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    A Comparison Between Fengjie and Purell Foam Hand Sanitizer Dispenser


    Comparing FENGJIE and PURELL Foam Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

    Foam soap dispensers have become a popular choice in the last few years, especially after the first wave of COVID19. A soap dispenser offers the quickest and safest way to maintain hand hygiene. Due to this, these soap dispensers are gaining traction across the world because of many reasons. Therefore, several companies are manufacturing hand sanitizers for domestic and commercial use. PURELL and FENGJIE are two popular hand sanitizer brands in the market. In this article, we will do a quick comparison between the FENGJIE and PURELL foam hand sanitizer dispenser to help you know which one you should buy.

    Automatic Soap Dispenser

    FENGJIE vs. PURELL Foam Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

    Several studies have proved that washing hands using foam hand sanitizer requires 16 times less water compared to washing hands with liquid soap. Moreover, soap dispensers prove less expensive than traditional bar soaps in the long run. Another advantage that comes with such dispensers is their touch-less operation, which eliminates the risks of cross-contamination. Fortunately, you can buy the automatic version of both the FENGJIE and PURELL foam hand sanitizer dispenser.

    Both brands offer automatic hand sanitizer dispensers for users. Their dispensers are suitable for domestic and commercial use due to the high quality and versatility. Both manufacturers aim at making top-of-the-line hand sanitizers for areas like public restrooms, large offices, airports, public attractions, and entertainment venues, etc. Automatic foam hand sanitizer dispensers are environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

    Let’s take a look at the different FENGJIE and PURELL foam hand sanitizer dispenser products to help you decide which brand is the best choice.

    1. FENGJIE Stand Electric Foam Touchless Automatic Soap Hand Sanitizer

    This automatic foam soap hand sanitizer dispenser is number one on our list of best automatic hand sanitizer dispensers. It is a floor-standing sanitizer dispenser that you can move easily from one place to another. The dispenser quantity is 1000ml and you can use foam, alcohol sanitizer, and gel liquid soap into the dispenser. This dispenser is ideal for use in high-traffic public areas, like restaurants, plazas, and shopping malls, etc.

    Here are the key features of this hand sanitizer dispenser mode:

    • Suitable for multiple liquids: sanitizer, soap, and foam.
    • Two liquid container options: 800ml disposable bag or 1000ml refillable bottles.
    • Lockable window design to avoid accidental spills.
    • Low power light indicator.

    It is a large-capacity hand sanitizer dispenser that is highly durable due to its strong ABS plastic material. This automatic soap dispenser is chemical resistant and cost-saving due to its refill design.

    2. PURELL GOJ212006 - NXT Instant Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

    This PURELL foam hand sanitizer dispenser is another great choice for those looking for a reliable automatic foam soap dispenser. It runs on motion sensors, so you don’t have to touch the dispenser to wash your hands. PURELL GOJ212006 model is a wall-mounted dispenser that you can mount on the wall for convenient use. It is available in an elegant dove grey color that suits most interior decorations. Here are the prominent features of this hand sanitizer dispenser.

    • 1000ml refillable bottle.
    • Supports liquids: foam and gel.
    • Touch-less operation.

    It is a compact hand sanitizer dispenser that is best for areas where the space is limited. You can mount it on the wall to save space. It is made using high-quality plastic, which may not be as strong as the ABS plastic material of other dispensers.

    3. FENGJIE Wall-Mount Automatic Touchless Alcohol Spray Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

    It is another reliable wall-mounted automatic hand sanitizer dispenser from the FENGJIE brand. This automatic dispenser is used commonly in public places, like shopping centers, restaurants, commercial buildings, and other such facilities. This automatic wall-mounted dispenser is also a suitable choice for healthcare facilities, including clinics and hospitals. It works on infrared sensors, so you don’t need to touch the device at all. Take a look at the following features of this dispenser.

    • Suitable for different liquids: foam, sanitizer, and soap.
    • 1000ml refillable bottle or 800ml disposable bag.
    • Lockable window design to avoid leakages and unwanted spills.
    • Low power indicator light.
    • Chemical resistant.

    This FENGJIE automatic hand sanitizer dispenser runs on highly accurate sensors. It means higher efficiency, less wastage, and an overall improved user experience. The green light means the dispenser is working normally. When the red light flashes for two seconds, it shows that something is under sensor abnormally. If the red light flashes for five seconds, it means the dispenser battery is low.

    4. PURELL TFX Touch-Free Foam Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

    It is a large-capacity touch-free PURELL foam hand sanitizer dispenser perfect for high-traffic areas. PURELL claims that this model can kill up to 99.99% of germs that can cause illness without any harmful skin effects. You can mount this sanitizer dispenser on your walls to save shelve space. It is a user-friendly hand sanitizer dispenser that activates by catching the motion of your hand. The dispenser material is Polyresin and you can use it for both residential and commercial applications. Here are the features of this sanitizer dispenser.

    • Touch-free operation.
    • Fully ADA compliant.
    • Large 1200ml refillable bottle.
    • Suitable for gel or foam.

    It is one of the top foam hand sanitizer dispensers from the PURELL. It is reliable and has a user-friendly design for easy maintenance.

    5. FENGJIE Disinfection Gel Alcohol Auto Foam Soap Touch-Less Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

    It is another high-capacity FENGJIE automatic hand sanitizer dispenser with 1200ml capacity. This large capacity and refillable feature make it a perfect hand sanitizer dispenser for hospitals, shopping malls, restaurants, and other high-traffic facilities. It is a beautiful-looking dispenser available in black and white color to match any interior design. Here are the top features of this dispenser.

    • Suitable for liquids, such as alcohol sanitizer, gel, and foam.
    • 1200ml large capacity refillable bottle or 1000ml disposable bag.
    • Lockable windows design.
    • Low power light indicator.
    • Chemical resistant.

    This sanitizer dispenser has a modularization design which makes after-sales service more convenient and simpler. Therefore, you will save your time and after-sale cost.

    Automatic Soap Dispenser


    There are various automatic FENGJIE and PURELL foam hand sanitizer dispenser models available on the market with unique features. Both brands are known for reliability and convenience. However, the FENGJIE brand has an edge over PURELL due to their overall high-quality dispensers and improved functionality. FENGJIE offers some unique features, such as chemical resistance, light indicators, and the choice of choosing between a refillable bottle and a disposable bag. Another advantage that comes with FENGJIE dispensers is that they are suitable for three different liquids, such as foam, soap, and sanitizer.