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    is it harmful to use hand sanitizer stand and dispenser? Best Analysis


    Automatic Soap Dispenser
    The automatic hand sanitizer stand and dispenser consists of a device that stores and releases, automatically and without the need for touch, a certain amount of products. Such as: paper towels, soaps and alcohol gel.

    Certainly the recommendations we have are to avoid contact with everything that may be infected. It can be taps, soap dishes, towel racks, dispensers, tables, counters, etc. For this reason, there has been an increase in the search for this equipment. Similarly, companies want to protect their customers and employees at the highest possible level.

    Hand hygiene - Who understands the theme?

    It is no longer a secret that the hands are the main transmitting diseases; after all they are the vectors that carry, from one surface to another, viruses and bacteria.

    And using hand sanitizer stand and dispenser requires the use of devices such as manual dispensers or automatic dispensers.

    In short, the segment that is most affected by poor hand hygiene is the hospital segment. After all, any carelessness can have drastic consequences. Therefore, we will rely on him to address this issue.

    All the dangers and the importance of hand disinfection are common. There is a need to carry out hand hygiene campaigns within hospitals. This to increase adherence to the rule of washing hands and using alcohol gel.

    Is using hand sanitizer stand and dispenser harmful?

    This need may seem strange when reading, because we all think it is natural to use these products in the health segment, but the theme is not that simple.

    The reasons why professionals do not use alcohol gel the number of times they should use it are varied. However, we are going to focus here especially on the quality and quantity of soap, alcohol, paper towels and automatic hand sanitizer stand and dispenser for these supplies.

    Stay with us to understand better!

    Automatic Dispenser & Supplies - Quality

    Both nursing professionals and clinical directors agree that the quality of alcohol gel and automatic or manual dispensers greatly influences its use in such environments.

    Likewise and in the opposite direction, the low quality and low quantity of the materials discourage use. Thus, some factors that can discourage are:

    • Lack of dispenser with the product close to the professionals;
    • Clogging of the dispenser, which prevents the correct use of the product;
    • Hands are dry and / or bruised due to the high level of use and low quality of the product used;
    • Product leaves residues on hands, making them sticky;
    • Doubtful product quality;
    • Fear of placing your hand in places where other people have played before;
    • Hand dryers or other equipment that contribute to a greater proliferation of viruses and bacteria in the environment.

    Automatic Dispenser Ensures Health? The answer is: No Health Guarantee!

     About hand sanitizer stand and dispenser

    In short, touching the soap dish to extract liquid soap or foam is the second part of the hand washing process, the first part being to turn on the tap and wet your hands.

    Different people constantly visit beauty salons, spas, clinics and other establishments. Among them there can be both healthy and sick. The task of the owners of such establishments is to protect visitors from the transmission of viruses and microbes.

    Safe hand sanitizers will be a key companion for this. What to look for when choosing protective equipment, we will consider in more detail below.

    The main requirements for disinfectants and antiseptics


    An antiseptic for a beauty salon is a very important element of safety, because they carry out procedures associated with possible damage to the skin. That is why when choosing such funds, special requirements are raised. Among them:

    • Disinfectants must effectively destroy germs that can cause infection in the body.
    • Funds must be safe for both staff and visitors. A safe antiseptic for children is of particular importance, because their body is more vulnerable to a variety of viruses and bacteria. And visitors to the salons very often come with their babies, who are waiting for their parents or receive hairdressing services.
    • Environmental friendliness. Solutions should not be harmful to the environment.
    • Safety of instruments. The disinfectant must exclude harm to tools and surfaces.

    In addition to all this, it is important that the antiseptic mixture rinses off quickly, works in all cases and is inexpensive.

    Indoor sanitary hygiene

    In addition to sterilizing instruments and disinfecting the hands of the master, it is vital to keep clean hand sanitizer stand and dispenser. Regular wet cleaning is not at all sufficient to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

    Without exception, all surfaces must be disinfected with special means to minimize the risk of infection when blood, microbes and infections get on the plane. The frequency of processing depends on the category of appearance:

    • floors, ceilings, doors, cleaning rooms and all rooms where procedures are not carried out are cleaned 2 times a day - in the morning before starting work and after closing the institution;
    • all work surfaces must be disinfected before each new client.

    Why sanitizer stand and dispenser hand is better than normal antiseptic gel?

    Modern clients are particularly literate and know well the antiseptic laboratories. That is why they independently control all the conditions under which services are provided no worse than special instances.

    The popularity of antiseptics today "rolls over", the reason for this is the coronavirus. Now every person who cares about their health carries a bottle with the composition with them and uses it to wipe their hands.

    Hand sanitizer stand and dispenser is a modern hand sanitizer that helps "kill" viruses and bacteria. When choosing an antiseptic, it is important to pay attention to the spectrum of action of the antiseptic: some liquids can really destroy viruses and bacteria, but others can only prevent and suppress their growth.

    Is alcohol good for killing germs?

    There are discrepancies in the composition. Many people believe that alcohol is part of any antiseptic, this is not the case: alcohol is indeed included in many solutions, but there are also products based on chlorides, bromides, triamines, etc.

    Antiseptics are produced in the form of a liquid or gel. In our article, we will analyze the issues related to antiseptics in the context of COVID-19.

    WHO recommendations for the use of hand sanitizer stand and dispenser

    The World Health Organization (WHO) is an authoritative body, so let's first get acquainted with its recommendations. Let's figure out which antiseptic protects against coronavirus best.

    Final Words

    So, according to the recommendation of the WHO, in the hand sanitizer stand and dispenser that we use for hands, the alcohol content should be at least 60%. The higher its concentration, the better the product will cope with COVID-19.

    It is with this content that the liquid will destroy the lipid membrane of the coronavirus, after which it will penetrate into its internal structure and destroy it.