence no spread of the virus. The temperature measuring function is an add-on that makes the dispenser more stylish. It can support all three disinfecting liquids, including foam, soap, and gel. Moreover, the battery lasts for years once purchased. The dispenser is more economical when it comes to cost and durability than the purell dispensers mentioned above.

    Wholesaler OEM Hospital Refillable 1200ml Hand Sanitizer Dispenser With Tray

    This dispenser is economical and supports the foam, liquid, and gel sanitizer liquids. The impressive and unique tray design prevents the dripping of the liquid on the floor and hence does not cause any mess. The sanitizer is chemically resistant, and the body of the sanitizer dispenser is robust that makes it last longer than the purell dispenser as mentioned above. Therefore this dispenser economically feasible and lasts longer than other conventional sanitizer dispensers.


    To sum up, the fengjie sanitizer dispensers are better in cost, durability, and the latest features. The capacity and appearance do not make any difference so why spend on something expensive yet providing the same hygiene practices. This article also discussed the key places where you can install the sanitizer dispensers to maximize the space and achieve efficacy in sanitizing hands.

    In short, the sanitizer dispensers have given a whole new meaning to maintaining hand-hygiene. They are incredibly durable, reliable, and helpful in encouraging the masses to attain hand-hygiene, especially in public places.

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