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    How to buy a quality dispenser hand sanitizer for home?


    Automatic Soap DispenserWhat are the criteria for choosing really effective dispenser hand sanitizer? And how often should disinfectants is good to use? We will tell you what to do if you are concerned about your hygiene.

    An antiseptic is a substance that stops or slows down the spread of microorganisms. They are often used in hospitals and other healthcare settings to reduce the risk of infection during surgery and other procedures.

    Antiseptics and disinfectants kill microorganisms, and many people consider them to be analogues.

    How to choose an antiseptic gel for dispenser hand sanitizer?

    But there is actually a big difference between antiseptics and disinfectants. An antiseptic is applied to the body and disinfectants are applied to surfaces such as countertops and handrails. For example, in a surgical setting, the doctor applies an antiseptic to the operation site on the human body and uses a disinfectant to sterilize the operating table.

    Dispenser hand sanitizer contains chemicals sometimes called biocides. Hydrogen peroxide is an example of such an understandable and familiar ingredient in both antiseptics and disinfectants. However, antiseptics usually contain a lower concentration of biocides than disinfectants.

    What is dispenser hand sanitizer antiseptics gel?

    Antiseptics are usually classified according to their chemical composition. All types disinfect the skin, but some have additional functions:

    • chlorhexidine and other biguanides - used for open wounds;
    • antibacterial spray - helps to heal wounds and burns;
    • hydrogen peroxide and permanganate - often used in antiseptic mouth rinses and on open wounds;
    • halogenated phenol derivative - used in medical soaps and cleaning solutions.


    The main thing to remember: antiseptics can be both water-based and alcohol-based. The latter can cause chemical burns or severe irritation when applied to the skin (this type of irritation is called irritant contact dermatitis). If you use an antiseptic at home, don't use it for more than a week in a row!

    How to use an antiseptic dispenser hand sanitizer correctly?

    Make sure those antiseptics dispenser hand sanitizer does not get inside either mucous membranes or open wounds! And again: do not get carried away with them in order to avoid allergies and disruption of the natural microflora.

    Most of the antiseptics available   are gel-based. It is enough to apply a couple of drops in the palm of your hand, grind them and let the composition dry, you do not need to rinse off the gel or wipe the rest with a napkin.

    If the product is of high quality, there should be no oily film effect. Another form of antiseptic release is sprays. When using them, it is important not to overdo it: just a couple of taps for each palm; otherwise you can dry out your skin.

    Cleaning versus dispenser hand sanitizer disinfection

    First of all, it is necessary to understand the difference between a simple cleaning and a complete disinfection of the holiday home or apartment. In the first case, the action is focused on removing dirt or impurities, such as removing dust from shelves.

    In the second situation, chemicals add to the process to kill microorganisms that can cause disease. An example of disinfection is to spray bleach on a cloth and wipe it over a surface.

    In Covid-19 times, the ideal is that the cleaning of the buildings regular use dispenser hand sanitizer disinfection. Thus, the chances of an infection in your space are considerably less. Therefore, in the current period, it is necessary to go beyond the usual cleaning.

    Disinfect properties: how to do it, what equipment and products to use?

    With your own hands washed with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or disinfected with alcohol above 70%, wear personal protective equipment. We are talking about PPE`s like mask, gloves and apron.

    Ideally, most of your body should be covered. You should also avoid touching your face while cleaning, okay?


    Before you start cleaning and disinfecting your property, be sure to open the doors and windows to ventilate the space, as instructed by the CDC. In the meantime, take the time to forward the garbage left and insert a new disposable bag. After airing the rooms, put the towels and bedding to wash at the highest temperature indicated by the manufacturer.

    What are the other options to disinfect home?

    Use detergent or soap with water to clean surfaces, from the most rigid, such as the sink and countertop, to the softest, such as the sofa itself. Then, spray with disinfectant (water-based solutions and bleach or 70% water and alcohol, without mixing bleach and ammonia) and wait a few minutes. Clean in sequence.

    Prefer paper or disposable tissues or use a new cloth for each guest. Dispose of correctly or wash everything at the end, including your clothes, preferably with hot water. Also disinfect the machines you have in your property, such as clothes and dishwashing machines.

    Check for dispenser hand sanitizer, kitchen paper, tissues and toilet paper for new visitors. When refueling, take into account the agreed length of stay. End the procedure by washing your hands thoroughly.

    Be sure to disinfect these areas of the buildings

    In addition to announcing the launch of an Advanced Cleaning Program next month to help hosts clean their accommodation more effectively during the Covid-19 pandemic and also afterwards:


    • Door handles;
    • Surfaces;
    • Light switches;
    • Controls (TV, air conditioning ...);
    • Tables;
    • Fan chains and lamps;
    • Window sills and handles;

    Fengjie automatic induction soap dispenser water tray

    Final considerations for dispenser hand sanitizer

    Dispenser hand sanitizer disinfecting properties is just one more challenge for those who work with seasonal rentals in times of coronavirus. Despite the difficulty, the mission is necessary to get through this difficult phase with breath to recover the damage up front, isn't it?

    Keep in mind that guests will love to know your dedication during this period. Starting with cleaning and disinfecting the space. So, consider describing everything you did to receive them safely.

    Take the opportunity to encourage them to maintain care in their home or apartment during their stay. To do this, leave disinfectants at your disposal, if you can. Print out guidelines from trusted agencies, such as the WHO