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    Top Products by FENGJIE and purell touchless hand sanitizer dispenser


    FENGJIE and PURELL Touchless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

    Regular hand washing to keep your hands disinfected is need of the hour. Coronavirus is creating hassles all across the world. This deadly virus has already taken hundreds of thousands of lives worldwide. The virus, like germs and bacteria, transfers rapidly to the human body through hands. Touch-less hand sanitizer dispensers have become a go-to handwashing option in this pandemic situation. These dispensers are the safest and the most convenient methods to maintain hand hygiene. PURELL and FENGJIE are two popular hand sanitizer brands. Today, we will list the best FENGJIE and PURELL touchless hand sanitizer dispenser products in this article.

    Best FENGJIE and PURELL Touchless Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Products

    Both the PURELL and FENGJIE are the top brands offering an array of touch-less hand sanitizer dispensers. Their products are tailored for residential and commercial use and are known for quality. Here are the top FENGJIE and PURELL touchless hand sanitizer dispenser products you can consider:

    1. FENGJIE Temperature Measurement and Disinfection Soap Gel Liquid Dispenser

    Are you looking for an automatic soap dispenser with some unique features? If yes, then this FENGJIE touch-less sanitizer could be the right choice. This dispenser has a temperature measuring sensor that displays the current temperature on a small screen on the dispenser. It makes this dispenser stand out from the rest. It is a high-capacity 1200ml dispenser suitable for public areas, including hospitals, airports, bus stations, and hotels, etc.

    Here are the most prominent features of this dispenser model:

    • Smart temperature audio notice and display.
    • Suitable for sanitizer, foam, and soap.
    • Lockable window design.
    • Low power light indicator.
    • Chemical resistant.
    • Durable ABS plastic material.
    • Supports both batteries and DC adaptor.

    The temperature measuring feature is an advantage that you won’t get with many other models. You will be able to see temperature measurements in both Fahrenheit and centigrade degrees.

    2. FENGJIE CE ROHS Industry Wall-Mounted Touch-Free Automatic Dispenser

    It is a 1000ml smart induction foam dispenser with a refillable bottle, perfect for bathroom applications. Apart from that, this FENGJIE hand sanitizer dispenser is also suitable for public areas like hotels, hospitals, bus stations, and airports, etc. It is an automatic dispenser, so there will be no risk for cross-contamination. The dispenser activates automatically right after you put your hands under it. Therefore, there are zero chances of getting an infection.

    Take a look at the following features of this FENGJIE automatic dispenser:

    • Take one option from a 1000ml refillable bottle or 800ml disposable bag.
    • Suitable for foam, soap, and sanitizer.
    • Lockable window design.
    • Low power light indicator.
    • Chemical resistant.
    • Durable ABS plastic material.

    This wall-mounted automatic foam soap dispenser comes with anti-vandalism and anti-theft functions to protect liquid security. There is also a special key available for easy maintenance.

    3. PURELL TFX Touch-Free Dispenser

    If you are looking for a high-capacity touch-free dispenser, then this PURELL touchless hand sanitizer dispenser has 1200ml capacity to fulfill your needs. It is an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser that operates automatically with the help of high-quality motion sensors. Another good thing about this dispenser is its large window that helps you keep track of the remaining liquid in the bottle. Moreover, you can also refill the bottle with liquid soap.

    Below are some key features of this automatic hand sanitizer dispenser:

    • ROHS compliant.
    • The dispenser shuts down automatically.
    • GOJO SMART-FLEX design of bottle uses thirty percent less material.
    • Uses patent-pending technology for optimized energy use.
    • Large-capacity.
    • Low battery light indicator.

    This PURELL touchless hand sanitizer dispenser is compatible with the brand’s 1200ml TFX hand sanitizer refills. It is a wall-mounted hand sanitizer dispenser that you can use in your bathrooms, kitchens, or even in commercial facilities.

    4. PURELL LTX-12 Dispenser 1200ml

    This hand sanitizer dispenser is known for its easy service, reliability, and eye-catching design that suit almost any environment. This 1200ml high-capacity automatic dispenser is a great choice for high-traffic public areas. It is perfect for public restrooms, hotels, hospitals, bus stations, and large commercial buildings. The easy maintenance and a large window help you easily maintain and refill the dispenser bottle with new liquid soap.

    Here are the different features you will get with this PURELL touchless hand sanitizer dispenser:

    • Uses GOJO LOCK OR NOT Technology.
    • Sanitary Sealed Refills.
    • Easy maintenance.
    • Patent-pending technology for optimized energy use.
    • Controlled Collapse Refills.

    This PURELL sanitizer dispenser comes with a removable pump for convenient recycling. You can mount it on your wall to save shelve space.

    Automatic Soap Dispenser

    5. FENGJIE Factory ABS Plastic Wall-Mounted Refillable Hospital Disinfectant Dispenser

    This automatic hand sanitizer dispenser is widely used in hospitals, hotels, airports, and bus stations, etc. It is safe because of its touch-less operation. It is a wall-mounted 1000ml capacity dispenser suitable for alcohol sanitizer, foam, and gel. Therefore, you can consider this automatic hand sanitizer dispenser by FENGJIE for both residential and commercial applications.

    Go through the following features of this automatic sanitizer dispenser to know if it is right for your use:

    • Suitable for multiple liquids, including sanitizer, foam, and soap.
    • Option to choose between a 1000ml refillable bottle and an 800ml disposable bag.
    • Low power light indicator.
    • Strong ABS plastic material.
    • Chemical resistant
    • Window design to see the remaining liquid amount.
    • Anti-vandalism and anti-theft functions.

    This automatic FENGJIE dispenser has a highly accurate sensor which means there will be less wastage and high efficiency. It also provides an overall improved user experience.


    Touch-less hand sanitizer dispensers have become essential parts for both domestic and commercial facilities for maintaining hand hygiene. Both FENGJIE and PURELL touchless hand sanitizer dispenser products are known for quality and reliability. Various brands are making automatic hand sanitizer dispensers, but FENGJIE and PURELL stand out because of their unique features and quality. If we talk about the best, then FENGJIE has an edge over other brands because of its strong build quality and additional features. You can buy their products with quality assurance.

    However, it is essential to choose the right type of dispensers according to your use. For instance, you will have to decide what features you cannot compromise and whether you need a wall-mounted or stand dispenser. Therefore, go through the complete specifications of several automatic dispensers to know the most suitable option.