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    5 Best Places to install clorox hand sanitizer dispenser in Home


    Automatic Soap Dispenser
    Disinfection at home is a set of measures aimed at destroying pathogens: treatment of hands and surrounding objects. We can carry it with the use of antiseptics and clorox hand sanitizer dispenser.

    An antiseptic is an alcohol-based disinfectant for cleaning the hands of surgeons and medical personnel before contact with patients. Its main component is alcohol, which must be at least 70% of the total volume of the product in order for it to be effective. Percentage or degree is the amount of dissolved anhydrous alcohol to the total volume.

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends cleaning desks, doorknobs, switches, countertops, handles, phones, keyboards, toilets, faucets, sinks, and more.

    What are the benefits of clorox hand sanitizer dispenser?

    In-store disinfectants contain a variety of chemicals. When making an antiseptic at home for clorox hand sanitizer dispenser, you can choose the ingredients yourself. This process does not require special skills and you can connect children to it, at the same time teaching them the rules of hygiene. Also, you will significantly save your money.

    What should be included in it?

    Alcohol base

    The recipe involves the use of such alcohols:

    • isopropyl - used as a substitute for ethyl alcohol in medicine, cosmetics, household chemicals, disinfectants and much more (70-80%);
    • ethyl: the most common form of release - 60-90%.

    If you use a formulation containing a lower percentage of alcohol (for example, 70%), then it must not be diluted.

    Other types of alcohol - methanol and butanol - are NOT recommended as they are toxic.

    Hydrogen peroxide, glycerin and water

    The rest of the home antiseptic is hydrogen peroxide (3% solution), glycerin, as well as ordinary boiled or just settled water.

    Hydrogen peroxide - provides an antiseptic and cleansing effect, but prolongs the healing time of wounds. Hydrogen peroxide solutions are used to disinfect surfaces.

    Glycerin - food additive gel for clorox hand sanitizer dispenser 

    It is necessary to soften the skin of the hands and protect against the aggressive effects of alcohol. It is common in the food industry, tobacco production, electronic cigarettes, the medical industry, the production of detergents and cosmetics.

    Essential oil

    The antiseptic for clorox hand sanitizer dispenser comes with essential oils, which will give it a pleasant scent and added benefits. E can divide them: cleansing and refreshing (lavender, lemon, and orange), relaxing and soothing (chamomile, valerian, jasmine, and incense), toning, stimulating, strengthening (lemon, rosemary, mint) and stimulating.

    Do not add a lot of essential oils to avoid allergic skin irritation. Pre-test whether this or that oil is right for you - apply on a separate area of ​​the skin one drop of essential oil diluted in 10 ml of olive oil.

    Procedure to prepare sanitizer gel for clorox hand sanitizer dispenser

    Take a bowl, spoon, and dispenser bottle. Pour alcohol into a bowl, then hydrogen peroxide, glycerin, water, a couple of drops of essential oil and stir.

    Gently pour the resulting liquid into a bottle and screw it up. If you are careful enough, you can immediately pour all the components inside the bottle, screw the lid on and mix. Everything! Now you have a self-made antiseptic for clorox hand sanitizer dispenser that is no worse than a pharmacy, and maybe even better.

    Important caution

    If you want to distribute the antiseptic evenly, for example for spraying clothes or other surfaces, choose a spray dispenser. And for a more concentrated distribution of the product in the palms, a dispenser-dispenser is suitable, as in bottles of liquid soap.
    And do not forget that the use of antiseptics is by no means a substitute for thorough hand washing, but only complements it.

    Always make sure that you carry regular cleaning in your home or apartment. It is very god practice if you install clorox hand sanitizer dispenser in your home. This way, you can frequently sanitize hands.

    Self-isolation mode: Where can you go out of the house?

    Door handles, switches, cabinet handles

    Doorknobs, switches, cabinet knobs are the first things to disinfect. Cleanliness is the key to health, so it is important to properly disinfect your home during a coronavirus infection.

    So, it is recommended to wash the door handles with soap or treat with an antiseptic based on alcohol of at least 70% or a chlorine-containing solution. Wash the handles you touch when you come home before washing your hands with soap.

    Be sure to wash your hands with soap and water after handling door handles. There is another way to keep yourself secure: Bring clorox hand sanitizer dispenser.

    Wipe the switches with an antiseptic cloth. If everyone in the house is healthy, there is often no need to wipe the switches. If there is a sick person in the house, wipe it down after each use.

    Wash cabinet handles with soap or an antiseptic cloth while cleaning the house.

    Install clorox hand sanitizer dispenser in Rooms

    Chair backs that are not upholstered in fabric or soft, porous material should be washed with soap or with an antiseptic cloth when cleaning the house.

    Wash your desk with soap or an antiseptic napkin while cleaning the house. Coffee tables and other hard surfaces: open shelves with books, lids of dressers, nightstands, wash with soap or wipe with an antiseptic napkin while cleaning the house.

    Wash kitchen countertops with household chemicals or wipe with an alcohol-based antiseptic. If everyone in the house is healthy, it is enough to do this once a day. If there is a sick person in the house, after every use and meal.

    Home Appliances - Wipe the control panels with an alcohol-based antiseptic wipes while cleaning your home.

    Install clorox hand sanitizer dispenser in Bathroom and toilet

    Wash the mixers with household chemicals, which must be thoroughly rinsed with hot water. You can install clorox hand sanitizer dispenser. So this way you can kill the viruses on the spot. Everyone in the house is healthy; it is enough to do this once a day or every other day. .

    Wash the sinks using household chemicals, which must be thoroughly rinsed with hot water. If everyone in the house is healthy, it is enough to do this once a day or every other day.

    Toiletries: toothbrushes, combs, additionally treat with napkins with an alcohol-based antiseptic if there is a sick person in the house.