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    For how many times we use decorative hand sanitizer dispenser in a day?


    1306 Automatic Sanitizer DispenserDue to the spread of coronavirus infection, it is almost impossible to find disinfectants now. How to prepare an antiseptic or found a coveted jar of disinfectant in a store? The next question should arise - how to use decorative hand sanitizer dispenser?

    Although, it would seem that it could be easier: pour into the palm of your hand, grind for a couple of seconds. And be sure that all dangerous microorganisms are eliminated. However, not everything is so simple here either. In order to understand how to use an antiseptic correctly, it is tedious to first figure out how an antiseptic works.

    How does decorative hand sanitizer dispenser help?

    The main component in antiseptics that has a detrimental effect on viruses, bacteria and fungi is ethyl or isopropyl alcohol. Alcohols denature the proteins of cell membranes, destroying the cells of microorganisms.

    As you know, alcohol evaporates quite quickly - for this, glycerin is added to the composition of the funds. It slows down this process. To start the disinfecting effect, you need at least 20 seconds, otherwise valuable milliliters of liquid will go to waste.

    Hand sanitizer dispenser Antiseptic for hands and mask

    An alcohol-based decorative hand sanitizer dispenser antiseptic exhibits antimicrobial activity against gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria. It includes against nosocomial and intestinal infections, as well as pathogens of tuberculosis. In addition, it has fungicidal activity against certain types of fungi.

    In order for the antiseptic to be effective, it is necessary to choose a composition with alcohol content of 65 to 80%. If less, then it takes a lot of time to process, if more - alcohol will dry out the skin.

    Once you've chosen a product that meets all the requirements, it's time to figure out how to use a hand sanitizer.

    How to use hand sanitizer properly?

    Tip 1

    Soap and water are the best solution. An antiseptic should be used only when it is not possible to use a washbasin. According to WHO recommendations, the duration of the procedure should be at least 40 seconds. And don't forget to pay attention to the space under your nails.

    Tip 2

    How often should you treat your hands with an antiseptic so as not to harm your skin?

    Experts advise using a decorative hand sanitizer dispenser no more than 5 times a day. It is worth focusing on the period of change of activity. For example, if at the workplace you touched a computer mouse or keyboard, used a smartphone, and then went out to chat with colleagues, you should use an antiseptic.

    It is important to understand that an alcohol-based antiseptic creates micro-cracks in the skin. It opens the way for microorganisms, as well as disrupting the natural film and killing beneficial bacteria. Therefore, an antiseptic should be used only in extreme cases, when it is really necessary and there is no way to use soap and water.

    Tip 3

    As we have already said, 20-30 seconds is enough for the antiseptic effect to begin. In this regard, you need 2-3 ml of liquid. It just during this time will not have time to evaporate. In this case, it is necessary not only to apply an antiseptic, but to rub it thoroughly into the skin of the hands.

    Tip 4

    A good effect occurs only if there are no burrs, cracks or other damage on the skin, since only healthy skin can be qualitatively disinfected. If there are lesions on the skin, they need to be closed with a plaster.

    Tip 5

    How to wash your hands with an antiseptic is described in the European Standard for Hand Treatment. Each movement below must be repeated at least five times. Don't forget your thumb - it needs to be handled separately.

    How to use decorative hand sanitizer dispenser antiseptic for coronavirus?


    If we figured out how to treat our hands with an antiseptic, now it is important to know about a reliable decorative hand sanitizer dispenser online store with certified disinfectants.

    Nowadays, just thinking about leaving home without a bottle of alcohol gel already gives you a "chill in the belly". The disinfectant has become one of the most powerful methods of hand hygiene. It was one of the most purchased items in markets and pharmacies this year.

    However, since it is a potent product, it is natural that it will bring harm to the skin when used in excess.

    Why doctors reinforce using hand sanitizer dispenser?

    Doctors reinforce the importance of thorough hand hygiene, without leaving nails and fingers aside. "It is important to let the alcohol dry on your skin alone, without the use of cloths or papers, and it is recommended to remove adornments, such as rings or bracelets", he adds.

    How to kill viruses and bacteria on skin?

    One of the options to avoid the harmful effects of alcohol on the skin is to opt for soap and water when possible. Professionals recommend the use of liquid soaps with moisturizing actives. When manipulating an object that came from the street, one can choose to use a glove to avoid direct contact with the dermis.
    Which alcohol gel to choose?

    Even though products with aromatized fragrances can please your sense of smell, they can increase cases of allergies. The professional warns that the addition of other substances can be a hypersensitizing agent and cause more damage.

    Experts reinforces that 70% isopropyl alcohol, liquid or gel, is the most suitable for asepsis, as it is the most effective in eliminating bacteria, fungi and viruses. Normal cleaning alcohol, 96%, cannot completely eliminate the virus and further dries out the skin.

    Therefore, the ideal is to use 70% alcohol, but whenever possible, choose to wash your hands.
    Automatic Sanitizer DispenserHow to prevent virus in homes?

    The main tip of the professionals to avoid viruses in homes is to buy decorative hand sanitizer dispenser. We recommend using it after each wash or each use of alcohol gel. "In addition, there is the possibility of handling 70% alcohol in cream, softening the effects of the product on the skin", he explains.

    This is because the sanitizer gel keeps the most superficial layer of the skin intact and helps to significantly reduce cracks and dermatitis.