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    A Purchasing Guide For Wall Mounted Hand Sanitizer Dispenser


    Wall Mounted Hand Sanitizer Dispenser-Things You Should Know Before Buying:

    The world stopped in the year 2020. Hygiene practices have become essential. With many things that become necessary, a wall-mounted hand sanitizer dispenser is leading the list. The world is familiar with touchless technology; thus, it becomes easier to reduce a novel virus's transmission.

    The wall mounted hand sanitizer dispenser protects the offices, malls, and schools, thus bringing safety to lives. This article will introduce you to essential considerations you should know before buying it. Moreover, we will introduce you to some popular designs. So scroll down immediately and read what you need.

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    History Of Wall-Mounted Hand Sanitizer Dispenser:

    The idea of this unique technology comes from the mind of Guey-Chaun Shiau in the year 1989. However, this idea was patent in 1991. The automatic hand sanitizing technology was first named "An automatic cleaning –fluid dispensing device."

    The device included functions such as a box for cleaning/washing fluid, A sensor placed below the chest of cleaning liquid with an outlet and sensing circuit. Moreover, manufacturers added some extra features of the dispensing mechanism. It was made with a push structure, a driving motor, and a pumping machine.

    Benefits of wall-mounted hand sanitizer dispenser:

    Dodge the covid-19 pandemic or spread the transmission of regular flu with this device. Following are some fantastic benefits of a wall-mounted hand sanitizer dispenser:

    No -space taken technology:

    Hand sanitizer dispenser with stands would take up some floor space. However, the wall-mounted hand sanitizer dispenser is more comfortable to hang on the wall. It does not occupy space, thus provides good hygiene comfort even in small places.

    Contact-less technology:

    No-one can deny the power of contactless technologies in reducing germs. Similarly, It shows how tech opulent the environment of the place is.

    Easily accessible:

    They are maintaining high hygienic practices at your place. Or following sops is no longer a problem with wall mounted hand sanitizing dispenser. Furthermore, automatic sanitizers provide ease to remove germs quickly.

    Durable enough:

    If used properly, these hand sanitizing dispensers are durable enough. The stainless steel structure is vital to resist scratches.

    Customized design:

    You can contact any famous company and ask for a customized design. You can share the dimensions of your space, and the company will deliver an aesthetically appealing design.

    It shows your concern:

    If you are installing wall mounted sanitizer dispensers at your office, you protect employees' and clients' health. This installation shows that the health of people is your real concern. Moreover, the best hygienic practices at your place show you are taking this pandemic seriously.

    What should you look for before buying a wall-mounted hand sanitizer dispenser?


    The most important consideration before buying any device is its efficiency. Among several designs and brands of automatic sanitizer dispensers, you have to check for the brand providing the highest efficiency.

    The first and foremost thing to check is the occurrence of infrared sensors. The infrared sensors provide maximum efficiency. Moreover, the second important thing to consider is battery power that affects performance. Thus sanitizing dispenser should possess a strong battery capacity.

    Easy to use design:

    The second important thing to consider before buying this device is its user-friendly design. The easy to use design determines the feasibility and cost.

    Always go for brands that do not require manuals to learn about their operation. Thus this will ensure its constant usage. Moreover, consider a wide mouth container design. A wide-mouth will ease the process of refilling sanitizers, thus reduce wastage.

    Structure material:

    The ideal designs of hand sanitizer dispensers consist of stainless steel body because of their strong wear and spill-resistant approach. However, if you buy the one made from plastic, check that it's BPA- free.


    The price range of automatic sanitizing dispensers varies when the volume changes. The sanitizing dispensers have a capacity of above 23oz to 150 oz. However, the capacity depends upon your need. But to free yourself from any tension, purchase a high volume design. Thus your stress for filling the container, again and again, will vanish.


    Though this is not the most crucial consideration, it tops the list when you are space decoration conscious. The sleek and compact design will adorn your wall.


    The usefulness of the wall-mounted hand sanitizing dispenser's increases by some add-ons. For instance, sensors based upon temperature, signage option, and double-sided graphics. The add-ons depend upon your need.

    Four unique automatic sanitizer dispenser designs:

    Temp-Sani stand:

    The temp –sani stand is a multipurpose hand sanitizing dispenser. It includes temperature screening with sanitization. It is ideal for installing in offices, schools, buildings, or worship places. The temp-sani stand consists of an aluminum stand, touch-free dispenser with drip tray, temperature gauge, and snap frame. It is available for $299.0 with an adjustable height.

    Wave line WB Banner Stand Sanitizer Dispenser:

    A hand sanitizing dispenser features include a touch-free design, 1000ml volume, and strong battery power. The Hanz automatic dispenser is a plus for this sanitizing dispenser. Moreover, it consists of infrared sensors to prevent cross-infection.

    The wave line WB Banner sanitizer dispenser is available for $167.0.

    XV Hand sanitizer dispenser:

    The device is ideal for high-traffic areas. Moreover, this is available in stand and wall-mounted designs. The dispenser has touch-free technology that consists of a drip tray. Furthermore, the dispenser works well with every gel and sprays.  You can also ask for customized designs.

    Twist hand sanitizer dispenser stand:

    The design is ideal for kids as it has an adjustable design. Furthermore, it has activated motion sensors and has a capacity of 1000ml. The stand is made up of aluminum. The add-ons include a sanitizing wipes basket.

    21.5 hand sanitizing LCD digital signage:

    The device is made in china. The device includes wifi, a thermometer, and a full HD display of 1080P. It is considered a classic version of a sanitizing dispenser with an easy refilling option and infrared sensors.

    Fengjie Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

    Fengjie has been production outclass, premium quality and state of the art technology sanitizer for years now. They offer variety in terms of sizes, shapes and prices.


    Applications of wall-mounted hand sanitizer dispenser:

    These hand sanitizer dispensers can be used at several places likewise:

    Can be placed at doors:

    Doors handle or knob is the hub of bacterial activity. If the virus is present at the knob, there is a chance of spread within two to four hours. Therefore within 40 to 60 minutes, many people will be affected.

    Food-related places:

    Maintaining hygienic practices while preparing and eating food is necessary. To stop the transmission of the virus, people should clean their hands and protect them from germs. Therefore sanitizing hands through an automatic hand sanitizing dispenser before entering the kitchen or restaurants is necessary.

    Conference rooms:

    The meeting room is the central place where people shake hands often. Therefore a wall-mounted sanitizing dispenser is necessary by the door. It will disinfect the hands and reduce the transmission of germs. Thus the placement near the entrance will remind everyone to sanitize hands before and after the meeting.

    Near restroom:

    Most people forget to wash their hands after using the restrooms. Therefore a need was generated to place a wall-mounted sanitizing dispenser near the restroom. These automatic sanitizing dispensers will disinfect hands properly. Moreover, the tedious 20 seconds hand washing phenomenon is completed within seconds by using this sanitizing dispenser.

    wall mounted hand sanitizer dispenser

    Bottom line:

    The automatic wall mounted hand sanitizer dispensers are paving their way in the market since the beginning of the pandemic.  This mechanical device has several benefits over regular sanitizers and soap washing. Therefore it is perfect for installing near high traffic areas.

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